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Japanese Cult Action Star Tak Sakaguchi To Attend Iron Dragon TV Action Fest This August

Japanese action star, actor Tak Sakaguchi will share the floor as a guest panelist among other headliners for this year’s sophomore entry of the Iron DragonTV ActionFest. Submissions are now underway for the upcoming event which will be held at the Galaxy Highland 10 Theater in Austin, Texas from August 10 through 12.

The humble Ishikawa native is a naturally well-known fan favorite credited for such films as “Battlefield Baseball”, “Versus”, “Alive”, “Samurai School”, “Yakuza Weapon” and Sono Sion’s “Why Don’t You Play In Hell?” to name a few. His latest action-packed starring role now sees him carving and beating armies of villains to a pulp for longtime friend and film partner Shimomura Yuji’s second directing effort, Re:Born, which has since been subject to a raft of critical praise from the festival circuit since last year.

Obligatory rules for Idtv Action Fest submissions and entries therein are listed in
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Ethan Hawke on How He Survived 11 Sundance Fests: ‘You Have to Be Strong and Humble’

Ethan Hawke on How He Survived 11 Sundance Fests: ‘You Have to Be Strong and Humble’
In 1991, 21-year-old Ethan Hawke was shivering in the woods of Park City, Utah, playing a sergeant in the small World War II drama “A Midnight Clear,” when thousands of people suddenly invaded town.

“That was the first time I’d ever heard of the Sundance Film Festival,” says Hawke today. “I thought, ‘Aw, this will never work.’”

The indie film revolution hadn’t happened, but it was about to. That week, while Hawke strapped on a helmet and tromped through the slush, Richard Linklater premiered an experiment called “Slacker.” “Some wacky kid made a punk rock movie that beat the system,” says Hawke. “It was an event. You had to see it.”

Hawke was inspired to direct. “I was suspicious of my ability to sustain an acting career,” he admits. So he spent his “Dead Poets Society” salary shooting his first short, a 21-minute romance named “Straight to One,” and submitted it to the 1994 Sundance, now that he
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Dead Or Alive 5: Team Ninja ends support for the game

Matthew Byrd Dec 19, 2017

Team Ninja's ceased support for Dead Or Alive 5 - but five years since the last, there's no sign of a sequel...

Team Ninja used the Dead or Alive 5 Battle Royal 2017 Grand Finals as a chance to say goodbye to the Dead or Alive franchise as it stands and hello to their ideas for the future of the fighting series.

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It was Yosuke Hayashi, Team Ninja Brand Manager, who stated that "Dead or Alive 5 has finally come to an end, but the Dead or Alive team is very active." That message is a little bit vague, but it seems to suggest that Team Ninja is going to stop releasing content updates and fixes for Dead or Alive 5 and will begin working on a new entry to the franchise.

Unfortunately for Dead or Alive fans, it sounds
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Vancouver Film: "Siren", "The Exorcist", "Purple Harvest"

  • SneakPeek
From VancouverFilm.Net, here is the Vancouver Film Production Update for November 2017 including "Siren", "The Exorcist", "Purple Harvest" and a whole lot more:


A Dogs Way HOMELocal Production Company: Singularity Productions

Director: Charles Martin Smith

Producer: Gavin Polone

Oct 16/17 - Dec 15/17


Local Production Company: True Meaning Productions

Director: Marc Lawrence

Producer: Heather Meehan

Oct 23/17 - Jan 19/18

Purple Harvest

Local Production Company: Tcf Vancouver Productions

Director: Drew Goddard

Jan 29/18 - Apr 06/18


Local Production Company: Main Mast Production - Can, Inc

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurter, J. J. Perry

Aug 14/17 - Nov 17/17


Local Production Company: Khai Productions

Director: Juan Cabral

Producer: Dave Valleau

Nov 15/17 - Dec 03/17

TV Pilots:

Deadly Class

Local Production Company: Pico Productions (BC) Limited

Director: Lee Toland Krieger

Producer: John Lenic

Nov 15/17 - Dec 05/17

TV Series:

A Series Of Unfortunate Events ~ Season 2

Local Production Company: Olaf II Productions Inc

Director: Loni Peristere, Jonathan Teplitzky

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The Florida Georgia Line Effect: Mentoring New Artists and Setting Sights on Pop Stardom (Certified Country)

The Florida Georgia Line Effect: Mentoring New Artists and Setting Sights on Pop Stardom (Certified Country)
Five years, three albums and 13 No. 1 singles after making their major label debut, Here's to the Good Times, Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard humbly, reluctantly attempts to answer a loaded question: "Do you feel like you've made it?" 

