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a TRULY unique film
jzathajenious27 October 2003
BBB is unique amongst unique films. i havent sseen a film that mixes such taboo subjects as rape, incest, and psychological abuse and uplifting mesaages such as love, compassion, and being an individual, and makes such a great film. this film will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, you will feel uplifted, joyous, and two minutes later disgusted and dirty. while the ending is a bit corny and predictable, the film still leaves you feeling satisfied overall. it is truly hard to convey into words this film, so go see it if you can find a copy, its worth the effort.
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Crazy, insane, black, funny, terrifying, weird, SUPERB.
mogwai-121 February 2001
This film changed my life. No, really. It was a Friday night, and the parents were away. I was on my own in front of the television, and Channel 4 (UK + Irish viewers will know of it) was showing Bad Boy Bubby as part of some cult film season. Well, to cut a long story short, I was glued to the screen for the duration of the film (I drooled and stared at it during the commercial breaks) and when it was over, I realised that the dinner was entirely burnt. Not a particularly relevant story, you may think, but note that the television was IN THE KITCHEN, mere feet from the oven. That's how good this film is. It features possibly the greatest crazy monologue ever committed to celluloid (the pub/microphone scene), two of the most disturbing murders in any movie I've seen (and I've seen thousands), one of the most unsettling relationships I've seen, and an unbelievable central performance. This film is darker than dark, and stranger than Eraserhead. Just as Bubby is on his own throughout the film, so is the viewer. Alone, confused and disturbed beyond words.

And I've never thought of the Salvation Army in the same way since.

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Original, powerful, hilarious study of an outsider
fertilecelluloid17 February 2006
The first thirty minutes of "Bad Boy Bubby" are great horror. Bubby (Nicholas Hope), a strange, retarded man-child, has been imprisoned by his mom (Claire Benito) for thirty years. He hasn't left the house, can't leave the house, because mom's been busy having sex with him and perverting his sponge-like mind. Early on, the film alienates viewers by throwing in a scene involving the killing of a cat. We then follow Bubby as he ventures into the outside world and has a series of amazing, hilarious adventures in which his outsider status is often misinterpreted. He fronts a rock band, gets intimate with a real disabled woman (Heater Slattery), and discovers life beyond the walls of his prison. The film is extremely original and daring, and Hope's performance as Bubby is totally believable. It was shot over a long period by a number of cinematographers, although only Ian Jones gets IMDb credit. It has a unique, anarchic tone, and it is amazing watching how "normal" people interact with the unpretentious, unhinged protagonist. Ultimately, Rolf de Heer succeeds in creating a dark, surreal, powerful study of an outsider in a film that someone ought to double bill with Hal Ashby's "Being There". It's a triumph.
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Love of life
batcheeba15 December 2006
I saw this film for the first time years ago, and it never left my mind. I have since seen it many times and for each time i see something new, or something i missed. It's an ongoing story, that changes side by side the changes i go through, while going through life. The film is dark, it's very in your face. Strong images and a deep sadness is present for the most parts of the plot. But it has another more interesting side, and that is the naive and curious mindset of Bubby. how he deals with life, and how i learns and how he imitates life, is a lesson learned for everyone. To me it's all about being able to adjust, to create, even when all you have is shattered. There is a way in every situation. It may not be the common way, it may not be normal, but what ever path you find, is right for you. The people in the film are real, there is no glamour. Yoy believe their story, even if you only get little sneak peaks of how things used to be. I would call it a feel good movie. Some people might say that is a very strange thing to say about Bad boy Bubby. But Bad boy Bubby is a very strange film as well. A 10 it is.
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MrzD22 July 2006
I've seen this film three times and i bought the tape 10 years ago. I decided to see the film again today. Yes the film is very dark , extremely disturbing and unsettling. it has been called a black comedy or darkly humorous etc. All the plethora of adjectives are in the same vein which makes me feel that most people don't really "get " this film. It has also been described as a story with a corny and predictable ending which , for me , is the complete opposite. I have rarely seen a film of such rare beauty and ingenuity. By the end of it , i was moved to tears. I don't want to describe scenes , cinematography or performances. If this is the only review you read , i would strongly urge everyone above the age of consent to see this extremely powerful and inspiring film. Prepare yourself for scenes of cruelty , humiliation , sexual abuse and psychological horror...there are some truly disturbing scenes. But take them for what they are without judgement, see how they complement the story and Bubby's evolution and enjoy the ride. If you enjoyed Forrest Gump ( or more to the point , Tom Hanks), Then this is the adult version. It doesn't assault your heart strings the way Hollywood tries to do. A much underrated and for me a very moving experience.
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Surprisingly good, but not for the week minded mainstream.
Bart28 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I found Bad Boy Bubby after searching high and low to discover the source of a sample used by one of my favorite bands (Deutsch Nepal). While the movie is sometimes disturbing and unsettling, it is quite a feat of bravery in filmmaking. It's no wonder the film remains underground, but it does deserve to be released officially on DVD. Nicholas Hope gives an outstanding performance, as does Claire Benito and Ralph Cotterill. I don't want to spoil the plot of the movie, but be ready for some saddening depravity, mixed with childish curiosity and some innocent but twisted murdering. Bad Boy Bubby is a must see for any fan of alternative/underground films.
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You can't just cling film whoever you want to.........
wiggle-24 December 2000
The first twenty minutes will leave you tearing your hair out in stupefied horror and fascination. Stick through this period to be rewarded with a remarkable film, one which has more to say about the human condition than most others. The band member's monologue regarding humanity's history of cling-filming (killing) groups we don't like should be compulsory education for all.
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From His Head Down To His Shoe, He's Bad Boy Bubby Blue
TheAnimalMother13 December 2012
This film is listed as a Comedy, Crime, Drama, and it definitely is. But know that this is definitely a comedy first and foremost, a comedy layered with a light dose of satirical social commentary.

