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It's Not That Bad
Theo Robertson4 January 2005
I'm slightly puzzled as to some of the harsher comments featuring BOILING POINT . I will confess that it's not a thriller classic but I will defend it against the accusation that it's a terrible movie Red ( Dennis Hopper ) is released from prison and owes some mafia types money and so is given a seven day ultimatum . Jimmy ( Wesley Snipes - And no early 90s urban thriller is complete without Wesley Snipes )loses a friend in the course of duty and the audience instantly know that these two unconnected characters will tie in with the plot somehow - And they do in a script that while not being the most tightly plotted screenplay you will ever see since there's a few too many characters involved is at least undemanding and easy to follow .

On the style front it's not exactly in the same league as HEAT but probably contains more substance than an episode of MAIMI VICE while we also get to see an early supporting role from Viggo Mortenson . I rate BOILING POINT six out of ten
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This is an Excellent Movie!
Tiger_Mark15 January 2002
I have seen this movie about ten times. Every time I start to watch it, I finish it. I cannot believe all of the negative reviews. It was intelligent and well acted. Dennis Hopper plays one of his best "sleazes" ever. Viggo Mortenson is great as Hopper's mindless attack dog. The story deals with a Secret Service sting gone bad. One agent is killed and Wesley Snipes (Agent) goes about finding out who did it. What I liked about this movie was that it was smart. The author did some great research and that was reflected in the movie. You see it in the dialog and you see it in the story. Moreover, the acting was first rate, with many talented performers acting at the top of their trade. Ignore the bogus reviews. What I think happened, is that the movie did poorly at the theaters. There is this misconception that failure at the box office is an indication of a bad movie, wrong! Plenty of good movies bomb and plenty of terrible movies do well, some even win the Academy. Good story, good performances and good movie!
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I Just Had to Chime In....
HandHStudios2 September 2013
With everyone battling each other over this movie, I just had to put my own say in it as well.

Boiling Point is a movie that I got for free on a giveaway shelf. There's a reason it was on that shelf.

Boiling Point has less action than any other Wesley Snipes movie I've ever seen. A documentary about real boiling points would've had more thrills than this wannabe actioner.

Almost nothing about this movie made me want more. Wesley Snipes put on an okay performance, but nothing more than marginal. Dennis Hopper acted weird the whole movie with over-exaggerated hand movements that made his character very off-putting. Except for a few killings, there was literally no action in this movie. The story could've been interesting, but instead it moves slow and lags at many places. The cinematography was nothing interesting, no better than any other average movie. And the script was dull and didn't move the story at all.

Overall, this movie was well beyond average, not Snipes best at all. Even The Art of War (and we all want to forget he was in that) wasn't as bad as this movie. This movie has already found its way to giveaway shelves and $.99 bins all over the country. Take that as a warning.

HandHStudios Rating: 2.5/10
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Plays out just like "To Live and Die in L.A." but with less thrills
Rodrigo Amaro21 October 2012
I skimmed through the other reviews about this film and it's unbelievable that none of them made mention to "To Live and Die in L.A.". First of all, both films were based on novels written by former Secret Service agent Gerald Petievich, and if you look closer the plots are very similar: there's a whole police investigation on a dangerous counterfeiter, then there's the death of an undercover agent and his partner will revenge his death doing whatever it takes to get the bad guy. And once again, it's all criminals doing fake money and spreading all over...Los Angeles!

But the thing "Boiling Point" doesn't imitate from Friedkin's movie is the quality, the surprises, the plot twists. And there's so much life in that movie that it's really difficult to make something so close to it. Not to mention that Warner changed the game and edited down the film in order to generate a bigger hit after their success with another movie with Wesley Snipes, who plays the hero in this one. Maybe this could be a different kind of film with an unusual approach on the villains played by Dennis Hopper (in one of his best efforts I must say) and the then unknown Viggo Mortensen (who plays one of the most deadly and mean guys I've ever seen) as the original project conceived by director/writer James B. Harris was.

