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Big Movie Fan5 March 2002
Firstly, let me say that the 1992 Batman cartoon series was the best Batman cartoon series ever made. Just like the 1989 Batman movie it returned Batman to his dark roots and was a fantastic series.

This was a great cartoon film. I haven't seen many great cartoon films but this was one. It has an interesting storyline, an interesting villain (The Phantasm), interesting subplot for Bruce Wayne and it's even got the psychotic Joker as well.

The Phantasm is the most interesting cartoon villain in a long time and with the Joker in this movie as well it makes for an exciting movie. If you want an intelligent and thought provoking cartoon film then this is the one for you.
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An absolute classic, the best Batman movie so far
thecosmicjester1 January 2005
Out of all the Batman films so far, including all the live action films, this one is still the only one to really explore the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman and examine what drove him to becoming Batman.

It has a great story that flashes back to just before Bruce took up the mantle of the bat and the woman he was involved with at the time, then skips forward to an unknown assassin killing Gotham City's mobsters, and we see how the 2 story's meet. The writing is top-notch, in no-way predictable and the voice acting by Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker truly amazing and bone-chillingly scary.

The only complaints is that the animation could have been better at some points, but that is because it was originally meant to be a straight to video release before Warner's saw what a masterpiece they had created, and also it should have run for a little bit longer, but oh well. If you haven't yet seen it i highly recommend it.
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The Greatest of all the animated Batman films!
TheMan30511 January 2003
Not only the best animated flick but one of the greatest Batman movies ever made!

Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, and Bruce W. Timm are without doubt the best creative team of any involved in a Batman film or/television show. In this first animated film based on the animated series, the creative team does both a prequel and a sequel to the show as it introduces the characters of Andrea and Phantasm. Which both have an enormous impact on Bruce Wayne's journey to becoming Batman. And the character of Andrea helps us understand Bruce Wayne a little better. And know him a little better before becoming Batman.

Inspired by Frank Miller's "Year One" comic and Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film, Burnett/Dini/Timm create a magnificent Batman movie and a great movie as well!

4(****)out of 4(****)stars

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Aww yeah--one of the best.
Tug-329 October 1998
This movie is incredibly cool. It's the most accurate film portrayal of Batman yet. Not only is this movie well-animated, exciting, and tautly-plotted, it's also refreshingly understated. Unlike its live-action cohorts (more specifically, the Schumacher duo), "Phantasm" does not rely on splashy effects, ridiculous action sequences, and a hokey soundtrack to pull it through. As much as I love *Batman Returns,* I have to admit this is probably the best-written of the Batman films. And tell me you don't get chills down your spine the first time Bruce Wayne puts on that cowl. Awww yeah!!
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Best portrayal of the Dark Knight.
Joldax8 October 1998
Ever since Phantasm came to the theaters, I was hoping that WB would put another animated movie of that caliber on the big screen again. Phantasm is the essence of the true Batman. No bogus sidekicks, the Gotham PD hunting down Batman as if he were a threat, and a great interaction with Alfred. For any die hard Batman fan this is truly a must.
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If you liked the first two Batman movies this is a DEFINITE must see
bsinc18 February 2002
This is just one of the greatest animated movies of all time. No exaggeration. From the almost poetic opening sequence, accompanied by a great, great score till the very ending this movie will not disappoint. A dark story, darker than in Batman Returns, but also an excellent portrayal of Batman. The characters are nicely drawn (the female character is very attractive looking) and the voices are perfect. The origin of my favorite superhero has been overdone so many times and yet the filmmakers easily succeed to bring new insight and depth to the man that is the bat. I feel like I should write something more about it, there's definitely a lot of stuff I forgot since seeing it, but this was definitely an overlooked movie.

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The psychological, the subtle, and the emotional side of Bruce Wayne are all more deeply looked at in this fantastic animated movie
DavidJohn Foster14 May 2005
Mask of the Phantasm is one the best Batmans movies ever conceived. It gives that dark brooding look of the batman TV show, throws in an amazing original score, excellent voice acting, and a storyline that encourages us to look at the Batman story in a more human and emotional way. We have well established bad guys instead of just having a guy escape from prison, we have strong inner-conflict dilemmas and very well drawn action scenes. The only downside is that it could have been longer, although the rather short (compared to most movies) length does a good job of not making the flow feel dull or boring.

