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  • Continuing after the first "Subspecies", a woman who has just become a vampire tries to escape the evil vampire, Radu, who seeks her as his love interest. But she has taken the vampire family's bloodstone, and now Radu must find her to get it back. While her sister comes to Romania to save her soul. It might be to late....


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • NOTE: Sequel to Subspecies (1991).

    The subspecies return Radu's head to his body and remove the stake from his heart. Radu [Anders Hove] is resurrected. His first deed is to open Stefan's coffin and destroy him. Before he can perform his second deed -- stake Michelle Morgan -- the sun comes up and he must take immediate refuge in his coffin. The next evening, Michelle [Denice Duff] wakes first, finds Stefan in ashes, grabs the bloodstone and hops a train to Bucuresti (Bucharest) where she gets a room at the Hotel Bucharest, makes a transcontinental call to her sister Becky [Melanie Shatner], and begs her to come to Bucharest and help her.

    Michelle then falls asleep in the bathtub where the cleaning ladies find her the next day and, assuming her dead, call the police. On the way to the morgue, however, Michelle awakens and escapes. She runs to the Athene Palace and takes shelter in the wardrobe/prop room. Radu, who has followed Michelle to Bucharest, visits his Mummy [Pamela Gordon] in her tomb. Mummy advises Radu to return immediately to the castle, burn all the bodies and remain there until the next full moon. Radu obeys.

    Becky arrives in Bucharest the next day. She goes to the Hotel looking for Michelle but is informed by Mel Thompson [Kevin Spirtas] of the U.S. Embassy and Lt. Marin [Ion Haiduc] of the Bucharest Politia about Michelle's mistaken death and flight. Becky takes possession of Michelle's belongings, including the bloodstone. Becky and Mel contact Professor Nicolai Popescu [Michael Denish] of the Folk Art Museum to obtain information about Michelle's research. Popescu offers to accompany them to Pledmar. When they arrive at the Fortress, it is empty, so they go on to Castle Vladislav. Thinking the castle uninhabited, they enter. But Radu, who has just awakened, asks them to leave. They return to Bucharest.

    Meanwhile, Michelle is getting hungry. She has so far resisted the urge to drink from humans, and she now watches the Hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of Becky. When they see each other, Michelle flees but Becky follows. Becky gives Michelle the bloodstone while Radu watches. Michelle runs away and drinks from the bloodstone. Radu follows, confesses his love for his fledgling Michelle and makes her give him the bloodstone.

    The next day, Becky tells Mel and Lt. Marin about seeing Michelle. They visit Popescu who has located The Book of Vladislav, the Vampire and reads to them about the legend of King Vladislav and the bloodstone. Michelle wakes up hungry that night and takes her first victim, after which she immediately pukes. Radu attempts to drink from Becky, but the ringing telephone interrupts him. It is Michelle, begging Becky to help her. They meet behind the Athene Palace, and Michelle finally tells Becky about becoming vampire.

    Radu shows up and forces Michelle into Mummy's tomb because it is too close to sunrise. Mel doesn't believe Michelle when she relates her experience to him and Popescu. Only Popescu accompanies her to the tomb but, as he attempts to stake Radu, he is himself staked by Mummy. As Radu prepares to drink from Becky, Michelle attacks him with a knife, stabbing him repeatedly. Becky and Michelle run from the tomb until Michelle realizes that she cannot leave until the sun goes down. Becky promises to wait for dark, but Mummy drags Michelle deep into the tomb while Becky listens to the screams. [Original Synopsis by BJ Kuehl.]

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