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Film Review: ‘The Infiltrator’

Film Review: ‘The Infiltrator’
We should all be happy that Bryan Cranston has become a highly sought-after movie actor. Yet the very thing that brought him to that position — the pop-culture quake that was “Breaking Bad” — has now given him the ultimate tough act to follow. How do you top, or even rival, what he accomplished playing a gentle-souled family-man chemistry teacher who turns himself into a violent drug badass? “The Infiltrator,” a sensationally intelligent and exciting true-life thriller directed by Brad Furman (“The Lincoln Lawyer”), offers the answer: Have him play a gentle-souled family-man law enforcer who goes undercover as a money launderer to Pablo Escobar.

Robert Mazur, the man Cranston plays in “The Infiltrator,” actually did that. In 1986, he realized that the war on drugs was going after the wrong target — the drugs themselves, massive shipments of cocaine that even if seized could be replaced within days. Mazur figured out that the
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Gangster Squad Movie Review

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Gangster Squad Movie Review
Title: Gangster Squad Director: Ruben Fleischer Starring: Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Emma Stone, Anthony Mackie, Michael Peña, Nick Nolte, Robert Patrick, Giovanni Ribisi, Mireille Enos, Josh Pence, Troy Garity, Jon Polito, Haley Strode The very jokey forthrightness of its title, “Gangster Squad,” evokes a kind of disposable pop-art mash-up of “The Untouchables” and “L.A. Confidential,” but with the seriousness of an old Saturday morning serial, and that’s just what director Ruben Fleischer’s rendering of screenwriter Will Beall’s period piece crime drama achieves. No thunder-clap piece of cinema, this, but instead a square-jawed movie that more or less works to the degree that one watching it is wishing to be entertained at that [ Read More ]

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Ruthless New Footage In TV Spot For ‘Gangster Squad’

We here at Thn are all excited about Ruben Fleischer’s forthcoming period crime-thriller Gangster Squad. The film is based on the epic true story of a group of lawmen who decide to put their lives on the line by taking back their beloved city from the rule of mobster Mickey Cohen. The all-star cast that includes Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has plenty to do with out anticipation but seeing Sean Penn channelling De Niro’s Al Capone from The Untouchables had us from the minute we saw the teaser trailer.

Here we have a new minute-long television spot, giving us some new footage for the film due in cinemas on the 11th January 2013

Gangster Squad also stars Frank Grillo, Anthony Mackie, Robert Patrick, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Pena, Mireille Enos, Sullivan Stapleton, Jon Polito and Jack McGee.

Source: Flicks and Bits
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Fox Adds Character Actors To Mob Doctor – Okay, We’re Listening

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Fox’s upcoming drama Mob Doctor has done less than move the earth down here at the Criminal Complex offices. Jordana Spiro will play Dr. Grace Devlin, whose brother gets himself in deep with the Chicago mob, and so she must provide off-the-record medical services to the organized crime family members. It’s not a bad premise, but there’s been very little there to really attract our attention. Spiro, while easy on the eyes, has done nothing that any of us have ever paid any attention to, the closest being the TBS sitcom My Boys, which I fully intended to watch because Jim Gaffigan had a big role, but I still never did. So even though she’s shown up on stuff like Dexter and Harry’s Law, Spiro remains an unknown variable. And a medical drama, even one with a big crime angle, is still a medical drama.
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Stargate Composer Joel Goldsmith Dies At 54

The music world has lost another great television and movie composer. Joel Goldsmith, whose music appeared in more than 350 episodes of Stargate across three franchises, has died. He was 54. No cause of death has been released, but the news was announced early Monday morning by Stargate news site GateWorld. Goldsmith was the son of famed Star Trek composer Jerry Goldsmith, who himself died in 2004 at the age of 75. His first job came in 1978 for the pseudo-documentary "Auditions" in 1978 and later the Michael Rae B-movie sci-fi film "Laserblast." His work became more mainstream in 1991 with the short-lived sci-fi television series "Super Force." He would make his own name for himself in 1993 when he signed on to compose music for the syndicated series "The Untouchables" that starred ...
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Boardwalk Empire 2.04 "What Does the Bee Do?" Review

Boardwalk Empire pours along with its fourth entry into season 2 with the cryptic, if deliberately titled “What Does the Bee Do?”, which sees a surprising turn in momentum for Jimmy, Eli and the Commodore’s power-play against Nucky as well as a glimpse into several unexplored characters. Whereas last week’s “A Dangerous Maid” lent a great deal of exploration to family, fathers and sons, “What Does the Bee Do?” explores how powerless we become in our efforts at control.