I highly suggest this movie.
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Along with Tim Burton's Batman Returns the best Batman movie to date.
Infofreak27 May 2003
This is easily the best interpretation of Batman I have seen in animated form, and along with Tim Burton's sometimes unfairly maligned 'Batman Returns', the best Batman movie to date. There has been a lot of speculation in recent years about movie versions of Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns' and/or 'Batman: Year One' (the latter being an obvious inspiration for 'Mask Of The Phantasm'), I just hope that if either eventually get made they are as good as this. The popular 1960s campy TV series was an absolute hoot, but unfortunately has permanently coloured a lot of people's expectations of Batman, a character generally a lot darker and more twisted than most people expect. The animation in this movie is excellent, the script isn't a masterpiece but it's very good, and the actors involved include some great talents like Stacy Keach ('The Ninth Configuration'), 'Star Wars' Mark Hamill (as The Joker), John P. Ryan ('Runaway Train'), and Roger Corman legend Dick Miller ('A Bucket Of Blood'). I think most fans of Batman in any of his comic book incarnations over the years will enjoy this one a lot. It's first rate.
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Measures up
Op_Prime14 January 2000
This movie measures up to the first two Batman movies and surpasses the last two in quality and story telling. The animation was fantastic. It was dark and mysterious, and that is way Batman should be done. Kevin Conroy's voice is perfect for Batman. Of course, when speaking of the voices for this movie, Mark Hamill can not be ignored. He gives a great performance as the menacing and hilarious Joker. My problem with this movie was the very short confrontation between Batman and the Phantasm. But the fight with the Joker makes up for it. This is a great Batman movie, even though this is animated and made for the kids.
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like a brilliant four-part episode from the series; lots of personal wounds revealed, and the Joker to boot!
MisterWhiplash25 December 2007
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm stands on its own feet extremely well, when at least compared to some of the lessor Batman animated movies (Batman vs Dracula anyone?), and packs a good punch for fans so many years later. The original series was in its own other region- taking what more stories from the comics (if not overall style and atmosphere like Burton or Nolan)- and was able to cover some fine ground with our troubled hero the Dark Knight. This story tells of a character, not ever quite named but called here as 'Phantasm', who is killing off some of the high-rolling gangsters in town. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne meets an old love of his, Andrea, and old wounds are opened over a brief and untimely ended engagement. And then there's also Andrea's father, who... OK, not much to try and spoil here, lets just say at some point the Joker gets involved, and everything jets into a 'laughing matter'.

Even as it was meant originally for TV, the directors Radomski and Timm, through their writer collaborators, have applied a drawing style that is distinctive amongst other cartoons of its ilk from the period: very direct lines and sharp, jagged edges, lots of smoke at (specific) times, the right blend of noir when it comes to revealing the caped crusader when he enters a room in the dead of night. In a sense they're stylists as are the (good) directors of the franchise live-action films. Only here there's a catch: the running time is short (originally the filmmakers thought it would be meant for TV before WB changed their minds), so there's only so much time to dig into the dilemma Wayne is caught in in the movie, where his identity is being cross-checked all over as the killer of the gangsters, and then the personal connection with Andrea and her father. Its some fairly significant probing into the character, if not the deepest there's ever been.

But also, aside from the slightly darker impulses, Mask of the Phantasm is a lot of fun, even up to a point if you didn't watch the series much. Just seeing Hammil ham it up as the Joker is a blast, even though he doesn't appear (almost, one might think, as a lark) until halfway through the movie! But he (via the filmmakers trying their best to give fans the best of the animated basics) supplies a hugely entertaining climax, one which involves a big fight among an immense diorama of Gotham City, rigged with explosives!
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The Way Batman's Origin was meant to be told
GreyFox3715 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
From the dramatic scroll through Gotham city in the opening theme to the duel with the joker, mask of the phantasm is an incredible ride, following the origins of how Bruce coped with the loss of his family.

