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MPAA Rated R for perverse sexual situations, violence, language and drugs

Sex & Nudity

  • Rosa (Policewoman) presses a prisoners boobs over her dress in front of others.
  • Rosa wakes 6 prisoners and asks them to strip. They become naked and their breasts and vagina (covered with pubic hairs) is visible.
  • Two men attack a woman. One of them lifts her skirt to reveal her panties.
  • Some woman are bathing in a common bathroom. Their boobs and vagina are visible.
  • Magda is naked in a bathtub. Rosa helps her out of it and her boobs and pubic hairs are visible in a mirror. Magda then wears her panty and while doing this, her boobs hang erotically. Rosa helps her smoothen the panty over her buttocks.
  • Magda is sitting on a chair with Rosa standing behind her. Almost all of Magdas boobs are visible expect for nipples. Rosa called another girl in the room who is topless. Then Rosa starts S&M kind of thing while pushing her on the ground and Magra walking on all four to reach the topless girl. Then it is implied that they have sex. In a changing room in a casino, there are many naked girls who are changing. Their buttocks and boobs are shown.
  • Magda takes Alex in a room where a topless girl is there. Alex kisses her and feels her boobs and vagina over her panty. Then Alex makes Magda lie on a bed and gets on top of her and kisses and licks her boobs which are partly outside her dress. Later it is implied that they had sex and Alex gets up from the bed with her boobs fully visible.
  • Alex opens the door of a room where a woman is showing another girl to a man. She makes her topless and shows her panty covered buttocks to the man. In another room, a young girl is serving liquor to an old man. She is topless and her thin panty is bunched up her butt crack. In another room, two topless girls are being shown to an old man.
  • A woman is tied in standing position and a man feels her boobs from the top of her dress.

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