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Fox 2017-18 Season Ratings (updated 2/17/18)

During the regular 2016-17 season, Fox aired 11 new or revived scripted shows and seven of them won't be back for the 2017-18 season. How will the network do in the ratings this time around? How many of their TV shows will be cancelled or renewed? Stay tuned.How do the execs decide what to cancel or keep? They look at a lot of different factors but the ratings play a very large role. The higher the ratings, the better chances a show has of surviving.Fox shows this season (so far): 9-1-1, Bob's Burgers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Exorcist, Family Guy, The Four: Battle for Stardom, Ghosted, The Gifted, Gotham, Hell's Kitchen, The Last Man on Earth, La to Vegas, Lethal Weapon, Lucifer, The Mick, The Orville, The Resident, The Simpsons and The X-Files.Read More…
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How the X-Files can Make Fun of Itself and Its Fans and Get Away With It

TV has to take itself seriously in the age of “hyperdrama.” We’re a more “sophisticated” audience who cannot stand nuance or irony. A show must be either suspenseful or dramatic or absurdly comedic. There is no middle ground. But the X-Files has a history of nuance and irony. Take “Hollywood A.D.” for example. “Hollywood” is meta-episode about an actor who plays Mulder in a film based on The X-Files. The man follows Mulder and Scully on an X-Files case investigating the murder of a priest. The episode, a monster of the week, plays on stereotypes and pokes fun at Hollywood.

How the X-Files can Make Fun of Itself and Its Fans and Get Away With It
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‘Outlander’: Watch Claire and Jamie Fall in Love When Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Audition

‘Outlander’: Watch Claire and Jamie Fall in Love When Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Audition
Outlander” fans know that the show has been an addictive favorite since the beginning thanks to its two stars, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, and their powerful chemistry.

Now, the folks behind the show have done the world a favor and released a clip from the initial audition process, which features the soon-to-be Claire and Jamie experiencing an intense moment of bonding.

A screen test like this, sometimes known as a “chemistry read,” is basically an opportunity for producers to see how two actors in consideration would play opposite each other. Sometimes, the experience is an awkward bout of speed dating. And sometimes, it’s the sort of immediate engagement like we see in the clip below.

Given how many TV shows have become massive successes due to the connection between their leads (“Friends,” “The X-Files,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Sex and the City”) the importance of finding two actors who
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Martin Sheen, Haley Joel Osment & Pablo Schreiber Join Edward James Olmos’ ‘The Devil Has A Name’

Martin Sheen (The Departed, Apocalypse Now), Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense, Sex Ed), Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black, Den of Thieves), and Katie Aselton (Fun Mom Dinner, Father Figures) have closed out the cast of The Devil Has a Name directed by Edward James Olmos. The film also stars Olmos, David Stratharin, Alfred Molina and Kate Bosworth. Principal photography commenced last week in Los Angeles. The dark comedy is fully financed and produced by Steve McEveety, Patrick Hibler and Rob McEveety of True Navigator Pictures. Storyboard Media is handling International sales and introduced the film to buyers this week in Berlin. ICM Partners will handle domestic sales.

Written by Rob McEveety and inspired by true events, the film centers on an unhinged oil baron who gets in a bruising standoff with a stubborn farmer after the water on his farm was poisoned by her company.

Sheen plays
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Is a Solo Scully The X-Files' Salvation?

Is a Solo Scully The X-Files' Salvation?
No, I haven’t experienced missing time or slid sideways into a parallel universe: I’m aware that X-Files star Gillian Anderson has announced her plans to leave the sci-fi series at the end of the current season.

I’m also aware that series creator Chris Carter has floated the idea of continuing the iconic Fox drama without Anderson’s Scully, like how the series handled David Duchovny’s absence in Seasons 8 and 9 of the original run.