"Ah..." he trails off initially, with bandmate Brian Kelley jumping in to attempt a deflection. "We made it to these awards!" he says, referencing the Cmt Artists of the Year event, where they have been honored alongside country royalty every year for the last five years. "We made it here!" 

"It's hard not to think we've made it when you look out every night and see 30,000 people singing your songs," Hubbard allows. 

"At the same time," he continues, "we're big dreamers and we kind of say, 'The sky's the limit, so let's see where this thing is going to go,' and we kind of continue that motto and see where it leads us." 

Exclusive: Florida Georgia Line Gush Over
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Emmys 2017: Where the Ladies At? The Brand New Music Supervision Category

Emmys 2017: Where the Ladies At? The Brand New Music Supervision Category
Among the more diverse Emmy groupings that were revealed on Thursday’s nominations announcement: the brand new Outstanding Music Supervision award, which featured three women among the five episodes in contention. Netflix and HBO rule the category, with each up for two — Netflix’s “Master Of None” and “Stranger Things,” and HBO’s “Girls” and “Big Little Lies” — while AMC’s “Better Call Saul” rounds out the group.

Some 75 shows were submitted for the category, which music professionals and fans alike have long complained was overlooked in the Emmy race. In May, Michael A. Levine, one of the Academy’s two music governors, explained that, “The job of music supervision has evolved, from what was once primarily an administrative task to becoming a creative and artistic one.”

Indeed, beyond the complexities of licensing and clearances for recorded tracks, which can easily push a music budget to over $1 million if songs by top-tier artists are used, the
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How ‘Stranger Things’ Created That Awesomely Retro Title Sequence

How ‘Stranger Things’ Created That Awesomely Retro Title Sequence
For years, Michelle Dougherty had a dream. She wanted to create titles that echoed the work of Richard Greenberg, who created the opening credits for ’80s movies like “Alien,” “Dirty Dancing” and “Blow Out.”

As creative director at title-design powerhouse Imaginary Forces (“Mad Men,” “Boardwalk Empire”), Dougherty created many iconic title sequences of her own — but when she pitched the concept of an ’80s homage to showrunners and directors, no one was interested.

“Richard is the one who really pioneer this idea in movies that you can create mood with just typography,” said Dougherty. “It was incredibly avant-garde for the time period.”

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And then she met the Duffer Brothers — and they were the ones who brought up Greenberg in their initial discussions of what they wanted from their Netflix show, “Stranger Things.” Not only were the Duffers familiar with his work, they considered it an iconic part of the ’80s movies their show referenced.

Dougherty was thrilled — but the Duffers rejected her first pass at creating the “Stranger Things” typography as too modern.

“They were influenced by book covers as kids,” said Dougherty. “They sent over a Stephen King book with ’80s typography, which was big, bold, chunky, almost decorative.”

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Dougherty was able to trace back the particular typeface to the famed 20th-century typographer Ed Benguit, who created over 600 typefaces, including the self named Itc Benguit that was popular on ’80s paperbacks like the one the Duffers sent her.

However, getting the right ’80s typeface was only the first step in creating the feel the Duffers wanted.

“Originally we had these kind of snappy, modern-looking moves,” said Daugherty. “The animator I was working with, Eric Demeusy, is a genius, but he’s younger. He wanted it to feel very fresh. I remember the ’80s, things didn’t move that quickly because of technology. During that time, the beginning of my career, I remember we use to film things out, which is a different process. The movement isn’t as slick as it is now.”

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As Dougherty started to think of the imperfections in ’80s titles, she also remembered that things weren’t perfectly uniform. Slightly jagged movements, flickering lights, and color inconsistency were natural products of transferring to film. However, research proved her wrong: Such imperfections were more prevalent in the ’60s and ’70s.