SPOILER the BEST scene in the entire movie was after Andrea returned the ring to Bruce. the music saddens a bit, the camera scrolls to Bruce's parent's portrait. then, a chilling upbeat song begins as the camera then scrolls down into the bat cave. we see Alfred with a saddened face as he watches Bruce donning his destiny. after putting on his utility belt, he extends his hand for his mask. Alfred hands it to him. the main theme starts up and there is a pause as Bruce stares at the mask briefly, possibly thinking, this is the only way now. the camera goes to a close view of Bruce's lower torso, Alfred still in the background watching. Bruce puts on the mask, Alfred looking a bit unsure. Bruce turns and Alfred gasps in shock. the main theme picks up into more of a choir theme and batman's eyes are shown up close, those white eyes in the darkness. he narrows them. Alfred cries out "my...god..." as batman walks past him and out into destiny...

i get tears each time i see that scene you MUST see this movie if you are a batman fan. your life depends on it.
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My favorite Batman movie
Warning: Spoilers
I guess to some viewers, "Mask of the Phantasm" probably would be nothing more than an extended episode of the Batman animated series from the nineties, but considering that said series was excellent (In fact, I consider it to be the best adaptation of the Batman comics ever made) this movie obviously doesn't disappoint, establishing the foundations for the future films inspired by that character, particularly the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan and later Batman animations (such as "Batman: Under the Red Hood", which in my humble opinion isn't as a good as this)

Personally, I'm actually impressed of how dark and mature this film was, specially in comparison with other animated film done in the same year. In many ways, it was way ahead of its time, daring to be surprisingly gritty and solemn in way in which no other Batman film (Not even those directed by Tim Burton) was before.

The animation is dark and brooding, the characters are fleshed out and complex, and the plot is very deep and compelling. The viewer is given a true insight into the troubled psyche of Batman, the archetypal Byronic hero and the continuous tribulations that afflict his life as a superhero, from his complicated relationship with Andrea to his inner conflicts with his level of responsibility and his uncertainty that arises from it.

One scene in particular - in which Bruce kneels at his parents' grave and begs them to let him live his own life - gets me a tad choked up every time I see it. This is powerful, serious drama, as any Batman story should be.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is a fantastic film, which I highly recommend to any fan of Batman, the DCAU, and animation in general.
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In Blackest Night
tieman6412 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Regarded by some as the best Batman feature film, "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" is an animated Batman movie released in 1993 to limited box office success. The film's reputation would grow over the following decade. Today many regard it as being superior to Chris Nolan's trilogy.

The brainchild behind "Phantasm" was artist Bruce Timm, the man responsible for the look, style and tone of "Batman: The Animated Series". When he entered the DC universe in the late 1980s, Timm began to popularise a very specific drawing/animation style: a distinct form of Art Deco, with angular characters, hard, geometric shapes, retro minimalism and strong nods to 1950s modernism, futurism, and Old Hollywood. There's also a deliberate attempt to recapture the magic of Max Fleischer, the man responsible for the iconic Superman animated series of the 1940s. Your typical Bruce Timm female was also markedly different to previous comic book femmes: either angular noir women (Lauren Bacall, Jane Russell, Veronica Lake et all), or near pre-pubescent sexpots (small busted, lithe, teenage yet suggestively curvy). He'd release a sketchbook collection of simple-yet-hyper-fetishized nude girls/women a decade later, which would quickly become the dirty bible of many comic book artists.

Today a lot of superhero cartoons poorly copy Timm's style – the style's now been played to death - but in the 1990s he revitalised DC and helped pull Batman away from the grip and stylistic influence of Frank Miller, who typified Batman of the 1980s.

"Mask of the Phantasm" features a weak villain and unnecessary action sequence too derivative of James Cameron ("Terminator 2" was released the year before), but it's nevertheless a very moody picture, structured as a series of wistful dreams or tragic recollections, and features a genuinely affecting Gothic love story. Like the best Batman tales, "Phantasm" is more about detective work than fisticuffs. This Batman is voiced by the inimitable Kevin Conroy. It contains one of the best lines in Batman history.

8/10 – Worth two viewings.
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The Best Batman Movie of All Time
vinnybudafuko4 June 2015
This movie made perfect use of the BTAS theme music for Bruce Wayne/Batman several times. The best example of such use was in THE BIG CHASE. "THE BIG CHASE" is the greatest Batman Scene ever made. The story is quite tragic and doesn't have a happy ending. Batman is being blamed for a series of high-profile murders in Gotham and the police quickly turn against him. In reality, the Phantasm is the one killing the mobsters. Andrea (Bruce's former love) flies into Gotham weeks after the murders begin.She triggers several flashbacks throughout the story that show us the events that led to Bruce becoming Batman. This includes the incredibly sad movement that prompts Bruce to don the cowl. Alfred's shocked gasp of, "My God . . ." says it all.

