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3 Jan. 1998
Sam Coyote, Walker's friend, the Sheriff at the reservation has been seeing Nora Shannon, an archaeologist who's been working on the reservation. When he proposes and she refuses things between them go bad. At the same time an oil magnate who knows that there's oil under Shannon's site plans to get it. And part of his plans is to kill Nora and frame Coyote. While Walker has no doubt that Coyote's innocent; the Feds don't think so. So in order to keep them from taking Coyote off the reservation and buy some time to prove his innocence, Walker has Coyote's deputy arrest...
17 Jan. 1998
Money Talks
CD gets a job as acting Chief of Security at a Resort. When he asks his assistant, Grady what happened to his predecessor, Grady tells him that he had a drinking problem and disappeared. And it's only half right, he disappeared cause he caught Grady doing something without his permission so Grady killed him. Walker is told by the Commissioner that several of the wealthiest men in the country will be going to the resort that CD works at so he wants Walker to go there and covertly keep an eye on things. So he goes there and Alex goes with him posing as his wife and ...
28 Feb. 1998
In God's Hands
A 6-year-old boy is mortally wounded during a late-night shootout in a residential neighborhood between the Rangers and two criminals; Trivette was involved in the shootout when the boy became caught in the crossfire. Initial findings implicate a woefully remorseful Trivette, who is suspended as the whole incident is being investigated. As he suffers greatly, he must contend with an overzealous investigating officer who wants to convict Trivette and have him removed from the Rangers (the officer had been passed over in favor of Trivette when both were up for being ...
7 Mar. 1998
Carlos is working undercover to get an elusive drug dealer known as El Vaquero. He's gained the confidence of his number two Johnny Primo. Walker wants them to bust Johnny and maybe he can lead them to El Vaquero. But Carlos wants to stay under, it seems that El Vaquero killed Carlos's brother, who was an addict/dealer who wanted to quit but died of an overdose. Carlos thinks El Vaquero had him killed. Walker says ok but Johnny learns Carlos is a cop and grabs him and beats him up to know what he has told.
21 Mar. 1998
Everyday Heroes
Trent has gained a lot of notoriety of being a defender of abused women. Now the abused wife of a criminal turns to him for help. At the same time Walker asks for her help to get husband.
18 Apr. 1998
A woman whom Trivette knows comes to town saying she is looking for her father and asks for his help to find him. And when he brings her to him, she pulls a gun and kills him. She shoots Trivette but not fatally. When he recovers he learns that she is a contract killer and the man she killed is her target. So he tries to find her.
25 Apr. 1998
The Soul of Winter
A (black) preacher who's a friend of Trent's dad is being targeted by a racist whom he helped send to prison.
2 May 1998
Circle of Life
When Joe Lopez, a convict, whose the father of one of Walker's students, whose on parole shows up, stirs up things for the boy. At the same time Walker is looking for a crew of armed robbers. He hopes that by elevating the value of the items stolen will get someone in the crew to come forward because he feels he's being cheated. At the same Lopez who has been staying in a half way house is approached by the crew to help them with a job. He tells Walker and offers to help him get them.
17 Oct. 1998
War Cry
7 Nov. 1998
While hiking in the Colorado mountains, Alex is kidnapped by a trio of mountain men, who force her to their backwoods cabin. Walker, Trivette, Sandoval, and Malloy follow their trail through the mountains, determined to get her back. When they reach the brothers' cabin, Alex finds out she's not the only woman that has been stolen by the crazed mountaineers.
5 Dec. 1998
Eyes of a Ranger
Country singer Lila McCann stars as Kelly Wyman, an aspiring country singer. One of the many obstacles this precocious teen-ager faces is a slick-talking talent agent, who is the mastermind behind a drug cartel that Walker is trying to bring down.

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