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8 Jan. 1994
The Legend of Running Bear
Walker doesn't trust a couple of FBI agents, who are on the trail of a Native American accused of murder.
15 Jan. 1994
Something in the Shadows: Part 1
Walker and Trivette are on the trail of a drug ring, while a new dean at the local college campus seems to have the inside track to Alex, impeding the investigation of several rapes in the past several months at the same time.
22 Jan. 1994
Something in the Shadows: Part 2
Walker believes that the dean of the college where Alex teaches is hiding something surrounding the rapes on campus, and he also stumbles across information that lead him to believe that one of his karate students has a connection of some sort with a drug ring he's been chasing for some time. But it's personal, not only because the kid's father set him up and left his partner for dead, but the guy also beats on the kid and the kid's mother.
29 Jan. 1994
On Deadly Ground
When one of Walker's friends in the DEA goes missing and suspected of being kidnapped by Mexican drug lords, he decides to take an unexpected vacation...and heads south of the border.
5 Feb. 1994
Right Man, Wrong Time
A country singer performs at C.D.'s. Walker takes a liking to her. But her ex-husband who doesn't want to let her go follows her ans stalks her. Walker tries to help her.
2 Apr. 1994
Alex sends Walker and Trivette to go bring back a man who killed a ranger who was sent bring him in. Walker is sullen; it seems that the ranger who was killed was a friend of his and that Walker was the one who was suppose to bring the man in but was unable to. When they get on the plane some people associates of the prisoner try to hijack the plane. Walker has the pilots dump the fuel and return to where they came from. Eventually they subdue Walker.
9 Apr. 1994
The Long Haul
Cordell and Trivette go undercover to try and catch a bunch of big rig hijackers.
30 Apr. 1994
14 May 1994
Deadly Reunion
There's a reunion of former Texas Rangers and there's a shooting competition with cops from all over the country coming to take part in. An old friend of Alex's, a Senator who is rumored to be running for President is also in town. A retired Ranger and friend of Walker's is also in town and is looking for a man whom he believes is involved with the killing of a cop in another city. When Walker learns of this, he thinks the man is some kind of Black op who faked his death is now a gun for hire. The group whom he is with is in town to do a job and the one in charge ...
21 May 1994
Stolen Lullaby
Walker and Trivette attempt to take down an illegal adoption agency.
15 Oct. 1994
10 Dec. 1994
Car thieves are plaguing the city - they steal a specially adapted van used by a disabled boy. Walker is determined to find it for him. In the process of looking for it, Walker kills one of the thieves - a young boy whom Walker knows. It seems that the boy came from an affluent family. Walker has previously arrested him but his family used their influence to get him off the charges. And later Walker learns that someone has placed a million price on his head. And despite being told this, Walker's main concern is getting the van back.

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