This is a continuation of the famous BTAS (Batman the Animated Series) of the 1990's. Many fans consider it to be the definitive version of Batman. Kevin Conroy is THE voice of Batman.

"The series was widely praised for its thematic complexity, darker tone, artistic quality and modernization of its title character's crime-fighting origins. IGN listed The Animated Series as the best adaptation of Batman anywhere outside of comics, the best comic book cartoon of all time and the second best animated series of all time (after The Simpsons). Wizard magazine also ranked it #2 of the greatest animated television shows of all time (again after The Simpsons). TV Guide ranked it the seventh Greatest Cartoon of All Time (out of 60). The universal acclaim led the series to win four Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Animated Program."
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My Favorite Batman Movie!
mitchell595429 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Batman Mask of the Phantasm is easily my favorite Batman movie to date. Batman the animated series is my favorite incarnation of Batman. This is based off of that show, which plays a big part in why I love this film.

Firstly, Kevin Conroy's Batman is my favorite incarnation of Batman. He has this presence that, in my opinion has never been topped by any other Batman put to screen. This film delves into his origins and the reason he became Batman, which factor greatly in the story. I really liked what they did with Batman' origin. In my opinion, his origin is handled better here than in even Batman Begins.

I also like Bruce's love interest, Andrea. She is different from most love interests in Batman. She strong and she can take care of herself. I also really bought into their love story, which also plays a big part in the. What I never liked about Batman films and superhero films in general, is that the love interests feel very tacked-on and forced as an attempt to bring in a broader audience. Here the love story is one of the driving factors of the movie.

The Phantasm is a good villain. In fact, he is probably one of my favorite Batman villains. I loved the mystery surrounding the Phantasm. The way everything is unveiled is expertly done. The mystery is very complex, which is something you do not see in a lot of kids films, or even adult films. The Joker also appears in this. He is not the main villain, but definitely had a significant role to play. Mark Hamill's Joker is my favorite incarnation of the Joker. Like Kevin Conroy, Mark has a presence to him as the Joker that has never been topped, in my opinion.

The art and animation is great. It feels very cinematic. The film has a great atmosphere. The score is beautiful. Most of the music is from the animated series, but there is some new music here. Like the animated series, this movie takes a darker tone. This movie, like the animated series, treated its audience more like adults than the live action Batman movies coming out at the time.

Overall, for anyone who is a fan of Batman, this is a must see. I think it is criminal that this film bombed at the box office when it was in theaters, while the childish Schumacher Batman films made all of the money. However, it made back its budget with the video sales, which I am grateful for. This is easily one of the best Batman movies ever made!
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Excellent Superhero Movie!
Sherrill77716 April 2013
The 'Batman: The animated Series' from the '90s was perhaps the best representation of Batman on film (whether animated or live action, TV or Big Screen) that has ever been produced. The character of Batman was nuanced, the plots diverse and multi-faceted, the animation innovative. It defined who Batman was for an entire generation of kids and is, in my opinion, superior to even the Blockbuster Nolan version of the hero.

This movie continued that trend. While it shares many similarities with the series (from the animation to the director to the voice actors), it is more than simply a long episode. The plot is engaging and doesn't feel stretched to fit a full-length movie time frame. It was the first of many direct-to-video animated superhero movies and set the bar for those which followed.

Although perhaps not perfect, I would rank this movie as one of the top Batman movies and thus top superhero movies ever. For anyone who enjoys superheroes, Batman, comic books, or simply excellent animated movies, I would highly recommend this!
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The Best Romantic Film I've Ever Seen
Wael Katkhuda2 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For me this is the best film of batman, it is in the same level or even better than Tim Burton's Version ( batman 1989).

For me The best thing in this film is the story it is full of passion in a very good way that both children and adult can watch it without feeling sick of their stomach with those nude scenes that are featured now these days in movies. I loved the flash back on this film it tells u the story of Bruce Wayne before becoming THE DARK KNiGHT and the LOVE OF HIS LIFE.

