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Season 2

3 Oct. 1993
Stir Crazy
With Capone dealt with for the time being, Ness has a new target - the Chicago's corrupt mayor with mob connections.
10 Oct. 1993
Nitti continues Capone's bootlegging operation. Meanwhile, Ness and Capone agree to a box match against each other.
17 Oct. 1993
The Crucibles
Capone's wife and daughter become the targets of a deadly assassin. Capone's crew helps him find a way out of jail.
24 Oct. 1993
Capone's Return
Ness sees a chance in Capone's release to influence Nitti and take down the corrupt mayor.
31 Oct. 1993
Cuba: Part 1
Ness must try to stop Capone from making a deal with the corrupt Cuban President and his government that would expand Capone's business and influence.
7 Nov. 1993
Cuba: Part 2
Having no allies within the corrupt Cuban regime, Ness and his team get in touch with the Cuban rebels who are trying to overthrow the president and his government. If they succeed, Capone's plan to smuggle liquor from Cuba is D.O.A.
14 Nov. 1993
Radical Solution
The new Chicago mayor Anton Cermak clamps down on the mob. When even Capone's wife is put under arrest, Capone puts a hit out on him.
21 Nov. 1993
The General
Chicago is put under martial law and a tough army general is sent to clean up the streets and destroy the mob. Ness doesn't like him or trust him and opposes his methods openly.
28 Nov. 1993
Attack on New York
Capone plans to take over the New York mob. Ness has to stop him, but a power-hungry prosecutor stands in his way.
2 Jan. 1994
Mind Games
Ness is told that he's been in coma for a year. His family is gone, but his archenemy, Capone, is behind bars for good. Ness suspects something doesn't fit when he's asked about the whereabouts of one of his informers.
9 Jan. 1994
The Skin Trade
Agent Robbins, one of Ness' men, falls for a local Russian girl, not knowing that her father is in Capone's debt.
23 Jan. 1994
When Capone's hitman is found not guilty for killing a cop, the policeman's son vows revenge.
30 Jan. 1994
Only for You
A radio singer is targeted after she witnesses Capone's bloody attempt to take over a radio station.
6 Feb. 1994
One of Ness' men, agent Malone, believes he knows who's behind the killings of German immigrants in Chicago. A German WWI spy and Malone's archenemy from the war is back in town.
13 Feb. 1994
Til Death Do Us Part
Agent Malone has had enough of perpetual crime-fighting and just wants to settle down with his better half. However, someone wants him dead.
20 Feb. 1994
The Last Gauntlet
Ness has always believed in the system. However, his faith is tested when he gets to transport a wrongfully convicted teen to state prison. Also, Capone plans to make sure that the kid doesn't make it there alive.
27 Feb. 1994
Family Ties
The younger brother of one of Capone's top men is arrested for murder. Will he snitch on Capone's organization or will he stay loyal to the family to the bitter end?
27 Mar. 1994
The Fever
Son's illness and murder of a close friend get Capone to reevaluate his life of crime and the choices he's made.
3 Apr. 1994
Ness is trying to prove that Capone is blackmailing several important judges. However, he gets sidetracked when he falls for Cleo, one of Capone's callgirls.
24 Apr. 1994
Agent Paul Robbins must get to the captured Capone's hitman, before his friends do. He heads to a small western town where the criminal is being held.
1 May 1994
Apocalypse in Chicago
Agent Robbins investigates Nitti's attempt to take over a railroad worker's union. Both him and Nitti are working against their bosses' orders on this one.
8 May 1994
Bury My Heart at Starved Rock
Capone has his hold over the businesses of a Native Americans tribe, but one of their younger members decides to rebel and hits one of Capone's banks. Ness' team tries to track the kid down first.
15 May 1994
Death and Taxes: Part 1
The prohibition is ending, so Capone decides it may be time to change his line of work and enter politics. He wants to become a congressman. Nitti, meanwhile, plans to set him up and take him out of the game for good.
22 May 1994
Death and Taxes: Part 2
Ness must find the one witness who can put Capone behind bars for good. Meanwhile, Capone's men, seeing that the end is near, decide to follow Nitti and drop Capone.

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