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Season 5

21 Sep. 1996
Higher Power
A young boy is considered to be the reincarnation of a former master, Lama Dolgin. Walker helps protect Master Rin who has taken the boy under his wing in order to restore him to his power.
28 Sep. 1996
Trivette's cousin is killed when he learns soldiers are stealing supplies from the base. The killers are part of a white-supremacist group; the leader is arrested for murder. The group retaliates by taking over a TV station for hostages.
5 Oct. 1996
Ghost Rider
The skeletal remains of a teenage Native American boy are found on a construction site. The boy was murdered eight years earlier. Walker feels the spirit of the Native American who helps him solve the mystery of his death.
12 Oct. 1996
The Brotherhood
A group of cops execute criminals that beat the justice system. After a few murders, the Rangers figure out the pattern and try to track down the bad cops. When an innocent person is killed, Walker makes it his job to stop the group.
19 Oct. 1996
An agricultural company produces cattle feed that contains a virus. Instead of recalling the feed, they let the virus spread for research and a way to make it better. The virus affects almost everyone in town.
26 Oct. 1996
Alex is about to prosecute a man named Karl Mayes. She learns that he hired her father to defend him. Alex's father is a recovering alcoholic and Mayes gets him to drink. Eventually he's not sure if he can defend Mayes. Which makes Mayes wonder if he can trust him to keep quiet.
2 Nov. 1996
Codename: Dragonfly
An investigation into the theft of a state-of-the-art military helicopter for use in the drug trade leads Walker to a former fellow Marine Corps officer, who abandoned his unit 25 years ago in Vietnam.
9 Nov. 1996
A Silent Cry
Walker and Trivette are in the midst of investigating a trio of college students who use the drug rohypnol to subdue unsuspecting female victims in nightclubs, when their friend Darcy Reynolds is raped on her 21st birthday. After another one of their victims is killed, the trio become willing to try anything to shake the Rangers.
16 Nov. 1996
Swan Song
Eight years previous, a bank robbery resulted in the sheriff being killed, and the criminals escaping in a small plane. Current day, the plane is found crashed in the mountains. Walker and Alex investigate, riding into the rough country.
23 Nov. 1996
Alex, C.D. and a group of fifth- and sixth-grade students from a Dallas-area elementary school are kidnapped by mercenaries, who demand $10 million in ransom. To ensure their demands are met, the crooks trap the victims in the bus and park it in a landfill, then cover it with mud. Walker and Trivette race against the clock to save the students and their friends and capture the criminals - also well aware that a deadly storm system with a history of spawning deadly tornadoes.
30 Nov. 1996
Walker's friend Father Blake is besieged by a ruthless developer who plans to build shoddy condominiums on the same site that the priest has announced plans to build a shelter for the homeless. The developer's cronies assault Blake, but a down-on-his-luck veteran and his faithful canine companion, Lucky, witness the crime. "Soldier" goes into hiding, so it is up to Lucky to aid Walker in his search for witness and help derail the developer's crooked plans.
14 Dec. 1996
The Deadliest Man Alive
An assassin is in Dallas to kill an ambassador. A Russian agent who has been tracking the assassin for 25 years asks Walker to help with the capture and prevent the murder.
21 Dec. 1996
A Ranger Christmas
Walker tells children a Christmas story about a Texas Ranger from 1876. Hayes Cooper was said to have no Christmas spirit. In 1876, a baby was kidnapped and Haynes was assigned the case. At last, he found the baby and Christmas spirit.
11 Jan. 1997
Walker transports a mob accountant on a plane so he can testify in court. The mob leader wants him dead, so he causes the plane to crash. Walker and the survivors must find their way from the crash site to safety while the mob chases them.
18 Jan. 1997
Last Hope
The Rangers and friends take troubled children to CDs ranch for a weekend camp. Brooks, from an earlier episode, is there for community service. One boy takes money from a drug dealers at a restaurant, and now the criminals are after them.
1 Feb. 1997
Full Contact
A protégé of Walker's is a kickboxing champion who is being pressured by a former champion who lost the title due to steroids. The previous champion tries to plant drugs on Walker's friend, and then tries murder.
8 Feb. 1997
99th Ranger
A Texas Ranger is killed in the line-of-duty. Two officers apply for the open position. Both are almost equally skilled. One candidate is being hunted by her violent ex-husband, and she thinks about dropping out of the application process.
15 Feb. 1997
Devil's Turf
High school athletes are being coaxed to take a hybrid steroid called Powerballs to enhance their sporting skills. However, the drug takes over their brain and makes them oblivious to danger, causing teems to die from the drug.
22 Feb. 1997
Days Past
The criminal that killed Walker's fiancé ten years ago is being released early from prison. He intends to seek revenge on Walker for putting him away by hurting all of Walker's friends.
8 Mar. 1997
Trial of LaRue
LaRue returns. This time, he has a court hearing to determine his sanity. LaRue wrestles a gun from the bailiff and takes over the court, killing people at whim. He is waiting for Walker to come so he can kill Walker.
5 Apr. 1997
Heart of the Dragon
A jaded Dragon with a mystical past is stolen by a Chinese gang, believing it really has magical powers. A young man steals the dragon from the gang, thinking it will heal his sister who is in a coma.
26 Apr. 1997
The Neighborhood
A man campaigns to remove the gangs from his neighborhood by using violence against them. It gets worse when his granddaughter is shot in a drive-by. Walker helps the grandfather see that violence is not the answer.
3 May 1997
A Father's Image
The newly-appointed 99th Ranger goes undercover as a teacher for the son of a mob boss. She is there to collect evidence against the criminal, but realizes she has to help the young son away from his abusive father.
4 May 1997
Sons of Thunder
When a friend of Walker's who is a Reverend dies, his son, Trent who's one of Walker's students who has been an instructor at the Army returns home. He is uncertain of what he's going to do. He doesn't exactly want to be like his father and would like to help people like Walker but doesn't want to carry a firearm. At the same time someone is killing cops and Walker is wondering why. And among his targets is Carlos, a friend of Trent's
10 May 1997
Texas vs. Cahill
Alex wakes up in the morning and finds a gun in her hand and a dead man beside her. Realizing she was framed, the Rangers investigate. Alex's father comes to town to defend her.
17 May 1997
Joey Prado, the professional kickboxer whom Walker trained and helped when he was in trouble, has just graduated from the police academy. And he gets an assignment which has him going undercover to get a guy he knew who is now a drug dealer, who has plans to give drugs away. And the guilt of deceiving the guy gets to Joey.

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