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Barry Sonnenfeld: as Mr. Glicker.
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Adding more than just make up to the character, Morticia Addams is always lit separate from everyone else in a scene. Her lighting always consists of one beam of light across her eyes that gradually fades outward to enhance her classic look.
Carol Kane, who plays Grandmama, is almost a year younger than Anjelica Huston, who plays her daughter, Morticia Addams.
The baby's name, Pubert, was the name originally suggested (and rejected) for Pugsley by Charles Addams when he was asked by the producers of The Addams Family (1964) to name the hitherto unnamed characters in his cartoons.
Nathan Lane has a cameo as a police officer in this movie. He would later go on to portray Gomez Addams in the 2010 Broadway musical version of "The Addams Family."
The character of Pubert Addams (a boy) was played by twin girls, Kaitlyn Hooper and Kristen Hooper.
While being brainwashed at camp, one of the films that Wednesday and Pugsley are made to watch is the musical Annie (1982), directed by Anjelica Huston's father, John Huston. That film also featured Tim Curry, who went on to play Gomez Adams in Addams Family Reunion (1998).
After Fester gets his "makeover", his clothing and hairstyle closely resemble those of mad scientist Dr. Janos Rukh, the character played by Boris Karloff in The Invisible Ray (1936).
Wednesday bitterly quips that "Chippewa" in Camp Chippewa means "orphan". This is pure sarcasm; Chippewa is actually a form of the name Ojibwa (a Native American nation), the original meaning of which is unknown.
David Krumholtz's character says at one point he has every card for his Serial Killer Card Collections "except Jack the Ripper and that Zodiac Guy." Jack the Ripper and The Zodiac Killer are the real world's most famous uncaught serial killers.
The book that Joel Glicker (David Krumholtz) is holding when he enters the Harmony Hut only for it to be taken away is Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time".
Michael Jackson was signed on to write and perform a song for the film's soundtrack and to promote it with a video. Although he was able to finish the song, contractual difficulties coupled with the child molestation allegations made against Jackson resulted in the song being dropped from the soundtrack, and the video was never filmed. The song, "Is It Scary," was later included on Jackson's 1997 'Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix' album and was also used in his short film Ghosts (1997).
Not only is Gary's play "puerile and under-dramatized" (as Wednesday puts it), it's historically inaccurate. The Chippewa are from the Midwest. Pocahontas was a Powhatan, a tribe indigenous to Virginia. Neither she nor the Chippewa would've been present at the first Thanksgiving. Moreover, by 1621 (the first Thanksgiving), Pocahontas had already married John Rolfe, moved to England, and died.
In the TV series, The Addams Family (1964), Fester is Morticia's uncle. In the films, however, Fester is Gomez's brother.
Anjelica Huston's eyes were always illuminated in every scene. That was also done prior to Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest (1981).
The song Lurch plays at Fester's wedding is "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof.
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When Fester announces his engagement, Morticia makes an overt reference to the ring worn by Debbie being the same one in which Fester's grandmother was buried. Debbie slyly whips out a shovel, adding a literal component to her character's "golddigger" status.
After the bachelor party Gomez is seen making a bottle for Pubert with strange ingredients such as Worcestershire Sauce and a raw egg. This is an old hangover remedy sometimes referred to as 'Hair of the Dog', although 'hair of the dog' can also refer to drinking the same beverage that got you drunk the night before. Gomez then gives the bottle to Pubert and says 'Hair of the Pup'. Pubert is wearing sunglasses, implying a hangover.
Near the end if the film when Uncle Fester meets Dementia (his love interest), he says "Dementia what a beautiful name". This is very similar to what Doc Emmett Brown says in Back to the Future Part III (1990) when he meets Clara (his love interest) "Clara what a beautiful name". Christopher Lloyd played both roles.
The mentioning of Debbie's axe-murder of her second husband (and Gramma's nostalgic sigh when she sees the slide) is a reference to the Addams family's having many ancestors/past cronies who were infamous serial killers, such as Zodiac, The Axeman, Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Bordon, etc. Wednesday and Pugsley's geeky summer-camp pal has a card collection of serial killers.
A young Cynthia Nixon, most commonly known for her role as Miranda of Sex and the City (1998) appears briefly as an applicant for the nanny position early in the movie.
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Both David Krumholtz and Peter MacNicol would later appear in the CBS drama Numb3rs (2005) for 6 seasons together.
Christine Baranski, Nathan Lane and David Krumholtz also appeared together in Life with Mikey (1993) in the same year.
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David Krumholtz played head elf Bernard in the first two The Santa Clause (1994) movies with Tim Allen. Joan Cusack (villian Debbie), Sam McMurray (Becky Buckman's father Don), Kaitlyn Hooper and Kristen Hooper (who both play Baby Pubert) would all go onto to act along side Tim Allen as well. McMurray and the Hooper Twins had guest spots on Tim Allen's sitcom Home Improvement (1991). Cusack plays Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl in Toy Story 2 (1999) and Toy Story 3 (2010) with Allen's Buzz Lightyear (Cusack and Allen's characters are love interests.). Tony Shalhoub, who plays Jorge the sailor in the "Macho Man" scene, would later star alongside Allen in Galaxy Quest (1999).
If you pay attention closely, you can see that the Addams' house has a different design, both exterior and interior.
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The license plates on Debbie's two cars (a Lincoln Town Car and a Mercedes-Benz SL) read "New York - A Nice State". They are a fictional design, the license plate slogan for New York is "The Empire State" (although this was absent from New York plates during the period this film was made) and the real design at the time consisted of blue lettering on a white background framed with two horizontal red stripes, with an image of the Statue of Liberty outlined in red. The plates in the film use green lettering on a white background surrounded by a green border (with no State of Liberty).
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Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd) and Grandmama ('Carol Kane (I)' qv) both starred together in the 1980's sitcom Taxi (1978).
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Wednesday and Pugsley's old-fashioned swimsuits are Victorian styles, circa the late 1800's to early 1900's (Victorian era). In fact, throughout the film, numerous references and styles from the Victorian era are seen in the Addams household. The modest black clothes, towering house and the decor are all from the Victorian and Edwardian era. The family has very few, if any, "modern" items or fixtures in the household.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The ending, where "Debbie's" hand grabs Joel's elbow, is reference to the movie Carrie (1976), when Sue has a nightmare where Carrie's hand grabs her elbow while visiting her grave.
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