“I checked with Dan Perri, who did titles for “Star Wars,” and he said that by the ’80s that type of stuff meant you didn’t have the money for a good optical house,” said Dougherty.

Still, Dougherty felt there was something too clean about the otherwise beautiful work Demeusy created. She liked the idea of the tactile, almost handmade feel of those imperfections. She started studying ’60s and ’70s titles to find examples that she could share with Demeusy.

“When you look the titles for ‘Stranger Things,’ when the type fades up and down, there’s a little pink residual color that we added in there,” said Dougherty. “We added those things because we wanted to make it feel like film. We actually wanted to film something out, just to do a test, but we couldn’t find anyone in L.A. that could do it for us.”

One of the struggles title sequence designers face is they often have to work before music has been selected.However, the Duffers had already identified the synth music (by the experimental soundscape band Survive, based in Austin), and that’s one reason Dougherty thinks the “Stranger Things” title sequence works so well. Matching the tone of the distinct music greatly informed the movement, feel, and texture of the animated typography.

In the age of binge watching, Dougherty has heard complaints that opening titles can be boring. On other shows, she’s often having to find ways to embed Easter eggs and story details to keep the titles fresh. With “Stranger Things,” that isn’t the case.

“What the Duffers did that was really brilliant was the placement of the title sequence right after a very dramatic moment,” said Dougherty. “It’s almost the palate cleanser, or moment of breath. I think part of the reason these particular titles feel fresh is because it’s become integral to the storytelling.”

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The Best Of The Best – The Greatest Composers And The Scores That Made Them Great

Author: Dave Roper

With Actors, Directors, Actresses and Screenwriters under our collective belt and Cinematographers still to come, we presently turn our eye towards Composers, whose music lends so much to the films they work on.

As with the other lists, credit is given for not merely one or two sterling scores, but rather a consistently excellent body of work with specific stand-out films. To be blunt, this is a trickier prospect than it at first appears. Just because a film is terrific or well-loved doesn’t necessarily mean that the score is itself a standout. We begin with perhaps the most obvious and celebrated film composer of them all…..

John WilliamsStar Wars

Goodness me. The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Long Goodbye, Catch Me If You Can, Star Wars, Close Encounters, Star Wars, Superman, Et, Born on the Fourth of July,
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Julia Roberts, Penélope Cruz and Kate Winslet Have ‘I Say a Little Prayer’ Singalong

Julia Roberts, Penélope Cruz and Kate Winslet Have ‘I Say a Little Prayer’ Singalong
My Best Friend’s Wedding fans had their prayers answered this week when Julia Roberts, the star of the 1997 rom-com, was seen recreating one of the film’s most iconic scenes — this time with friends Penélope Cruz and Kate Winslet

It all happened at star-studded Lancome’s Stars & Wonders gala in Monaco, California, on Wednesday — when one of the evening’s musical acts covered Dionne Warwick‘s 1967 classic “I Say a Little Prayer.”

The tune, by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, was featured prominently in My Best Friend’s Wedding. In one scene, Rupert Everett even leads a cast singalong — getting Roberts,
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Ethan Hawke to Get Tribute at San Francisco Film Festival (Exclusive)

Ethan Hawke to Get Tribute at San Francisco Film Festival (Exclusive)
The San Francisco Film Society will honor Ethan Hawke during the 60th San Francisco International Film Festival.

The event will take place on April 8 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and include a conversation with the actor-filmmaker, followed by a screening of his new film, “Maudie,” directed by Aisling Walsh.


Ethan Hawke: Why I Chose New York Over Los Angeles

Ethan Hawke is worthy of celebration on so many levels,” said Rachel Rosen, director of programming. “It’s been a pleasure to experience his work as a director of both fiction and documentary, alongside his countless indelible performances. He effortlessly communicates his artistic vision across his various creative pursuits, and we’re thrilled to be able to honor him for the full scope of his work in film.”

Hawke has been nominated twice for a best supporting actor Academy Award — for “Boyhood” and “Training Day” — and
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Matt Damon to Narrate Boston Marathon Documentary

Matt Damon to Narrate Boston Marathon Documentary
Matt Damon will narrate the Boston Marathon documentary “Boston.”

