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What a damn funny show?

Author: bato-2 from Nogales, Arizona
11 March 1999

Is it the sarcasm, or is it the images where John Henson makes fun of himself and the celebrities?

Who knows, who cares!!!! This show is reaaaally funny, I watch it every time I can, I specially enjoy when they invite celebrities. 10 out of 10!!!!

By the way, why did Kinnear quit the show? He wasn´t that bad....

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The Funniest Show Ever!

Author: Michele ( from North Carolina
20 March 1999

This is the funniest show that I have ever seen. I watch it twice a day and never get tired of it. John Henson is so funny, and this show deserves to win a lot of awards!

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The Funniest Show On Television!

Author: Michael Roberts from Arkansas
21 March 1999

John Henson and the crew of "Talk Soup" are the funniest bunch of people on TV. They do crazy sketches and make fun of some of the stupidest talk show clips around. Talk shows are horrible -- Talk Soup makes them GREAT!

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The weekend recaps were always the best

Author: Jeff from United States
27 August 2007

I can't believe how many people hate Hal Sparks! He was my favorite host of the show, hands down. I hate celebrity gossip and generally dislike talk shows, but when Hal Sparks hosted Talk Soup, it was must see TV for me. I rarely missed an episode during his run, and was saddened when the guest hosts started pouring in (although most of the guests still did a fine job).

Anyway, for all the people who dislike Hal Sparks, I imagine they must have never seen the weekend specials. They were hour long episodes of Talk Soup that comprised the best clips from the entire week, and were padded out by sketch comedy bits. The original bits that Hal Sparks did were hilarious. In one he got possessed by a bad comedy demon, and in an exorcist like scene his head spun as he told dated jokes about airline food. One episode was dedicated to making fun of Multiplicity, as a bunch of cloned Hal Sparks kept multiplying through out the episode, over-running the studio.

OK, maybe these don't sound as funny when I describe them, but all I know is that besides Talk Soup, the only other two shows I watched consistently during those years was The Simpsons and Late Night with Conan O'Brian. So if you like the comedy stylings of those shows, then you'd probably like Talk Soup during the Sparks years.

That said, Henson and Tyler were both great hosts as well. All three hosts brought something different to the table but they were all fine comedians in my opinion. Of course, throughout the Tyler and guest star years, my interest in this show began to wane, but every now and then I catch The Soup, the show's spiritual successor, and sure enough, the new host can bring some pretty unexpected laughs from time to time.

OK, I've wasted enough time talking about a TV show that isn't on the air anymore and on a channel that I generally despise. Go watch something else!

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Stan Evans is a very talented Actor and Writer

Author: uniinvitationxy from United States
5 August 2009

E! TV is a great channel and Talk Soup is so funny,in a flash you can view the episodes change. We want more funny writings by the best writer ever Stan Evans.. The patron Saint of the mindless masses... He is a truly talented, gifted writer, actor, comic, producer,director, and creative consultant.Anna Nicole loved him , but he was not a $$$$Billionaire so he left him for a Billionaire. Many super stars wanted to make films with the actor Stan Evans, who has a "Humphrey Bogart" {Clark Gable}acting style. He should make many more movies. Maybe with Stephen Spielberg, or perhaps many other talented producers.We wish him a moment of FAME with a great fortune to gain. Has he produced any mock-U-dramas? or perhaps any docudrama??? A project about Bernie Madhoff would be a great TV movie written by STAN EVANS. How many screenplays has he written?? Is he under $$$$$$$$$$$$billion contract with Disney?? He should earn more than $50 Million... He could also write a TV movie about the late KING OF POP.. Michael Jackson. We want to view a lot more of and by Stan Evans in the movies and on TV. Thank you so very much. Elvis has left the building!!!!!

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Pretty good celebrity skit show

Author: Catherine_Grace_Zeh from Fairfax, Virginia, USA
24 July 2007

In my opinion, this is a pretty good celebrity skit show. I enjoyed seeing Greg Kinnear as the host. There are many reasons why I said that. Even though Hal Sparks was an okay host, I sometimes wish that Greg Kinnear hadn't left. If you ask me, it seems that nobody stays with a TV show throughout its entire run anymore. Still, I enjoyed seeing the various hosts and other people spoofing celebrities. If you ask me, that was pretty darn funny. Before I wrap this up, I must say that I kind of miss this show. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this show to all you die-hard sketch show fans. You will really enjoy it.