Most people don't like comparisons but it's hard not to. One must compare to have a full idea of what's going on. The main difference between "To Live and Die in L.A." and this in terms of plot is that the bad guy is quite sympathetic despite his frightening looks and his strange yet confident walk. We kind of trust this guy because there's worse guys than him, people of whom he owns a lot of money. We look at him, thinking he might kill someone just to get what he wants but no, he refuses to do so, even when we're sure he's about to do it. Willem Dafoe in "To Live..." was a real artist who used of his kraft to be a criminal but he was also a unmerciful stone cold killer. What connects both films is one character named Max Waxman (here played by Jonathan Banks), a corrupt lawyer who meets his fate in the other movie.

"Boiling Point" is a fine movie, although a little bit dated, more dramatic than what's not supposed to be. The few action scenes, the engrossing tension built in all the business transactions scenes worth the view just as seeing the good cast giving solid performances. Dan Hedaya, Paul Gleason, Lolita Davidovich, Seymour Cassel, Tobin Bell, James Tolkan made the show very enjoyable.

Entertaining but only just another average picture. 7/10
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snipes and hopper do battle
goya-43 September 2000
Wesley snipes as a detective out to find his partners murderer and Dennis hopper as a man on the run from the mob.. the two stories interweaving until they both cross paths and one meets a violent end.. an ok suspense action flick with good acting by snipes and hopper in an understated role Davidovich plays her part well as an ill fated lover but there is just not enough for all the talent to work with ...overall a disappointment.. on a scale of one to ten ..a 4
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Not bad
Ckrisis3 July 2005
I liked this movie, it had a lot of action and even a little comedy.Denis Hopper plays the bad guy of course like usual but the movie focuses on what his character is going through and I sort of worried about what was going to become of him.Wesley Snipes was the "good guy" but while watching the movie I got so annoyed with his character{one of the many characters hes played that all look exactly the same with the same personality and dull face expressions} i wanted to shoot him myself. So il give this movie a 7 out of 10 but without the help of Denis hopper the movie would only get about a 3. Also look for Viggo Mortensen{who played Aragorn in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy} as Denis hoppers slightly phycotic partner.
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very good film, wisely directed and very well interpreted
fcoalvarezdiaz6 August 2005
The good and evil are presented as the two faces of the same coin, just notice the bad guys and the policeman crossing their paths from the very beginning. The sense of justice and comradeship is carried out by the policemen up to the last consecuencies. All the characters are draw with a few but deep brushstrokes. One can't but feel pitiful for the destiny, in same cases dull, that each of the protagonists carve out for themselves. Life in this film is presented in a crude way but also considering the profoundest and better feelings of each of the figures. Of course there is more that is worth to be seen and all of it enveloped by a much appropriate and wonderful song as well as filmed with agility.
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OK action movie
monkey-man18 July 2005
This movie was OK way better then i thought it would be but the movie still has some flaws and the movies about 2 men who just got released from jail and kill an undercover cop and his partner has a week to find them before he is transferred.The film has an all star cast full of actors and actress like The great Dennis Hopper from the great movie Rivers Edge,Wesley Snipes from the movie Blade,Lolita Davidovich,Viggo Mortensen,Seymour Cassel and Christine Elise.This film is worth the rental prise but save your money and do not buy this film unless u are a fan of Dennis Hopper or Wesley Snipes and over all this film was entertaining with some boring scenes and my rating is 5 out of ten.
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Out of Steam
Pepper Anne23 May 2004
Boiling Point was too pithy to be a successful thriller; too low profile to be a successful action movie. If the plot had thrown more twists, offered more insight on the characters psyche, or had a much more involving story, the movie could have sufficed even as a decent thriller. Had there been explosives, chase scenes, and other good action ploys, this movie could've made a decent action film. However, it is not much of either category, thus suffering from mediocrity.

Police detective, Jimmy Mercer (Wesley Snipes) and his partner, Brady (Dan Hedaya), are investigating the shooting death of an undercover U.S. Treasury agent who investigating a counterfeit ring. The two guys who he was dealing with, gunned him down and fled the scene, before Mercer and Brady could intervene and save their partner. Mercer and Brady don't know who the two men were, but spend the remainder of the movie looking for him.

Actually, they are fast-talking Red Diamond (Dennis Hopper), so named because of his red hair. He owes fifty grand to another gangster within seven days. He and his partner, Ronnie (Viggo Mortensen), an eerie kind of guy who is never sure if Red is just handing him a line of garbage with all the schemes he involves him in. Although, for Ronnie, he would have no problem shooting Red. Why Ronnie remains faithful to him at all given Red's consistent failures is beyond me. These two guys need a get rich quick counterfeit scheme.

