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7 Jan. 1995
The Big Bingo Bamboozle
The leaders of a money laundering operation at a bingo hall are captured and put on trial. The accountant is asked to testify against her bosses. Walker and Trivette have to take her to court, but she keeps escaping them for her own agenda.
14 Jan. 1995
Money Train
Alex gets Walker and Trivette assigned to a movie being filmed as technical advisers. While on the set, Walker overhears several stuntmen talking about a train robbery they are planning.
28 Jan. 1995
Mean Streets
The homeless are being beaten by a group of teens who film their attack. Walker poses as a homeless man to see if he can catch them in the act.
4 Feb. 1995
A group of men kidnap a wealthy business man, and take others who were standing near. Alex is one of the people kidnapped. While the kidnappers are arranging for ransom, Alex manages to call Walker with information to help him find them.
11 Feb. 1995
War Zone
Men dressed as clowns are robbing banks at gunpoint. During one heist, an ex-partner of Walker's is killed. Walker and Trivette are determined to find the ruthless group. Walker helps the dead ranger's children cope with their loss.
18 Feb. 1995
Trust No One
The rangers attempt to capture counterfeiters. They escape, but the rangers take the fake money into evidence. When $5 million is missing, Trivette is accused. Walker must clear Trivette's name and find the real criminals.
25 Feb. 1995
Blue Movies
When a judge is murdered, Walker captures the hit-man and finds out that D.L. Dade ordered the hit. Since Alex has no evidence against Dade for murder, Walker gathers evidence for Dade to get him in jail.
11 Mar. 1995
On Sacred Ground
Walker returns to the Indian Reservation when some Cherokees are accused of stealing pieces from an art gallery, claiming the pieces are really artifacts from a Native American region.
29 Apr. 1995
Case Closed
While on a drive, Walker and Alex find a child walking alone on the back road. She says her father was taken by men from space. The rangers and Alex investigate the strange lights and sounds despite being warned off by the Air Force.
6 May 1995
A geologist is killed after he claims to have found the lost treasure of Hayes Cooper, a Wild West Texas Ranger. Walker tells Trivette the story of the treasure as they investigate. Walker gets bit by a rattlesnake and has dreams of Cooper.
13 May 1995
The rangers help a Mexican security team protect a political candidate from an assassin.
23 Sep. 1995
Blown Apart
A man that Walker and others helped put into prison has escaped. He is determined to kill those responsible for his imprisonment, with Walker being the last one on his list.
30 Sep. 1995
Deep Cover
An undercover detective in Miami is captured by drug dealers when her cover is blown. Miami police ask Texas Ranges to help by going undercover as out-of-town dealers looking for drugs. They recuse the detective and break the drug ring.
7 Oct. 1995
The Guardians
A group calls themselves the Guardians and wants to blow up oil rigs because they are dangerous to the environment. Walker goes undercover to find the men at the top of the group.
14 Oct. 1995
Collision Course
CD's niece Dory is about to get married, but her jealous ex-boyfriend escapes from prison and kidnaps her. Dory is forced to help with bank robberies.
21 Oct. 1995
Point After
Members of a high school football team are being blackmailed to throw an upcoming game. The team's coach is murdered when he learns of the blackmail. Walker and Trivette must break up the gambling ring before the state championship game.
4 Nov. 1995
Evil in the Night
It appears that Indian spirits are protecting Indian burial land. Witnesses report that spirits appear, frighten, and attack those who get in the way. Walker seeks help from the Indian Tribe to learn how to fight evil spirits.
11 Nov. 1995
Final Justice
A convict seeks forgiveness from those he did wrong. He contacts Walker and tells him that the person who killed Walker's parents is still alive. Walker tracks down the killer to have him finally get his punishment in court.
18 Nov. 1995
The Lynching
A well-liked woman in a small town is murdered, and townsfolk suspect a slow-minded man. The sheriff calls the Rangers to help prevent a lynching. Walker and Trivette must find the real killer before the angry town hangs the innocent man.
25 Nov. 1995
Whitewater: Part 1
Walker and Alex go white water rafting and camping trip. In the morning, a rafter is found dead. The group continues rafting to the nearest station for help. Meanwhile, there is a prison outbreak and convicts are heading towards the rapids.
2 Dec. 1995
Whitewater: Part 2
Walker realizes the rafting guide is one of the escaped convicts who killed the real organizer. Walker must find a way to capture the convict and save the others on the rafting trip.
9 Dec. 1995
The Covenant
A local gang is destroying businesses and starting turf wars. They threaten a boy in Walker's karate class and force him to join the gang. The Rangers must save the boy and stop the turf wars.

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