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A Forgotten Truth
killercbh16 March 2004
While attending my high school, I found myself getting into all sorts of mischievous acts and scams, barley coming out clean. But, a fight with a fellow peer got me a 3 day transfer to an Anger Management class at another school. This class was supposed to show us the bad side of how where uncontrolled anger can lead. My final day, she popped in a film. The film of course is Cancelled Lives: Letters From The Inside. Me being a huge cynic, I immediately thought the film was going to be a load of bitchy letters written by bitchy prisoners. But, to my surprise, the film was rather entertaining. The film was setup with having a group of, back then, A-List celebrities read off real prisons letters from all over the CA state. The letters talked about prison life and how hard times got. The part of this film I really enjoyed was the soundtrack. The intro to the film had just finished and then comes blasting on was The Clash - I fought The Law. Then Social Distortion comes blaring on with Prison Bound. A whole lot of classic punk prison songs, in a film that, in my opinion, is cool.
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