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Aisha Tyler!! The best!

Author: Pablo from Chile
17 March 2004

I just don't understand why nobody talk about Aisha. She was by far the best host of Talk Soup. She was so smart and funny!!! and you could really see she enjoyed making the show, she laughed her butt off when making the sketches!!!! and oh my god, how can I ever forget FOXY CHOCOLAT!!!! I think that was the funniest character ever. I was so sad when the show got canceled!!!!!!! I remember watching the last episode, I couldn't believe it.

Well, I must agree that the other hosts were funny. I also watched he show then and liked it. And I remember the day Aisha came.... she was so cool!!!!! (and hot :) )I know it's been a lot since this show got canceled, but I will never forget it. Aisha, come back!!!

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A show whose time has come and gone

Author: hunterdu from Binghamton, NY
6 August 2001

Someone asked why Greg Kinnear quit the show? Um, have you seen where his career has gone since? I think he may have made the right choice to leave Talk Soup on the E! Channel for Academy Award nominations. Yes, he wasn't that bad. In fact, he was by far the BEST host of Talk Soup.

The key was, he got out at the right time. The show doesn't make sense anymore. In the early 90's, talk shows took themselves seriously. Talk Soup made fun of those shows who tried to pass themselves off as serious journalistic shows.

But for the last several years, the talk shows that they are parodying are parodies of themselves. So what is the point? It is not nearly as much fun to laugh WITH a show that knows it is stupid than to laugh AT a show that thinks it is producing quality television.

And what is with incuding just about every show on TV now? The show is called TALK Soup. Funny, I never considered Fear Factor a talk show.

Greg Kinnear was the master of this show, as he also help create the idea. But its time has come and gone now that every show they parody is basically the same thing anyway. Kinnear got out just in time, and I'm sure his bank account thanks him. I think I'd rather be in 'As Good As It Gets' over 'Dude Where's My Car', like Hal Sparks.

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Stan Evans, senior producer, Emmy Award winning talented writer

Author: fortunarota14 ( from United States
23 October 2014

the Emmy award winning writer Stan Evans deserves all the credit and attention just like the celebrities he writes for ( Mark Wahlberg, Steven Spielberg, Oprah, Jerry Springer, cartoon characters, comics, and Talk show hosts, and countless more)and produces movies and various shows. He has moved on to bigger and better projects than "Talk Soup", but he is still connected to E!..We wish him many more projects and hopefully he will be very wealthy. Thanks to all the fans of E! and Talk Soup now in 24 languages and globally. We would like to view many more reality shows produced by senior producer Stan Evans, he is truly a gifted writer, comic, actor, producer and a generous, compassionate human being who has worked for many non profit charities to help the needs of many people. So we hope to watch his new shows.

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Joel McHale is a Stellar Host!

Author: clahners from United States
16 February 2008

I don't watch a lot of TV, except for The Office, Weeds, Entourage and E!'s Soup. I think I hold this show in good company.

I love the scathing review of pop culture that this show gives. Soup also helps me stay on top of what people in the office are referring to when talking about a Sanjaya or Heidi Montag (sp?).

The best part is that Soup shows clips of the highlights of these shows, which are usually the funniest or most controversial moments (c'mon, most people get hooked into watching American Idol because of the freak show that are the auditions), which is why most people claim to watch. And that means, I don't have to suffer through the other 98% of these mind numbing talk shows or "reality" shows, for one nugget of "funny" or "shock." The only reason why Soup doesn't get a 10 in my opinion are sometime the sketches are not that funny, and on an even rarer occasion, the commentary isn't always up to par. But they can't all be home runs either, if so, Soup wouldn't be on E!.

Joel's quick wit and Soup's writing team (which includes McHale) make for a great show. I happen to enjoy the laughing and comments from the crew who are off-camera. Even when they're being blatantly obvious by giving occasional courtesy laughs, it's hilarious because it IS forced. They're obviously being ironic. And that's part of what makes this show funny.

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