There’s an old standby I go to whenever someone asks my feelings on Mad Men, specifically one random season 4 scene where Don Draper watches an old man across the hall yelling at his wife about pears. I recall fellow critics racing to heap symbolism upon the scene, as well as various scenes across the series itself, though I could never see the patterns that weren’t there. Boardwalk Empire
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Tired Of Comic Book Movies? You're In Luck, There's Still More Coming!

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So, unless you've been in the Phantom or Negative Zones for the past decade, you know that movies based on comic books (and the general comic book mythos), specifically superhero comics, have been all the rage. This year, the four big comic movies released (just to cover our bases: Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, and Captain America -- no offense, Green Hornet, and, seriously, fuck you, Cowboys & Aliens) haven't been the breakout blockbuster smashes of either of Christopher Nolan's Batmen films, any of the previous X-Men movies or Sam Raimi's Spider-Man franchise, and not even close to the first Iron Man.

You know this. You've probably been thinking that, even though this summer's crop has performed markedly better and been, overall, more critically appealing than previous less-than-successful comic book movies (Catwoman, Daredevil, the Fantastic Fours, Superman Returns, to name, literally, a few), studios, theater chains, and audiences
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William Forsythe Cast on Boardwalk Empire

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One of his most well-known characters was portraying Al Capone in The Untouchables. Now, William Forsythe is back in the role of a gangster.

The veteran actor will recur on the HBO series as Manny Horvitz, a Prohibition-era criminal. He joins a cast that is anchored by recent Golden Globe winner Steve Buscemi.

Elsewhere, Charlie Cox will also appear on the drama as an Irish gangster with ties to the Ira.
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William Forsythe joins 'Boardwalk Empire'

William Forsythe joins 'Boardwalk Empire'
William Forsythe has signed up to appear in Boardwalk Empire. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Forsythe has landed a recurring role in the second season of the HBO drama. He is expected to play Manny Horvitz, a gangster from Philadelphia. Forsythe previously played Al Capone in The Untouchables. He has also appeared in movies such as Once Upon A Time (more)
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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Casts William Forsythe & Charlie Cox Season 2

The second season of HBO’s smash-hit period piece Boardwalk Empire is scheduled to arrive this fall. In addition to the recently cast Michael Zegen, William Forsythe and Charlie Cox have also been added to the cast.

Forsythe will play Manny Horvitz, a Philadelphia mobster looking to expand his turf into Atlantic City. Cox will play a yet unamed Irish gangster with connections to the Irish Republican Army, which was in its infancy during that time period.

Forsyth is no stranger to gangster dramas, as he played big boss Al Capone on the TV adaptation of The Untouchables in the ’90s and another prohibition gangster in Once Upon A Time In America almost 30 years ago. His resume is littered with beat cops, detectives and other tough guy roles, including The Devil’s Rejects and The ...

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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Casting News – William Forsythe Joins

If you’re HBO, what do you do to follow the excellent first season of Boardwalk Empire? You ship in more gangsters, of course.

Career ‘tough guy’ actor William Forsythe has nabbed a role on the show’s second season as gangster Manny Horvitz, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Forsythe has dabbled in organized crime roles before, having played Sammy The Bull Gravano in Gotti and Al Capone in the TV Series The Untouchables. And who could forget his role as the mobster Flattop in the 1990 Dick Tracy film starring Warren Beatty (I have fond childhood memories of that movie, despite the general public’s distaste for it)?

Also joining the fun is Charlie Cox (Stardust), who will portray a Northern Irish immigrant with ties to the Ira.