Meanwhile Mercer and Brady are going from one informant to another, trying to get them to give up information about Red and Ronnie, a description, their location, anything. Sometimes they're successful and sometimes not. The movie goes on and on like as the two trail one person after another trying to get close on the trail of Red and Ronnie. It is wholly uninteresting, offering no real suspense and even less action to fill the time. The movie fails to deliver any real substance in between, which is sad when you consider the possibility of your characters, and especially, the potential of the actors.
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Above Average Cop Thriller, With Fantastic Performances And A Story That Keeps You Interested
callanvass8 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is an above average Cop thriller, with fantastic performances and a story that keeps you interested. All The characters were great, and the story was pretty cool,plus Wesley Snipes is simply amazing in this!. Dennis Hopper is fantastic as the sleaze ball, and i really liked the gritty location, plus it was quite thrilling in some places!. However it does have a couple dull spots, and i felt it could have been a lot better then above average, as it didn't take advantage of it's vast potential however, it's still an above average Cop thriller that's enjoyable to watch and one that will keep you interested. Wesley Snipes is extremely charismatic and, it also had a great supporting cast as well, plus i wish Paul Gleason had more then 1 scene. Wesley and Lolita Davidovich had good chemistry together, and i thought the finale was quite exciting, plus it usually keeps you guessing, with only a few predictable moments here and there. This is an above average cop thriller, with fantastic performances, and a story that keeps you interested, and i say it's well worth the watch!. The Direction is good. James B. Harris does a good job here with good camera work, good angles and keeping the film at a pretty good pace. There is a tiny bit of blood. We get a bloody corpse, blood and quite a few bloody gunshot wounds. The Acting is awesome. Wesley Snipes is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, fantastic in the acting department, is very charismatic, had good chemistry with Lolita Davidovich,was quite intense, an just did an amazing job overall! (Snipes Rules!!). Dennis Hopper is fantastic as always, and is fantastic as the sleaze ball, his character is quite pathetic, but he did such a good job of portraying it, this man can play anything!, i loved him (Hopper Rules!). Lolita Davidovich is very hot and quite sexy, and did a great job here, she had good chemistry with Snipes, and did a good acting job as well, wished she had more screen time though. Viggo Mortensen is excellent as Hopper's partner, his character was very interesting, and he was quite spiffy overall, i liked him lots. Seymour Cassel and Jonathan Banks do well in there small roles. Christine Elise is extremely cute, and did fine with what she had to do, also wished she had more screen time. Paul Gleason is fantastic in his 1 scene, however he should have been used for more then that!. Dan Hedya does what he has to do adequately, and had okay chemistry with Snipes. Rest of the cast do okay. Overall well worth the watch!. *** out of 5
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What a potboiler
PeterMitchell-506-56436418 December 2012
Here's another movie that fails to satisfy. When judging by it's bold cover, you'd think this was a sure guarantee for action. You've been mislead again folks. This is basically just a revenge story, with cop, Snipes after an aging scam artist, Hopper, perfect here, who's into money laundering, making his own cash. For those who didn't know, this is sort of a prequel to that 86 hit To Live And Die In L.A. which makes this film look duller than an empty casket. Even a slimy character from that movie is resurrected here. Hopper has good support, not from from Snipes though who's on a revenge driven journey to kill Hopper, who shot down in his partner in an undercover operation. Hopper's protégé, Viggo Morttessen fits the bill of character here. It's great to see him play vulnerable where he hooks up with old ex who assists in his criminal exploits. Watch for Tobin Bell a.k.a Jigsaw as a ex con Snipes questions. He gets information from Bell in return for letting him gets some vitamin C outside in the prison grounds. You don't realize how many films Bell has done before his trademark role in the Saw movies. Boiling Point falls under that "Why bother making this movie category" There's hardly any action. Hopper is funny though in this, a player sort of character, doubling his sexcapades with Lolita Davidich and Valeerie Perrine, a real veteran of film. He kind of partly makes up for the loss of action and suspense that's minute. The gas explosion with the junkie was a surprise though. Filmed in 93, this was Snipes's year as this was one of four four films that came out of his. Never has music at the start, fitted the title so imperfectly, as in that Jennifer Lopez film, Enough. My long lost friend was late returning this flick where he owed 75 dollars. With this movie, the video store clerk should of just let him off. Don't be duped by this one. May'be just copy the video cover and blow it up, as a poster.
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Terrible, just terrible!
There is not one single good thing that I can say about "Boiling Point". It is slow, and confuses you with an unnecessary complex plot that is more tiresome than entertaining. The problem with most movies is that there's no story, the problem with "Boiling Point" is that there's too much! It doesn't even try to be an action movie, which would have saved it from the never-ending, always-growing pile of over-complicated movies.

