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11 Jan. 1997
Walker transports a mob accountant on a plane so he can testify in court. The mob leader wants him dead, so he causes the plane to crash. Walker and the survivors must find their way from the crash site to safety while the mob chases them.
18 Jan. 1997
Last Hope
The Rangers and friends take troubled children to CDs ranch for a weekend camp. Brooks, from an earlier episode, is there for community service. One boy takes money from a drug dealers at a restaurant, and now the criminals are after them.
1 Feb. 1997
Full Contact
A protégé of Walker's is a kickboxing champion who is being pressured by a former champion who lost the title due to steroids. The previous champion tries to plant drugs on Walker's friend, and then tries murder.
8 Feb. 1997
99th Ranger
A Texas Ranger is killed in the line-of-duty. Two officers apply for the open position. Both are almost equally skilled. One candidate is being hunted by her violent ex-husband, and she thinks about dropping out of the application process.
15 Feb. 1997
Devil's Turf
High school athletes are being coaxed to take a hybrid steroid called Powerballs to enhance their sporting skills. However, the drug takes over their brain and makes them oblivious to danger, causing teems to die from the drug.
22 Feb. 1997
Days Past
The criminal that killed Walker's fiancé ten years ago is being released early from prison. He intends to seek revenge on Walker for putting him away by hurting all of Walker's friends.
8 Mar. 1997
Trial of LaRue
LaRue returns. This time, he has a court hearing to determine his sanity. LaRue wrestles a gun from the bailiff and takes over the court, killing people at whim. He is waiting for Walker to come so he can kill Walker.
5 Apr. 1997
Heart of the Dragon
A jaded Dragon with a mystical past is stolen by a Chinese gang, believing it really has magical powers. A young man steals the dragon from the gang, thinking it will heal his sister who is in a coma.
26 Apr. 1997
The Neighborhood
A man campaigns to remove the gangs from his neighborhood by using violence against them. It gets worse when his granddaughter is shot in a drive-by. Walker helps the grandfather see that violence is not the answer.
3 May 1997
A Father's Image
The newly-appointed 99th Ranger goes undercover as a teacher for the son of a mob boss. She is there to collect evidence against the criminal, but realizes she has to help the young son away from his abusive father.
4 May 1997
Sons of Thunder
When a friend of Walker's who is a Reverend dies, his son, Trent who's one of Walker's students who has been an instructor at the Army returns home. He is uncertain of what he's going to do. He doesn't exactly want to be like his father and would like to help people like Walker but doesn't want to carry a firearm. At the same time someone is killing cops and Walker is wondering why. And among his targets is Carlos, a friend of Trent's
10 May 1997
Texas vs. Cahill
Alex wakes up in the morning and finds a gun in her hand and a dead man beside her. Realizing she was framed, the Rangers investigate. Alex's father comes to town to defend her.
17 May 1997
Joey Prado, the professional kickboxer whom Walker trained and helped when he was in trouble, has just graduated from the police academy. And he gets an assignment which has him going undercover to get a guy he knew who is now a drug dealer, who has plans to give drugs away. And the guilt of deceiving the guy gets to Joey.
27 Sep. 1997
The Fighting McLains
An undercover agent is killed by Jack Garrett, the man she was working on. Walker sends an informant to get Garrett to incriminate himself but before he could someone tries to kill Garrett. Walker stops him and discovers that he's the brother of the agent who was killed. He refuses to cooperate, insisting that this is between him and Garrett. Later he escapes with help from his brother and sister and tries to get Garrett. Walker tries to stop them.
4 Oct. 1997
A for-hire explosive expert is hurt in one of his own explosions. The Rangers learn he was hired for a local job, and they want to find the man who hired the Iceman. The Rangers ask Charlie Brooks to play the Iceman due to a resemblance.
1 Nov. 1997
Last of a Breed: Part 1
Walker is taking some kids on a tour of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. When one of them asks him to tell them about a Ranger, Walker chooses to talk about Hayes Cooper. It begins in the old West, Cooper is a bounty hunter and after getting his latest bounty, he finds some settlers are being harassed by someone who wants their land. And Cooper helps them.
8 Nov. 1997
Last of a Breed: Part 2
Walker continues to tell the story of Hayes Cooper. And he continues when Cooper upon seeing the family he befriended killed, he sets out to go after the ones he believes responsible for their deaths. After getting one of them, he meets a Texas Ranger who warns him about crossing the line and after saying that he gives Cooper a Texas Ranger badge which Cooper takes. After tracking down his quarries, he gets shot but is found by some Indians who nurse him back to health and gives him a moment to think.
22 Nov. 1997
Mr. Justice
Feeling that merely locking up criminals is not making a dent in the crime rate, Walker makes a proposal for new kind reformatory, before Senator Kay Hutchinson. The prison commissioner who feels that Walker's proposal will jeopardize his plan to get more funds to build more prisons opposes his plan. But the Senator gives Walker a shot. Deputy Commissioner Luther Dobbs is sent to evaluate Walker's program. So 10 young first time offenders arrive at what is called Camp Justice. Walker makes some headway with some of them. But when one of them gets into it with one of ...
6 Dec. 1997
Rainbow's End
A horse owner tries to bolster his horses' value by making sure they win all their races. But when another owner puts a crimp on his plans he kills the man and the trainer who was in his pocket. Walker investigates, and at the same time he tries to help his friend, who wants to put his horse Rainbow's End in the Texas Derby.

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