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The Franchise Takes a Major Dive!
TheTVConnoisseur26 June 2003
What went through the heads of Executive Producer Peter Engel and director Don Barnhart when they conceived this concept. After the success of the original show there were a string of imitators and this show seems to be one of them. It is like a self-parody with a cast who's chemistry are no where near the excellence of the original. And why is Screech an assistant principal?!

What a sad show this was!
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This is NOT a bad show
Mike Eder10 November 2005
I liked this one better myself. First of all Screech and Belding made a great comedic duo. They were two of the only people doing modern slapstick and they did it well. Granted Screech's fake voice in later seasons was not needed but they were very funny. The kids were also a little nicer to Screech. OK so he is older, but the kindness they showed him was so much better then the nasty put downs from the original. I mean it just made Lisa, Jessie etc. look bad. Natalia and Sarah are two of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. The guys who played Ryan, R.J, and Tommy were all funny and the only real drawback was the changing cast. I think season 2 and 3 are the best cast wise because of Natalia and Sarah but all were decent. It is just that even if these were more likable characters, you hardly got to know them. I did not mind the life lesson part. I was pretty innocent when the show first aired and these (along with City Guys, and Hang Time) were the only T.V. kids my age I related too. I was nothing like the people on 90210, and was not ready for sex or drugs. The New Class was a clean cut alternative that made me feel good watching it.
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A Very Noticeable Crack in the Bell Now.
tfrizzell27 June 2005
"Saved by the Bell: The New Class" wore on and on for eight seasons and an amazing 143 Saturday morning episodes from 1993 through 2000. None of the students in the revolving door of Bayside High in California make much of an impression and we are left with old alums Dennis Haskins and Dustin Diamond trying to salvage any dignity the concept once had. Nothing is very successful though as the premise is old and tiring with past situations played out by lesser performers who may have careers as models, but not legitimate television actors and actresses. More proof that old ideas played out with new people is rarely successful in American television programming. Turkey (0 stars out of 5).
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Thank the lord it is over
Op_Prime26 September 2000
To sum it up: this show was terrible. The plots were worn out and just recycled from the original show. The characters were also just cheap replicas of the original characters. This show should have been cancelled after Season 1, so we all would have been spared this horror. Now it is finally dead. Thank you very much.
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Not Very Appealing
TMC-416 October 1999
I would consider the material on Saved by the Bell: The New Class to be in the sub-par range. Granted the original Saved by the Bell (or what can by called Saved by the Bell: The Old Class) wasn't close to being a masterpiece on its own terms as it was filled with cheap jokes, stereotypes, and some outlandish storytelling even for a high school farce. But at the same time the cartoonish qualities that surrounded Saved by the Bell made the show appealing in the first place. In contrast, there's really nothing appealing about the New Class. The humor is bland, the writing is pretty lazy, and it the show can often be uneven. When I use the word "uneven" I'm directing this towards the fact that the show carries a rule (otherwise known as E/I) handed down by the Federal Communications Commission the there has to be certain ethics and/or morals in the stories. Because of the New Class' relatively lame writing (i.e. in the comedy department), we get a feeling that we are being throughly talked down to. Granted other sitcoms that have aired on NBC on Saturday mornings carry this rule also, but in contrast, those shows have better writing and are more entertaining. Another problem is that the New Class can't really distinguish itself. Some people have considered the stories from the first few seasons of this show to be exact duplicates of episodes from Saved by the Bell: The Old Class. Not to mention that this show has gone through numerous cast changes which somewhat creates a problem because it's harder to get used to things.
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not as good as original but not too bad either
rockmt30 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It has been over a decade since I last watched Saved by the Bell: The New Class but remembering how I grew up watching the hilarious series, I was not able to hesitate borrowing the DVD tapes from the library to watch again.

After watching several episodes of seasons 3, 4, and 5 again, the first thing I have to say about this series is that true enough, the plots and story lines cannot match the original SBTB series. The acting was very wooden at times, the scripts likewise seemed too scripted, the story lines seemed rehashed from the original series, and there weren't as many serious issues the characters dealt with as compared to the original series that hadn't been covered already. All of this made SBTBNC rather average.

Yet there were some things that made SBTBNC very worthwhile to watch. The fashion was definitely better than the original series though that's my opinion because I was teenager myself during SBTBNC's years. Seasons 4 and 5 also hit well with the stepbrother duo of Ryan and Nicky and the hot tempered Maria also being a delight to watch. This series also branches out of the high school and shows what teenagers can do outside of school such as obtaining part time jobs, doing community service at a hospital, and travelling (all courtesy of a good economy during the Clinton years). Surprisingly, the odd and unlikely duo of Mr. Belding and Screech also helped keep the series alive.

