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A good thriller with OK actors.
Metal-921 May 2000
I rented this because Robert Patrick stars in it. Otherwise I would never rent this kind of movie, but I was surprised about it. The movie had an OK story and decent actors. Robert Patrick made one of hid best perfomances so far as I've seen.

Of course this is not a great movie but for a 90 minutes entertainment it's great.

I gave it a 6
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Great Thriller. Two thumbs up!
rickblain2012 March 2006
Film noir is one of my favorites and this thriller did not let me down. Robert Patrick from T3 was great as a guy who falls for the wrong woman in the wrong place.

I saw this in the video store and thought I would give it a shot, it has a very good luck, style, interesting shots, great soundtrack.

I wish Michelle Johnson should some lore skin. But I have to say it was very entertaining and worth a view.

The story line leads you around and you have no idea where your going to end up. Very entertaining film.

Check it out.
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Pretty tepid
lazarillo15 May 2011
This is another early 90's direct-to-video "neo-noir", made as that genre was becoming increasingly sex-saturated and plot-less, moving towards what would be known as the "erotic thriller" (films that were sometimes "erotic", but almost never "thrilling"). This movie has a lot more plot than your typical "erotic thriller"--in fact, if anything, the plot is ridiculously convoluted. A paparazzi (Robert Patrick) is charged with stalking a female singer (Michelle Johnson) he's personally infatuated with. Barred from approaching her by a restraining order, he jumps at the chance to do a kinky photo session with lookalike of the singer (Johnson again). But when the real singer winds up dead and posed in the position of some of the kinky photos he took, he finds himself framed for murder. The plot twists don't stop there though, and each one gets exponentially more ridiculous than the last.

Robert Patrick made this movie right after he'd had a major supporting role in "The Terminator 2". He played an emotionless robot in that, and he doesn't entirely shake that off here, so he is somewhat hard to sympathize with (even if he wasn't playing a bottom-feeding celebrity photographer). Michelle Johnson is actually relatively good in a dual role, but she insists on keeping her clothes on during her many sex scenes and has only some very brief nudity (which just doesn't work well in a film like this). Her barely-legal, barely-dressed debut film "Blame It on Rio" really showed where her strengths were, and she perhaps should have stuck to that sort of thing. Ray Wise from "Twin Peaks" also puts in an appearance as a slimy lawyer. He's pretty good and really could have used more screen time.

This isn't necessarily a BAD film--for a direct-to-video early 90's "neo noir"/"erotic thriller", it might even be considered above average, but that just ain't saying much I'm afraid.
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