This film came out before Forrest Gump, but it definitely is comparable in many ways. Try to imagine a darker Forrest Gump on hallucinogenic steroids and you basically have Bad Boy Bubby. Just like Gump, not much of the story is told in a very believable way. In the case of both films however, neither let that get in the way of telling a good story. And in the case of this film, there is definitely some hint of substance that accompanies the fantastical madness. When I first saw the film, I couldn't help thinking that this is just what Forrest Gump would have been like if a young David Lynch had written and directed it. Mainly because there is no film more comparable to Bad Boy Bubby than Lynch's intense social commentary masterpiece, Eraserhead. This film basically is a light Eraserhead, but with a darker Forrest Gump type character as the lead. Both films stories and commentary are delivered in a similar manner. Though it would also be fair to say that Eraserhead is definitely far more complex in it's detailed metaphors and far deeper in it's overall vision and social commentary.

All that said, this film is a well under the radar standout in its own right. Every adult film lover should see this film. It has a little something to say, and it also delivers a lot of laughs.

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Fascinating but difficult to watch in places.
CharltonBoy4 April 2002
I dont think i have ever seen a film quite like Bad Boy Bubby or am ever likely to see another like it. It is a piece of film making that is not scared to show or say anything that might be seen as taboo in many people's eyes. We see scenes that involve incest,Murder,exploitation , extremely bad language and the mentaly handicapped yet this film, disturbing as it is , has a certain charm like no other. Nicholas Hope is fantastic as Bubby and gives a display like none that i have seen in a long while. It could not have been easy taking on the role of a retarded man and having to do the thing that he does in the film.

As i have mentioned this film is disturbing and may upset many people. i would not recommend it for family viewing but i would recommend it to any film buff. Finally i must repeat the line that the factory worker teaches to Bubby, because it is so true and it stands for everything that i believe in. " Think god out of existance,it is our duty to insult him,strike me down if you dare to,you tyrant, you non existent fraud. It is the duty to think god out of existance , because then and only then do we take full responsibility for who we are!" A quite brilliant piece of writing. 7 out of 10.
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A film that is both disturbing, beautiful and hilarious.
NateManD28 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say, "Bad Boy Bubby" is one of my favorite films. I know, your probably questioning my sanity right now. But really this is a film that is challenging and sometimes hard to watch. It's like seeing a child step foot in the world for the first time. Poor Bubby, he's had a tough life. He's lived in a dirty room with his mother for more than thirty years. His mom, Flo has convinced him that if he goes outside he'll die from the air. So Bubby wears a gas mask from time to time. His mom is cruel and abusive, and even has sex with him. Bubby tortures his cat, and messes his pants in the first twenty minutes of the film. The first part of the film, feels almost like a John Waters movie. Many people will cringe, and not want to see the rest of the film. Keep watching, because the film becomes much more uplifting and emotional as it goes on. Bubby finally meets his long lost dad, who is also abusive to him. When Mom and Pop are sleeping, he kills them with plastic wrap. Bubby finally escapes confinement and sees the outside world. Music is something new to him as he witnesses a Salvation Army choir sing. The scene is very beautiful in it's stunning visuals. But, Bubby also witnesses the cruelty of man. People yell obscenities at him, and Bubby is like a child; so he repeats whatever he hears. Bubby has problems with manners too, he walks up to women and gropes there breasts and makes vulgar comments. Bubby means no harm, he is innocent and child like. He meets an assortment of offbeat characters, and finds comfort with a rock band; who treat him like a brother. Bubby even has the ability to communicate with the mentally handicapped, and finds time for love. He learns about philosophy from an existential atheist. My favorite part of the film is when Bubby goes to dinner, to meet Rachels stuffy cruel religious parents. Lets just say he takes some of the existential philosophy with him. Rolf de Heer has created a masterpiece and cult sensation, which has won many well deserved awards. Nicholas Hope is flawless in his performance as Bubby, in fact he did research on autism to create Bubby's character. If you like films that challenge you, watch "Bad Boy Bubby". You'll discover that love overcomes all.
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