Of course, that’s about all we’ll know about these roles until closer to the season premiere, but you can expect Forsythe
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'Boardwalk Empire' Adds William Forsythe and Charlie Cox as Gangsters

"Boardwalk Empire" will return for season two with more bad guys. William Forsythe has been tapped to take a recurring role as Manny Horvitz, a gangster, so The Hollywood Reporter says. Additionally, Charlie Cox is reportedly going to join the cast as an Irish gangster with ties to the Ira.

Forsythe is no stranger to crime drama. He once played Al Capone on 1990s' TV series "The Untouchables", based on the film of the same title. He has also appeared on "Dick Tracy" and "Out for Justice". As for Cox, he has landed a role in films such as "Stardust" and "There Be Dragons".

Produced by Martin Scorsese, "Boardwalk Empire" won best drama series and best actor for star Steve Buscemi at the Golden Globes in its first season. The Prohibition-era gangster drama was picked up for a second season after it opened to a combined 7.1 million viewers last fall.
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William Forsythe and Charlie Cox Join the Second Season of Boardwalk Empire

We won't see the series return until the later part of the year, but casting for the second season of Boardwalk Empire is already underway. THR reports William Forsythe (The Rock, Blue Streak) will have a recurring role on the series as a gangster named Manny Horvitz. Of course the actor is no stranger to crime dramas having played Al Capone in The Untouchables TV series back in the 90's. In addition, Charlie Cox (Stardust) has also joined the cast as an Irish gangster with ties to the Ira. We're still not sure just what story will be the focus on the second season, but no matter what, I'm already looking forward to the series returning later this year.
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Actor and stunt coordinator Danny Aiello III, dead at 53

Danny Aiello III, actor, director and stunt coordinator, died May 1 in Hillsdale, N.J., from pancreatic cancer. He was 53. Aiello III had over twenty-five years experience in the industry, receiving considerable notice as one of New York's finest up and coming filmmakers. According to his website, Mr. Aiello produced and directed "18 Shades of Dust" a feature film nominated at the London Film Festival; the CBS television series "Dellaventura" nominated for the People's Choice Award for Best New Dramatic Series; and had directed episodes of the Paramount television series "The Untouchables" and "The Watcher", as well as being 2nd Unit Director for both series. Bronx native Mr. Aiello is the son of actor Danny Aiello. As
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Horror stars gather for Spring Memorabilia Show at the NEC

Fans will get chance to meet stars of film, TV and sport - and try out the latest video games - at Birmingham's NEC on March 27 to 28 as the venue once more plays host to the Spring Memorabilia Show.

Among those attending are Gunnar Hansen, who plays the unforgettable Leatherface (pictured above) in 1974's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Richard Brooker, who plays killer Jason Vorhees in Friday 13th Part III.

Hollywood actor William Forsythe will be making his first UK appearance. He has appeared in movies such as Rob Zombie's 2005 crime thriller The Devil's Rejects about a sadistic family of serial killers, in which Forsythe played the Sheriff trying to bring them to justice (see picture below).

His other credits include the movies Once Upon A Time In America; Dick Tracy; and Steven Seagal's Out For Justice, as well as hit TV shows such as Hill Street Blues and The Untouchables.
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Throwback Thursday: ‘Miller’s Crossing’ (1990)

Just listening to Carter Burwell’s score for this film alone is enough to make my day. I just recently watched Miller’S Crossing again for the umptee-nth time and I swear to you the DVD menu played in it’s loop for a good 15-20 minutes before I even hit play, listening to the Opening Titles track. Burwell’s score is haunting and enchanting at the same time, drawing from traditional Irish music and notched up with a bit of cinematic flair. The film however, proved somewhat challenging for the Coen Brothers, who suffered writer’s block during the scripting of the film. As a remedy, Joel and Ethan took a few weeks off and in that time wrote a film about writer’s block called Barton Fink.

The opening scene is very reminiscent of Coppola’s The Godfather, but does so with dignity and yet still has Coen Brothers written all over it.
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