“I always thought of David the way I thought about the child William, as an absent center. Even when he wasn’t there,
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David Duchovny is Using ‘The X-Files’ to Talk About His Music and Books, So Stop Scoffing and Hear Him Out

David Duchovny is Using ‘The X-Files’ to Talk About His Music and Books, So Stop Scoffing and Hear Him Out
Odds are you clicked on this article because you like “The X-Files,” David Duchovny, or both. Even if you discovered Mr. Duchovny long after his breakout Fox drama — say, in “Californication” or “Aquarius” — the actor is inextricably linked to his revived TV series and his character on it, Fox Mulder.

And that’s Ok. You know it, I know it, and Duchovny knows it; just like he knows a lot of people will come to his concerts because “they want to see this actor that they know.”

“Once they get there, they’re not going to like [my music] just because they like me,” Duchovny said in a recent interview with IndieWire. “Music is unprejudiced. Your ears don’t see color. Your ears don’t see sex, they don’t see anything. They just hear. [laughs] I feel pretty good, like a certain amount of people are going to like what they hear,
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The Best Will-They-Won’t-They TV Couples Ever — IndieWire Critics Survey

Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best show currently on TV?” can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: What is the best will-they-won’t-they couple ever on TV? (Current and past shows are fair game.)

Eric Deggans (@deggans), NPR

This is tough. The will they or won’t they trope is so pervasive in television, picking a “best” is like looking for the shiniest grain of sand on a beach. The classic duos are obvious: Sam and Diane, David and Maddie, Carrie and Mr. Big, Ross and Rachel, Kermit and Miss Piggy. They’re the backbones of some of the best shows on television, but they’re also tremendously obvious and discussed to death. So my picks are going to be extremely personal and super specific.
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The truth is right here: what The X-Files must do to find its way

Gillian Anderson has said this season will be her last – and maybe that is a good thing for a show that needs to get back to ghouls and UFOs and stop getting bogged down in backstory

Well, that’s it. Once this season of The X-Files is over, Dana Scully is no more. Gillian Anderson has decided that it’s finally time to retire a character who has loomed over her career since 1993, when she was but the wee age of 24. “I’ve done this now for decades,” she said on a recent press tour, “and it’s time for me to hang up Scully’s hat.” Scully’s frustrating lack of an actual hat notwithstanding, after 25 years chasing ghouls, aliens and Giovanni Ribisi, you have to agree that both Anderson and Scully probably deserve a bit of a sit down.

Related: The X-Files review – juddering Mulder and Scully reboot jumps the shark

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Rachel Weisz Doesn’t Want Female James Bond Because Women “Should Get Their Own Stories”

Before Daniel Craig officially announced his return for the untitled Bond 25, it seemed every male actor under the sun (see: Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, et cetera) was linked with the supposedly vacant role of 007.

Among those mooted reports were one or two rumors of a female-fronted reboot, as well, one which would have welcomed an actress like Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) into the ranks of MI6. It would certainly play into the whole gender-swapping craze that has gripped Hollywood in recent years, resulting in such projects as Ocean’s 8 and Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, along with mooted female-flipped reboots of The Nice Guys and 21 Jump Street.

But when it comes to James Bond, in particular, Rachel Weisz (real-life partner to current 007, Daniel Craig) disputed the idea of a female-led reboot on the belief that “women should have their own stories.”

Why not create your own story rather than
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The X-Files Season 11 Episode 6 Review – ‘Kitten’

Matt Rodgers reviews the sixth episode of The X-Files season 11…

If this really is to be the final run of The X-Files, then ‘Kitten’ is either breadcrumb dropping for a Walter Skinner spin-off series (highly unlikely) or giving Mitch Pileggi’s long suffering, shadow-dwelling Ad the send-off he deserves.

Only ever afforded a single episode, way back in season 3 (episode 21 – ‘Avatar’), which attempted to peer into the loneliness of his personal life, with Mulder and Scully investigating the fall-out of Skinner’s one-night-stand.

‘Kitten’ similarly focuses on what maketh the man, delving into Skinner’s past on the Vietnam battlefield. Through a series of flashbacks we see him putting a protective arm around Haley Joel Osment’s frightened soldier, only for an outbreak of toxic gas to turn him from the boy who saw dead people, into a psychopathic military man who creates them.