The Love Story was made in a very professional way thanks to the writers, Kevin Conroy & Dana Delany who performed the voice of the two leading character (Bruce Wayne and Andrea Beaumont) and the brave Directors who had done a brave job by turning this TV version into a fantastic theatrical version. and who could forget the magnificent Mark Hamill as the joker who stole many scenes by his fabulous performance.

For me this is my number one Romantic Film along side (GWTW 1939,Atonement(2007)and now voyager 1942).

there are unforgettable scenes on this movie The rain scene when Bruce talks to his dead parents grave and Andrea came to him ( That was my favorite one) and when they first saw each other after 10 years, and the first spoken scene between each other and of course the final scene for both Andrea and Batman.

The Final song "I Never Even Told You" bye Tia Carrere was one of my favorite song all the time.

I wish if in the future they would made a new version of this film with real actors.

Finally I recommended this film for everyone who is had once a love in his life or having a new one now.
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The Hunted (And Haunted) Knight
Matthew Kresal21 July 2010
Animation is all too often written off as being excursively for children. Yet occasionally there comes along something that, while ostensibly for children, that works perhaps better for adults who might be watching. Batman: The Mask Of The Phantasm (and the TV series Batman: The Animated Series it was spawned from) are perfect example of that. While there's plenty of action in it, the story is full of details and depth that adults would pick up on. The result is an action story with a surprising amount of characterization and plot that puts head and shoulders above many other films both animated and live action.

Much of the films success is done to the voice casting, many of whom reprise their roles for the TV series. Kevin Conroy has proved himself to be practically definitive with his performances as Batman/ Bruce Wayne over the years and this film is no exception. In fact, this film takes Conroy's performance as Batman one step further as we learn of his lost love and how the past continues to haunt this man. The result is a Batman that, while a man of action, is very much human as well and the film is all the better for it.

The rest of the voice casting is splendid as well. Dana Delany gives a moving performance as Wayne's lost love Andrea 'Andi' Beaumont whose past relationship with Wayne, and the secrets surrounding it, lie at the heart of the film. Character actor Stacy Keach gives a fine performance as Andrea's banker father as well as supplying the voice of the mysterious Phantasm. Hart Bochner gives a fine, if somewhat over the top performance as the sleazy Gotham City Councilman Arthur Reeves who orders the hunt for Batman. There's also the performances of Abe Vigoda, Dick Miller and John P. Ryan as the mobsters being hunted by the Phantasm. Not forgetting those who reprise their roles from the TV series such as Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred, Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon and Robert Costanzo as Detective Harvey Bullock or of course even Mark Hamill as Batman's arch-nemesis The Joker who gives a menacing, yet maniacal, performance that's become a trademark of the animated series. All together they round out the film's excellent cast.

The films animation is as fine as well. Using the same animation style as the TV series it was spawned from, the story is perfectly set in a world of shadows where the modern exists blended seamlessly in with art deco influences. This is used to good effect both in the film's flashbacks and its finale as well with the use of a World's Fair like exhibition that serves a fine metaphor for the story as well. The animation, coupled with the score of Shirley Walker, helps brings the world of the film to life.

It is perhaps the films story that is its biggest highlight. The TV series was praised for not dumbing down its stories and the film is no exception. As I wrote at the beginning, this is a film with plenty of action in it with a story full of details and depth that adults would pick up on. Mask Of The Phantasm uses its expanded length to go into back-story that the TV series could never do and the result is a film the is as much as tale of love and loss as it is an action film with rooftop chases, fist fights and the like. There is a genuine love story between Bruce and Andrea and it is that love, its loss and secret consequences that are at the films heart. Yet all the while, Batman finds that the city he's sworn to protect hunting him due to the deaths of mobsters at the hands of the mysterious Phantasm which brings the action and love story together for the films incredible revelations and its finale. The result is one of the best written Batman films yet written.

Overall, Batman: The Mask Of The Phantasm is one example of what animation can do at its best. This is thanks to many elements such as Kevin Conroy's haunted performance of Batman to the fine supporting cast, fine animation, the score of Shirley Walker and one of the best Batman scripts yet written. The result is a film that is, for all intents and purposes, head and shoulders above many other films both animated and live action.
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When is the next one?!
culwin28 December 1998
There's not much I can add here except, when are these guys going to make another animated Batman movie?! The combined quality of all the other movies with "Batman" in the title aren't half as good as this movie! Skip the rest, see the best!