The film premieres on April 15 in Boston, two days before the annual marathon commences. “Boston” will then receive a one-night theatrical premiere on April 19 through Fathom Events.

“Matt is the ideal narrator for this outstanding documentary about the Boston Marathon,” said executive producer Frank Marshall, who ran the race in 1980. “We are delighted to have him join the production.”


Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon Make Up at Vanity Fair Oscars Party

The documentary from La Roma Films and The Kennedy/Marshall Company chronicles the history of the Boston Marathon, from its origins in 1897 through 2014 — the year after the 2013 terrorist bombing that killed three people and injured several hundred near the finish line.

Damon received a best picture Academy Award nomination this year for producing the Boston-centric drama “Manchester by the Sea.” He also wrote the introduction to John Hanc’s book “The B.
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It Has Begun! Rogue One's Thursday Box Office Numbers Are Huge

  • LRM Online
Coming into this weekend, we all knew that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was going to have one of the biggest December openings ever, but the proof is now in the pudding as the totals for the film's Thursday previews are in and they're phenomenal. 

Rogue One, the first in a line of Star Wars Story movies- which will venture beyond the Episodic Skywalker Saga- raked in $29 million last night, for the biggest Thursday preview of the year. And 2016 has been a big year for blockbuster tentpoles. That figure knocks Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($27.7M) off of the top spot, and also pushes Captain America: Civil War ($25M) down into third place.

The film is projected to pull in somewhere between $135M and $150M when all is said and done this weekend. 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will end up with a December weekend that is second,
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Interview: Producer Frank Marshall on What's Stopping Amblin Reboots, Making Michael Crichton's 'Micro' and More

Even if you don't happen to know the name Frank Marshall, there's a very good chance his fingerprints are on some of your favorite movies of all time. As a co-founder of Amblin Entertainment he produced Back to the Future, The Goonies, Poltergeist, Gremlins and many more '80s and '90s classics. He's been producing Indiana Jones since the beginning. He brought the Bourne franchise to the big screen and turned Jurassic World into a box office titan. Marshall is also a director in his own right, having called the shots on classics like Arachnophobia, Alive and Congo. Oh, and he also happens to be married to Kathleen Kennedy, the woman who holds the future of Star Wars in her hands.  We recently spoke to Marshall about all of this thanks to the home...

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Fantastic Beasts composer James Newton Howard’s 17 greatest scores

With James Newton Howard lending a magical soundscape to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, writer Sean Wilson selects his personal favourites from an extraordinary film score career…

Enveloping muggles and devoted fans alike in a warmly nostalgic air of magic, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has yielded enthusiastic reviews and a strong box office showing. And behind the scenes is one of the greatest magicians of all: veteran score composer James Newton Howard, whose rich array of melodies and themes encapsulate the dazzling world of magizoologist Newt Scamander. To mark this superb score from one of Hollywood’s finest, here’s a rundown of Newton Howard’s greatest compositional achievements.

17. The Sixth Sense (1999)

The composer’s first collaboration with longstanding collaborator M. Night Shyamalan is possibly the most discreet and understated of their team-ups, but no less effective for it.
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Wally West Crosses Paths With Dr. Alchemy In Images From Next Week’s Episode Of The Flash

See Full Gallery Here

In the Flashpoint timeline, Wally West was Kid-Flash. However, ever since Barry Allen set things right, he’s gone back to simply wishing he has superpowers. Well, in next week’s episode of The Flash, the youngster may be about to get his wish, but it looks like it will be thanks to the villainous Dr. Alchemy based on the images above.

The mysterious big bad of season 3 somehow has the power to restore the abilities and memories of those who were metahumans in Flashpoint, but he and The Rival were actually responsible for mortally wounding Wally, so whether or not he’ll be willing to help him become a speedster is hard to say. In fact, it appears as if Wally is going to help the Ccpd and his father capture Alchemy, though with The Flash nowhere to be seen during that confrontation, it may be a mistake.
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Writers Guild Of America awards nominees revealed

The 2016 Writers Guild of America awards winners have been announced. In the original screenplay category Steven Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies will be going up against the likes of Sicario, Spotlight, Straight Outta Compton and Trainwreck, while the adapted screenplay sees The Big Short compete against Carol, The Martian, Steve Jobs and Trumbo.