In the present, Ad Kersh (James Pickens Jr.
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Was This Is Us Lacking a Limp? Does Nashville Need Tinder? Was Omarosa's 'Save' a Sham? And Lots More TV Qs!

Was This Is Us Lacking a Limp? Does Nashville Need Tinder? Was Omarosa's 'Save' a Sham? And Lots More TV Qs!
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Doctor, This Is Us, Nashville and Big Brother: Celebrity Edition!

1 | Are any other Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. viewers dreading that the Coulson reveal is pointing towards a Ghost Rider encore in Season 5B?

2 | Couldn’t The Tonight Show’s post-Super Bowl episode have trimmed one of Justin Timberlake’s many segments, to give the This Is Us cast time to actually say something?

3 | Was it kind of a bummer that Lucifer revealed
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The X-Files: Season 11 Ratings

In 2016, after more than a decade off the air, The X-Files TV show returned to Fox as a limited event series. Although the ratings landscape had changed drastically during this show's off years, and the new installment only had six episodes, it topped all the other Fox TV series in the Nielsens. Can the 10 episodes of the 11th season meet or beat those figures? If Chris Carter and the cast are interested in making more episodes, will The X-Files be cancelled or renewed for season 12? Stay tuned. Season 11 of The X-Files on Fox picks up immediately after the events of the season 10 finale cliffhanger. The sci-fi mystery thriller stars David Duchovny as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully. Mulder and Scully investigate unexplained or “X-Files” cases -- which have answers involving paranormal
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‘The Fast and the Furious’ movies ranked worst to best: Can you guess what’s #1?

  • Gold Derby
‘The Fast and the Furious’ movies ranked worst to best: Can you guess what’s #1?
When you think of “The Fast and the Furious,” the ultimate duo of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel automatically jumps to mind. After Walker’s tragic death in 2013 many thought it would be the end of the beloved franchise featuring fast cars, street racing and lots of mayhem. But the series zoomed ahead. As of this writing a total of eight films have been released and a spinoff is in the works. America loves the “Furious” flicks, but how did film critics respond? Click through our photo gallery above that highlights all of the “Fast and Furious” movies ranked worst to best, according to their Rotten Tomatoes score. Can you guess what’s #1?

See‘The X-Files’ Monsters Ranked From Worst To Best

While the “Fast and Furious” movies has never been nominated for an Oscar, the franchise has gotten the last laugh at the box office. In all the eight
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Case Study: How a 1994 Nick Cave Song Became a Favorite of Music Supervisors

Case Study: How a 1994 Nick Cave Song Became a Favorite of Music Supervisors
“You’ll see him in your head/On the TV screen/Hey buddy, I’m warning you/To turn it off”

That’s the refrain to “Red Right Hand,” a clanging, gloom-and-doom, six-minute-plus blues noir penned by Nick Cave and his fellow Bad Seeds, guitarist Mick Harvey and drummer Thomas Wydler, for the band’s 1994 album, “Let Love In,” originally released on Mute Records. Some 24 years later, the darkly foreboding track, reputedly a nod to the vengeful hand of God in John Milton’s epic “Paradise Lost,” has gained an unlikely second act as a sync magnet for a wide range of high-visibility movies, TV shows and ad campaigns.

Mute Song’s David McGinnis has been working with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for the past 18 years and helped engineer a variety of sync usages over that time. Mute Songs, the music publishing arm for Daniel Miller’s groundbreaking label, has published
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Doug Jones Joins The Cast of Taika Waititi's What We Do In The Shadows TV Series

Taika Waititi's What We Do In The Shadows spinoff series has just added four new members to the cast and one of those actors includes Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pans Labyrinth, The Shape of Water). Beanie Feldstein (Lady Bird), Jake McDorman (Lady Bird, Limitless), and Mark Proksch (Better Call Saul) have also joined FX's half-hour comedy pilot.