The plot mostly circles around a cop (Wesley Snipes) who is after the man who his partner was killed by, a newly free con man (Dennis Hopper). Both actors act so overdramatic and conceited that you'd think they signed on because it was going to be their "Oscar Movie". The dialogue doesn't help much though, at times when Hopper is trying to be romantic with his ex-wife he drags on every word that you can almost see "Give me an Oscar" written on his forehead.

The supporting players, Dan Hedaya and Viggo Mortensen, do an equally bad job. Of course, that is understandable because they were at the beginning points of their careers, where as Hopper started decades earlier and Snipes established himself as an '80s Action Star' (the worst kind).

"Boiling Point" tries everything to be a classic, but, in the end, disappoints, 3/10.
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Sub zero...
Frank Markland15 June 2006
Jimmy Mercer(Wesley Snipes) is a police officer who is given one week to catch the men (Dennis Hopper and Viggo Mortensen) responsible for the murder of his partner, after a week he will be transferred and the race is on. This is a very weak thriller which was unwisely promoted as an action flick, for one it has hardly any action and it's a would be character driven drama. Problem is though is that the material is so right at home at a police style movie that this becomes extremely tedious. Hopper and Mortensen are disappointing villains and Snipes isn't given much to do. Boiling Point doesn't even get above freezing temperature.

* out of 4-(Bad)
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Dennis Hopper's biggest disgrace
jallport199018 April 2007
Chalk this one up with some of Hopper's other "GREATEST FILMS EVER MADE" like Super Marios Brothers and Waterworld. Wow! is all I can say about this movie, which rivals the excitement of an episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I have no idea how this movie made it's way into my home but if we should ever have a rolling blackout in America ever again, I have kindling for a fire. I would have rather this movie been about actual boiling points, like a pot of water boiling, then roll credits than have to go through this travesty of bad acting, where lines and movement are isolated. A line is read, then the character makes a movement, stops, reads another line, just awful.
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Boiling Point turned out to be nothing more than a lukewarm action/crime movie.
The Grand Master6 May 2016
Riding high from the success of surprise hit Passenger 57 (1992) which established Wesley Snipes as the next big action star, you would expect that from the posters, video covers and trailers that Boiling Point would be a non-stop action packed crime thriller. Halfway through the movie I was questioning as to whether I had missed the point of the movie as why on earth was this so called action movie moving at a slow pace. And with a decent cast featuring the likes of Dennis Hopper (Speed), Lolita Davidovich (Leap of Faith), Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of The Rings trilogy), Dan Hedaya (Commando), Seymour Cassel (Indecent Proposal), Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad), James Tolkan (Back to the Future), and Paul Gleason (Die Hard) this was a movie that certainly couldn't go wrong. But it did. Boiling Point turned out to be a weak and lukewarm movie lacking any excitement let alone any interest.

Treasury Agent Jimmy Mercer (Wesley Snipes) and his partner Brady (Dan Hedaya) are involved in an undercover operation gone awry when Mercer's fellow agent is shot and killed by a young psychopathic thug named Ronnie (Viggo Mortensen) who is partnered with scam artist Red Diamond (Dennis Hopper) who organises fake money sales to rob and kill the buyers. Mercer vows revenge on the killer and swears to take down Red and Ronnie within 1 week before Mercer is transferred out of Los Angeles.

On paper the movie looks like a good popcorn action flick right? Wrong. It's more of a character driven movie that moves slower than a snail moving from Point A to Point B. I could not fault the cast whatsoever, they can't be blamed for this. Written and directed by James B. Harris (Cop) based on the novel by Gerald Petievich (To Live and Die in L.A. which is by far an underrated movie which at least had you engaged from start to finish), he has brought out a very weak movie that is a cop out for everyone expecting another Wesley Snipes actioner. Fans and audiences have every right to feel cheated.

