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Season 2

18 Sep. 1994
The crew of the the newly rebuilt SeaQuest must deal with a hostage crisis at a UEO prison colony, where genetically engineered soldiers have risen up against their captors.
25 Sep. 1994
The Fear That Follows
A group of aliens accept Bridger's invitation to board SeaQuest and make their first contact with the human race.
2 Oct. 1994
Sympathy for the Deep
Seaquest gets called to a normally peaceful colony that is now experiencing mass hysteria and violence. Once Seaquest arrives, the same thing starts happening to the crew.
9 Oct. 1994
A budding romance starts between the doctor and the captain, as well as O'Neill and Henderson. While on shore leave, Piccolo has some family troubles with his parents.
23 Oct. 1994
Seaquest travels through an underwater black hole to 200 years in the future. Once there they discover a super computer who created the black hole to bring them to the future to help save the last two people on earth.
13 Nov. 1994
The Sincerest Form of Flattery
A malfunctioning A.I. sub begins firing on civilian targets. Seaquest is sent to track it down and destroy it. During the fight it is determined that the sub is using Captain Bridger's mental profile for its A.I. logic.
20 Nov. 1994
By Any Other Name
Seaquest receives a mayday from an underwater agricultural station. Upon arrival they find the station empty of the crew. Once back on board the flowers Henderson picked suddenly grow and begin attacking the ship.
27 Nov. 1994
When We Dead Awaken
Brody's Mom, who has been in cryofreeze for years, emerges and is targeted by someone trying to kill her for a crime she witnessed in the past.
11 Dec. 1994
Special Delivery
Dagwood is accused and convicted of murder, but it's a case of mistaken identity.
18 Dec. 1994
Dead End
One of the launches receives a distress call while returning to Seaquest. While responding to the call the launch is sucked into an underwater cave where they find another scientist who has been trapped for days.
8 Jan. 1995
A massive prehistoric crocodile is released from its icy tomb when extensive undersea farming and mining cause the temperature of the South Atlantic to rise.
15 Jan. 1995
The Seaquest finds an ancient helmet from the lost city of Atlantis. Once brought on board the helmet begins to have strange effects on the crew who come in contact with it.
22 Jan. 1995
And Everything Nice
Lucas falls head over heals for a woman he meets at a bar, but it turns out she has nefarious plans to use Lucas. She is only using Lucas to help her father take control of the Seaquest.
19 Feb. 1995
Dream Weaver
Seaquest tracks a comet that crashes into the ocean. The comet sinks but an alien life force emerges and begins to engulf Seaquest. Eventually the alien takes over one of the crew and begins searching for another of its kind.
26 Feb. 1995
A rogue psychic with tremendous powers targets UEO officials. Eventually all psychics are rounded up and placed in concentration camps. Wendy who is the only hope of stopping the psychic is also targeted by both the psychic and the UEO.
5 Mar. 1995
While en-route to a USO concert with a singer on board the crew encounters some strange mythological spirits. Once they arrive at the island, they discover it to be a very large pyramid. Within the pyramid they find the spirit of Neptune.
19 Mar. 1995
Something in the Air
The Seaquest is called to an underwater research station that has discovered an ancient mysterious ark. Once the ark is opened an evil spirit is released which begins to infect and attack the researchers.
2 Apr. 1995
Dagger Redux
O'Neill, unhappy with his work decides to resign and devotes himself to painting. Mariah, the dagger who led the uprising, is approached by a man who wants her to do something. And what she does is come on to O'Neill and makes him give her information about the SeaQuest.
30 Apr. 1995
The Siamese Dream
Dagwood and Piccolo have a strange shared dream, but the dream is only a means to an end for an evil psychic who wants to board Seaquest and steal some material.
21 May 1995
Seaquest is transported to another planet after responding to a message from Commander Scott Keller. Once there they get involved with a civil war and a possible fight to the finish.
13 Sep. 1995
Piccolo's ex-cell-mate lures Tony into an escape plan. During the botched escape they crash into the jungle where an experimental cloaking warrior attacks them and the rescue crew sent from Seaquest.

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