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Season 4

23 Sep. 1995
Blown Apart
A man that Walker and others helped put into prison has escaped. He is determined to kill those responsible for his imprisonment, with Walker being the last one on his list.
30 Sep. 1995
Deep Cover
An undercover detective in Miami is captured by drug dealers when her cover is blown. Miami police ask Texas Ranges to help by going undercover as out-of-town dealers looking for drugs. They recuse the detective and break the drug ring.
7 Oct. 1995
The Guardians
A group calls themselves the Guardians and wants to blow up oil rigs because they are dangerous to the environment. Walker goes undercover to find the men at the top of the group.
14 Oct. 1995
Collision Course
CD's niece Dory is about to get married, but her jealous ex-boyfriend escapes from prison and kidnaps her. Dory is forced to help with bank robberies.
21 Oct. 1995
Point After
Members of a high school football team are being blackmailed to throw an upcoming game. The team's coach is murdered when he learns of the blackmail. Walker and Trivette must break up the gambling ring before the state championship game.
4 Nov. 1995
Evil in the Night
It appears that Indian spirits are protecting Indian burial land. Witnesses report that spirits appear, frighten, and attack those who get in the way. Walker seeks help from the Indian Tribe to learn how to fight evil spirits.
11 Nov. 1995
Final Justice
A convict seeks forgiveness from those he did wrong. He contacts Walker and tells him that the person who killed Walker's parents is still alive. Walker tracks down the killer to have him finally get his punishment in court.
18 Nov. 1995
The Lynching
A well-liked woman in a small town is murdered, and townsfolk suspect a slow-minded man. The sheriff calls the Rangers to help prevent a lynching. Walker and Trivette must find the real killer before the angry town hangs the innocent man.
25 Nov. 1995
Whitewater: Part 1
Walker and Alex go white water rafting and camping trip. In the morning, a rafter is found dead. The group continues rafting to the nearest station for help. Meanwhile, there is a prison outbreak and convicts are heading towards the rapids.
2 Dec. 1995
Whitewater: Part 2
Walker realizes the rafting guide is one of the escaped convicts who killed the real organizer. Walker must find a way to capture the convict and save the others on the rafting trip.
9 Dec. 1995
The Covenant
A local gang is destroying businesses and starting turf wars. They threaten a boy in Walker's karate class and force him to join the gang. The Rangers must save the boy and stop the turf wars.
6 Jan. 1996
A former boyfriend of Alex is in trouble when a prison is released from jail, waiting for a new trial. The crime boss is killing the witnesses that put him in prison in the first place. Walker must save the witness so he can testify again.
13 Jan. 1996
An Irish peacemaker visits Texas to talk about a plan to unify Ireland. Irish militants attempt an assassination. One of the militants is captured and the rest of the team attempt a rescue as well as continue the assassination attempts.
20 Jan. 1996
In a maximum-security prison, Walker poses as a hit-man to get evidence on an incarcerated racketeer who's had a key witness and two Rangers killed.
3 Feb. 1996
The Return of LaRue
When Victor Larue, the one who terrorized Alex is brought to trial. At the trial, he manages to get the bailiff's gun. He then demands that Walker come here but Walker is chasing someone else. So while they wait he and Alex talk about the time he held her captive.
10 Feb. 1996
The Juggernaut
A woman asks Alex to help her escape from her abusive husband. Alex's woman support group goes on a retreat for a few days, and have the women help each other. The husband finds out where they are, placing everyone in danger.
17 Feb. 1996
El Coyote: Part 1
Walker goes undercover as a peasant to stop a slave trading operation.
24 Feb. 1996
El Coyote: Part 2
Walker works with Jesse Rodriguez to break up the Mexican slave trading in Texas. Walker finds the person that is running the operation and closes it down.
2 Mar. 1996
The Avenger
Walker working with the FBI busts an arms dealer. The man in charge pulls a gun and Walker shoots him and his dying words are for him to watch out for his brother. The brother who was out of the country training some mercenaries, upon learning of his brother's death, he takes his mercs and goes to Texas. Upon arriving he uses the FBI agent who worked with Walker to get him. He knocks him out and when Walker wakes up he tells Walker that he's going to have to take on each of his men who have been told to kill him.
23 Mar. 1996
Behind the Badge
Trivette is shadowed by a television camera and interviewer while he attempts to capture an FBI fugitive. Walker has the mayor's nephew shadowing him to see what a Ranger's life is.
6 Apr. 1996
Walker wakes up in a hotel room with a gun in his hand and a dead man on the floor. He cannot remember what happened nor who he is. A cocktail waitress from the hotel casino helps him escape the people trying to kill him.
13 Apr. 1996
When the Texas State Legislature is pondering budget cuts, Sen. Warren Hughes suggests disbanding the Texas Rangers ... unaware of a deadly plot an experienced jewel thief has planned for his daughter, Lindsey. When the thief hatches his plan and has Lindsey buried alive, it is up to Walker and Trivette to track down Lindsey's captors and where they have buried her before it is too late. In the process, Sen. Hughes learns just how vital the Rangers are to fighting crime.
27 Apr. 1996
The Siege
Walker and his friends go on a fishing trip to a place where CD has a friend. Drug dealers in the area find their cabin and attempt to kill everyone inside.
4 May 1996
The Moscow Connection
The Texas Rangers ask the Russians for assistance in capturing a criminal the Russians had previously dealt with. A mild-mannered Russian shows up, pretending to be powerful. When they find the criminal, the Russian gets beaten up.
11 May 1996
Miracle at Middle Creek
A family man hard-pressed for money is forced to help with a bank robbery. The robbery goes awry and the man returns to his family. As they prepare to leave town, the son falls into a sink hole. Walker and the others try to help the boy.
18 May 1996
Hall of Fame
CD is inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, the only case CD could not solve when he was a Texas Ranger comes back to haunt him. The Hangman is back to his old tricks. The Hangman taunts CD with calls about his killings.

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