Boiling Point was an action/crime movie that had potential with Wesley Sniper and Dennis Hopper in the lead roles, but the movie can be described as a situation where somebody forgot to turn the kettle on to boil the water.

It's a shame Boiling Point turned out to be nothing more than lukewarm.

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Standard cop thriller with tension, thrills, and violence
ma-cortes9 June 2008
The film begins with Red Diamond, an ex-con(Dennis Hooper),recently freed from jail . He along with Ronnie(Viggo Mortensen), his pal from prison, undergo a new business, an operation about money forgery. But the issue go wrong and Ronnie murders an undercover agent. His partner a two-fisted named Jimmy Mercer(Wesley Snipes) together with another policemen(Dan Hedaya) swear discover the killer. Meanwhile, Red Diamond deals with mobster(Tony Lo Bianco) whom he owes some money. The story continues the trail some people after another attempting to get close over tracks of Red and Ronnie and there relationships with girlfriends(Valerie Perrine, Christine Elise) and lovers(Lolita Davidovich).

The picture contains action, suspense, several shootouts, bloody killings and lots of violence. It's exciting and tense, at time no too much interesting cop thriller. The story is plenty of firepower, intrigue, action packed and good performances. Wesley Snipes is fine as tough cop and excellent Dennis Hooper as likable delinquent and Viggo Mortensen as cold killer.Magnificent secondary cast with a plethora of known actors, such as Seymour Cassel, Tony Lo Bianco,James Tolkan, Jonathan Banks, Paul Gleason, among others. Atmospheric musical score made by means of synthesizer and fitting to action by John DÁndrea and Cory Lerios. The motion picture is written and directed by James B Harris. He's a notorious producer, he produced Stanley Kubrick's three awesome films(The killing, Paths of glory and Lolita)and occasionally director of thrillers(Cop, Fast walking)and another genres(Bedford incident). Rating : Acceptable and passable. The movie will like to Wesley Snipes fans and thriller buffs.
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Boiling Point
Warning: Spoilers
I remember that I saw some of the beginning of this film, I must have either fallen asleep or given up on the rest, but watching it in full it is a good thriller. Basically Rudolph 'Red' Diamond (Dennis Hopper) is the ageing scam-artist recently released from prison along with young, not-so-bright and easily manipulated hoodlum Ronnie (The Lord of the Rings' Viggo Mortensen). During the start of a new fake-money sales business and kill the buyer, Ronnie kills an undercover cop, and his partner Jimmy Mercer (Wesley Snipes) is given a week to get his revenge and catch the killers before being transferred. Also starring Lolita Davidovich as Vikki Dunbar, Seymour Cassel as Virgil Leach and Saw's Tobin Bell as Roth. I can agree with the critics that this film does not have much action, and concentrates more on good and bad character relationships, but it is still a good romp. Very good!
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Good Movie
Mike11 January 2007
I thought it was a very good movie that was based on a good story with only a few improbable points to it, such as both main characters having a week deadline to find each other.

I also thought that the gangster who was owed money would be more likely to give a guy fresh out of prison more time and hence more likelihood of a successful con to get him money. The viciousness of the deadline did not seem to serve the greed that should have been the main motivation of the gangster who was owed 50 thousand. If he had the money and wasn't paying up then the viciousness would have served a purpose.

Other than that small plot point I thought Dennis Hopper was brilliant and the relationship between him and the murdering thief kept me on the edge of my seat as I thought that at any moment the hit-man would find out he was being used or conned. But Dennis Hopper laid down a sweet story each time.