There are no details of the characters they will be playing, but according to Variety, "all four will potentially recur on the show should it get ordered to series."

The four actors join the previously announced cast that includes Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, and Harvey Guillen. Jemaine Clement wrote the pilot and Taika Waititi is set to direct it.

Clement previously revealed that the first season of the series will consist of six 30-minute episodes. The story will center around the detective characters Mike Minogue and Karen O’Leary, who
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TV Ratings: ‘Big Brother: Celebrity Edition’ Debut Tops Wednesday

The series debut of “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” was the number one show of Wednesday night, according to Nielsen overnight data.

Airing at 8 p.m. on CBS, “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” drew a 1.8 rating in adults 18-49 and 7.3 million viewers, making it the top-rated and most-watched show of the night pending updates. It led into a two-hour episode of “The Amazing Race,” which averaged a 1.1 and 5 million viewers.

For Fox, “The X-Files” (0.9, 3.7 million) was even. “9-1-1” (1.7, 6.6 million) nearly doubled its lead-in from “The X-Files” and was the second-highest rated show of the night.

On NBC, “The Blacklist” (1.0, 6.4 million) was even. “Law & Order: Svu” (1.3, 6.7 million) was up over 20 percent in total viewers. “Chicago Pd” (1.2, 7.2 million) was even.

ABC aired the movie “Inside Out,” followed by “Match Game” (0.6, 2.6 million), which was down in both measures.

On The CW, “Riverdale” (0.4, 1.3 million) slipped in the demo to a season low. “Dynasty” (0.2, 0.66 million) was even.

Fox and CBS
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Gillian Anderson - I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur

As New York Fashion Week unfolds, PETA Us has unveiled a gigantic billboard showing Gillian Anderson wearing nothing but a smile with the slogan “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.”

“I found it liberating to use my body to make an important statement,” says the usually modest Emmy-winning star of The X-Files and co-author of last year’s bestseller We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere, which will be out in paperback later this month. “People tend to look away from anti-fur ads showing mangled animals, but they’re drawn to PETA’s ‘naked’ campaign, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

The campaign featuring Anderson launches in the wake of announcements by Michael Kors and Gucci that they’ll no longer use fur, following years of protests and negotiations by the group. Other designers who’ve dropped fur include Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, and Giorgio Armani,
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The Monsters Are Here: 'The X-Files' Tackles the Story of Skinner

  • BuddyTV
The Monsters Are Here: 'The X-Files' Tackles the Story of Skinner
I see monster people. In Season 11, Episode 6 of The X-Files, cutely titled "Kitten," Mulder and Scully must track down their favorite frenemy Skinner, who has gone missing. The episode, which delves into Skinner's never-before-seen background, peels back the layers of his character, exposing the root of his sometimes confusing support for his alien-hunting FBI proteges and how he transformed into the thick-skinned "bald eagle" we've all come to know and love.
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Watch The X-Files Online: Season 11 Episode 6

Where was Skinner?

That was the big question on The X-Files Season 11 Episode 6 when the character went missing. 

Watch The X-Files Season 11 Episode 6 Online

While investigating, the team found out shocking information and wondered whether the past truly came back to haunt him. 

At the same time, they had to debate whether they even trusted their ally after his recent spate of erratic behavior. 

Was he working with the villains, or was it all down to his past coming back to haunt him?

Use the video above to watch The X-Files online right here via TV Fanatic. 

View Slideshow: Fox Cheat Sheet: What Will Be Renewed?

Get caught up with the latest action for the characters now. 
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TV Review: The X-Files - Season 11 Episode 6 "Kitten"

  • JoBlo
Episode: "Kitten" Synopsis: Skinner goes Awol when his past comes back to haunt him. As Mulder and Scully try to track him down, their growing mistrust of him reaches its apex. Review: Back during it's orignal run, The X-Files could do no wrong in my book. Even the weakest episodes were great for a die hard fan like me. Today, as I watch this new... Read More...
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