The awards also take in documentary material, and television productions. You can see the rest of the nominations below.

Screenplay Nominations

Original Screenplay

Bridge of Spies, Written by Matt Charman and Ethan Coen & Joel Coen; DreamWorks Pictures

Sicario, Written by Taylor Sheridan; Lionsgate

Spotlight, Written by Josh Singer & Tom McCarthy; Open Road Films

Straight Outta Compton, Screenplay by Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff; Story by S. Leigh Savidge & Alan Wenkus and Andrea Berloff; Universal Pictures

Trainwreck, Written by Amy Schumer; Universal Pictures

Adapted Screenplay

The Big Short, Screenplay by Charles Randolph and Adam McKay; Based on the
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Nominations For The 68th Annual Writers Guild Of America Awards

The Writers Guild of America has just announced the nominations for their annual awards for Best Screenplays (by writers who are guild signatories). That’s right, before you get nervous thinking that your favorite may have been left off the list, you must remember that the WGA is the group that is not all-inclusive and leaves out several of the top contenders each year due to them not being part of the guild or not following their very specific rules. For this reason, you won’t see Inside Out, The Hateful Eight, and Ex Machina in the Original Screenplay category or Room, Brooklyn, or Anomalisa in the Adapted screenplay category.

Taking a look at what’s left over for the nominations, we find many that were expected to make a showing, including Spotlight and Bridge of Spies for Original Screenplay, though they apparently had to sink to really low depths
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Illeana Douglas Reveals How Dennis Hopper Changed Her Life, Escaping ‘Cape Fear’

Illeana Douglas Reveals How Dennis Hopper Changed Her Life, Escaping ‘Cape Fear’
With her wide eyes and nasal voice, Illeana Douglas has been a reliable supporting presence in a range of films such as “Alive” and “Cape Fear.” But with the possible exception of “Grace of My Heart,” in which she’s front-and-center as a singer-songwriter on the rise, Douglas’ beauty and screen presence have been too idiosyncratic for a business that puts a premium on conventionality.

That changes with “I Blame Dennis Hopper,” a frank and funny new memoir that tracks Douglas from her childhood growing up with parents who were inspired to embrace the counter-culture credo of “turn on, tune in, drop out” after watching “Easy Rider.” Her life in semi-poverty was in stark contrast with her status as the granddaughter of Melvyn Douglas, the legendary star of “Being There” and “Hud,” and a guiding force in her decision to strike out for Hollywood.

Variety spoke with Douglas about her
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Here Are the 2015 WGA Awards TV Nominations

  • Moviefone
The Writers Guild of America announced some of its nominees for its 2015 awards on Thursday, including television, new media, and radio, and among the TV nominees are series both new and old, and all beloved.

In the comedy series category, freshman Netflix show "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" scored a nomination for best series, as well as an overall best new series nod. "The Last Man on Earth" also landed in that latter category, and was singled out for its pilot episode writing, too.

On the drama side of the equation, lauded "Breaking Bad" spinoff "Better Call Saul" also got best series and best new series nominations, in addition to a an episode writing nod. Newly-minted Emmy winner "Game of Thrones" also scored a best drama citation, as well as an episodic writing nomination.

The full list of nominees released this week are below. Nominations in the theatrical and documentary categories will
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‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Among WGA TV Nominees

‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Among WGA TV Nominees
The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has announced nominees in the fields of television, new media, radio and promotional writing. New shows such as “Better Call Saul,” “Mr. Robot” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” were cited alongside favorites like “Game of Thrones,” “The Americans” and “Veep.”

In the drama series category, “The Americans,” “Better Call Saul,” “Game of Thrones,” “Mad Men” and “Mr. Robot” garnered nominations. For comedy, “Broad City,” “Silicon Valley,” “Transparent,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Veep” got the call.

USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” impressed the scribe tribe enough to garner mentions for best new series as well as drama series.

Netflix’s much-praised “Narcos” landed an episodic drama nom for the seg “Explosivos” by Andy Black. HBO’s “The Leftovers” landed a bid for “International Assassin” by Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse. “Mad Men’s” series finale “Person to Person” grabbed an episodic nom for Matthew Weiner. “The Good Wife
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