Leslie Snipes did a fine job as a Cop. And I liked the Duo he had with his partner of ex Cheers Fame.
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uninteresting crime film
Stampsfightclub21 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
My View on the narrative:

A flat based story with minimal action, annoying plain faced characters an d a central plot which had me falling asleep. Wesley Snipes (Blade) stars as the central copper who wants to avenge the murder of his work colleague and his path is linked with Rudolph Red (Played with little enthusiasm by the star of Speed, Hopper). Its uninteresting and dull throughout where audiences will not become associated with the characters as no actors in this film give their full potential and at the end of the day the technique to make the film a more soap styled crime film by being revolving around the characters becomes too dull as neither has any interest about them whatsoever. I admire the technique used as it is not your everyday guns blazing crime film and the direction is very well used. However there is no device used to stimulate the intelligent mind and frankly there are better crime films out there e.g. In the line of fire. The connection between Snipes and Hopper is often too coincidental to believe and frankly this lack of realism and coincidental meetings allows audiences to become disassociated with the film. It makes it unrealistic in context and therefore will be harder for audiences to accept. Credit to the film there are many scenes which engage the viewer into the lives of the characters to make them feel sympathy for. Snipes does remotely well where as Hopper again plays a character who does not live up to the expectation of a creative and mindful villain as audiences would hope for. Lolita Davidovich performs well as Todorov's Princess character but even her charming presence and superficial connection with the two central characters will not sit well with audiences. Loyalty and trust are a key part of this film and are often well portrayed, but again I believe the film doesn't do true justice to the crime genre.
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A Better Movie Than I Thought It Would Be
RadarBlip17 December 2002
I just saw this movie for the second or third time in a few years. It was better than I had previously pegged it in my memory. I give it a 6. It is a worthwhile action thriller. It is made more interesting as the characters are juxtaposed in parallel development. We see them like ships passing in the night, unaware of how they are not so different except in the choices they make at crucial moments.
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Luke Warm
Dancalabria2 May 2001
This is a decent movie with a good plot but it does move along very slowly so be warned. Strictly for those who have nothing better to watch in the evening. Dennis Hopper steals the show and plays his part to perfection. Wesley Snipes plays a more believable character than usual but he is the weak link in this movie. 6/10.
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BORING point
LuvsFood17 May 1999
Boiling Point never gets past lukewarm. This film is competently written and directed, but slow-paced. There seems to be a lot of talk just for the sake of talking, characters seem to talk about stuff forever before doing it. Marketed cleverly as an action vehicle for Wesley Snipes, this film is anything but that. Even Viggo Mortensen can't save it from being a snoozer.
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A slow, touching action movie.
Maarten Hofman19 February 1999
This movie might be considered rather slow, but that is also something that makes it special. Some of the scenes are well mixed, and the characters are quite believable, except for some of the cops, perhaps, that are too lenient. Because of the believable characters, this movie is also quite touching, since it is impossible that it will have a happy end for everyone.
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Gritty "NYPD Blue"-style action thriller
coverme68 June 2000
"Boiling Point" is a nifty, serious action film with good,

brooding performances by the leads, and a slick screenplay.

However, with the lack of violent action and suspense, this

movie can get pretty dull if you don't have the patience to sit

through all the conversations this flick contains.

Wesley Snipes plays Jimmy Mercer, a tough L.A. treasury agent

looking to nab the scum who killed his partner during a bust.

Dennis Hopper is Red, the dirtbag who was behind the murder,

along with his sneaky accomplice Ronnie (Viggo Mortensen). Along

with his other partner Sam (Dan Hedaya), Jimmy scours the

streets to find the crooks, who are ripping off other criminals

for their fortunes.

In this film, Snipes shows a more tense, believable characterization unlike his other past roles. He uses no martial

arts, and he mostly talks to his enemies to intimidate them.

Hopper plays his usual slimebag, and with
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Bland, Run of the Mill Cops and Robbers Flick
gavin69427 September 2010
I am going to make this review short for now, with the intention to expand it upon a second viewing if one ever occurs.

My understanding of this film is that it was a complete failure during production. They redesigned the film to give Wesley Snipes more screen time, as he was a rising action star. And they changed the name from "Money Men" to "Boiling Point"to imply that it's an action film. Well, quite simply, it's not. There's some twists in the plot, but no real action.

Wesley Snipes is a good lead, but more interesting is Dennis Hopper as Red Diamond, a prostitute lover and crook. Hopper has said he considers this his best role, which may be true, but it's embedded in a bad film. And most interesting? Viggo Mortensen in an early role as Hopper's crook friend. Had the film's creators had the foresight, they would have cut down on Snipes and expanding Mortensen. And, you know, with no fan following, we'll never see a director's cut.

Not a must-see.
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