OK for kids too!
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Brilliant Batman
Shawn Watson21 November 2000
But it's way too short. At only 76 minutes you begin to wonder why they bothered. The story is barely given a chance to be intriguing and it is told in a very confusing way with too many flashbacks and flashbacks that go into their own flashbacks. But it still retains that dark edge the 2 previous movies had and many visual thrills.

This movie tells the tale of how Bruce Wayne became Batman in a little more depth than the live-action films and gives us the discovery of the Batcave in a slightly different way than that in Batman Forever. The Joker is as crazy as ever, the thugs and hoods are as nasty as they have always been and the identity of the Phantasm surprised me.

Although much of Danny Elfman's theme is missing the music is still powerful and involving. The animation is very good and has many elaborate 'sets' and locations. The visual style still sticks to that of the comic book like glue and it all makes for a very exciting film. Even if it is a bit of a confusing one, especially for kids. But this animated incarnation of Batman is truly the best.
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very good batman movie
Siloty14 July 2008
i bought this because it was cheap and i had read up on it and i realised it was a continuation of the 90s Batman cartoons i had grown with.

I've always liked the character of Batman and i enjoyed this muchly. the use of flashbacks to show Bruce Wayne's life before he took up the bat and the woman he was with. then another flashback shows Bruce starting to want to fight crime but not knowing how to go about it right.

there is a mysterious killer that is going around Gotham that is murdering a gang of now old gangsters and Batman is being blamed. The Joker is also involved in this movie and is very entertaining to watch. voiced by Mark Hamill. oh and Kevin Conroy was a great voice for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

the movie has a good twist, decent animation, good voice acting and great plot. all in all a great edition to the Batman collection.
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The Citizen Kane of Batman movies.
moushrambo11 July 2008
I grew up watching the animated series as a kid so all you other fans probably know the excitement I went through. When your a kid you don't really care about the story you go to see it just because it's Batman, but when your older you can really get involved and begin to sympathize for the character's. All the music by Shirley Walker really heightens the brooding and operatic feel to this movie. Now the design, the whole art deco look is just spectacular to look at and sometimes you can lose yourself just in the visuals. All the performances are top notch, Mark Hamill is wild and crazy as The Joker and he really goes to town and has a lot of fun like Nicholson in the first movie, and Kevin Conroy is absolutely stunning as Bruce and Batman, his voice is so intimidating and kinda scary. I'm sure a lot of other fans would agree with in saying that Kevin Conroy IS Batman because he's been doing it for so long. To this day this is still my favorite Batman movie, in my opinion it dwarfs all the live action movies, yes even The Dark Knight! So go buy it, you won't regret it.
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Watch this, not the live action movies.
MikeChm26 October 1998
Phantasm puts the live action movies to shame. It depicts Batman as what he is supposed to be, the Darknight Detective. The live action movies leave out the detection and concentrate on the action. This is also one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. The quality of the artwork is amazing.
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Amazing Batman movie
TheLittleSongbird1 January 2011
I love Batman, and just loved this movie. Like the fantastic Batman:The Animated Series, Mask of the Phantasm is deep, intelligent, mature and complex. The film could have been longer by 20 minutes, but it is a gripping and compelling animated film with plenty to like.

The animation is excellent. Sophisticated, dark and somewhat unique, I think it improves on the animation of the series slightly. The colours are bold, and the character designs are sharp and decisive. The music is wonderful too, it is quite a complex score even for Batman but it is always memorable whether it is the choruses or the rousing orchestral music.

The story is what makes Mask of the Phantasm so good. It is structured similarly to those of some of the plot lines of the series but just as fresh and as compelling with a lot of great scenes particularly the wonderfully poetic opening sequence. The writing is superb, very mature and intelligent, and the pace and characters are spot on. Batman especially is a revelation, dark, brooding and charismatic. The voice acting is terrific, with Kevin Conroy actually embodying the character and Mark Hamill once again phenomenal as Joker.

All in all, an amazing animated film and one of the best Batman films to date. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Better than the live action films
legend-1116 November 1998
Batman mask of the phantasm is really cool on many levels,the voices bring the characters to life (especially Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil. this is a must see classic
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