One may wonder why Screech is not in college but working as Mr. B's administrative assistant and that is because his days as a Bayside student prepared him for this. After being tormented, cheated, used, bullied, mocked, and ignored throughout high school, Screech very likely felt like an insecure loser, and this was his opportunity to relive high school and try his luck again. His emotional outbursts (though sometimes overacted), his obsession with being the save-the-day know-it-all, his off-campus ventures such as an out of control lottery ticket gambling habit and balloon business (season 4) to a second job as mall security guard (season 5) also proved that Screech was more insecure than ever and was trying to come out as a hero and overcome his perception of himself as a loser. Yet there were times that Screech would cunningly outsmart the students or even Mr. Belding himself which showed that he did shed some of the his old timid self.

This same goes for Mr. Belding who is always friendly to his students but by this late a time is clearly suffering some sort of midlife crisis and tries to deny that he is getting old by refusing to wear glasses (season 4), trying to prove that he has special abilities in all areas (running a hospital experiment, taking ballet classes, running outside businesses at Palisades Mall, and living in a mock space shuttle) and desperately trying to be the best mentor and friend to his students. Underlying the comedy, the theatrics, and the overacting,these two characters reveal very serious, scary, and at times depressing issues that have to do more with life after high school and sends a potent message to young viewers.

All in all, the series is not as bad as one thinks.
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Juniore14 August 1999
SBTB The New Class is a great teen show. It has a wonderful cast with beautiful girls. I especially liked the humor of the show. The plot lines were good, but the sixth season wasn't as good as the rest. I thought it was almost as good as the original sbtb class and the college years.
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TheMan305130 June 2002
I've only seen a few episode's so maybe my judgment might not make much of a difference but this show sucked! This is the fourth (and so far the last) show in the SBTB series and it was perhaps worse than "Good Morning Miss Bliss" and that's saying a lot. Once you've gotten used to the cast of SBTB you must make a great follow-up but in the same case as in the College Years they didn't try to and that's why this show sucks! Ignore this show and just watch SBTB. Sure this show might have lasted longer than SBTB but then again NBC doesn't seem to be canceling any of it's Saturday morning line up, especially since nobody is watching. Why doesn't NBC just give cartoons again?!?!
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7 out of 10
book addict21 October 2001
This was a good show, with great characters. I especially liked Katie (red hair, dates Nicky in the final season, played by Lindsey McKeon?). There were only a few characters that got on my nerves, they were Maria Lopez, RJ Collins, and Vicki Needleman. And another thing that bothered me was that there were so many recycled stories - e.g. Lindsey and Ryan's break-up was pure Kelly-and-Zack of the original series, when Maria started smoking pot it was another Jessie-and-painkillers thing, when Lindsey thought Ryan was going out with Rachel it was just like Snow White and the Eight Dorks from the original series. Oh, and just one more thing that bothered EVERYONE - changes! There were SIXTEEN main students in total! They only explained about two - Lindsey and Tommy. And they only explained a few new people! I got used to watching Lindsey, Ryan, Tommy, Rachel, RJ, and Maria, but then they suddenly disappeared. But it was a great show apart from all those things, and I love the episode where Lisa, Zack, and Slater come back. I give this a B+.
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Excellent show
danielb-66 March 2004
I love Saved by the bell the new class it is very different to saved by the bell. I first started watching it every morning at 8am. I love this show it is one of the best series I have ever watched it is wonderful. I love the cast it is very good excellent actors. I think I have watched every episode from season 4 to 7. I do not know why so many people don't like this show I don't see what is so horrible about it. I think this series is a very well acted. I like saved by the bell but I like saved by the bell the new class better. I have gone all around many websites and many people consider this show one of the most horrible show on tv. Well I can tell those people that don't like Saved by the bell the new class that they don't know what they are missing. I rate this show 10/10.
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Only for Natalia Cigliuti fans like me!
insomniac_rod19 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know if anybody else noticed that the episodes in this sitcom were THE EXACT SAME situations as in the original "Saved By The Bell". Yes, the same situations with some slight changes.

Heck they could even put more effort in the new characters! most of them were carbon copies of the original cast members. Even Weasel is a sad attempt of Screech. But whatever, I must admit I liked this show for only one reason: NATALIA CIGLIUTI. She was smoking hot, beautiful, cute, and had good acting skills.

She's by far the hottest member on the series. Yes, she was that beautiful. I wonder why she isn't more famous. But that's another thing.

This new class had it's moments but never matched the charisma of the original series, but on it's positive side, it had elements of 90's pop culture that weren't good capitalized by the original. I really liked how they displayed most of the early 90's craziness.
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Copy cats
kclambeth12 July 2007
Why couldn't they just leave Saved by the bell alone instead of bringing it back with clones. I cant believe i liked watching this when i was younger.

Every year someone leaves and is replaced, they all date everyone in the group and Mr. Belding-yuck, is he in love with his students?! Screech used to be good-what happened? I liked Ryan probably because he was cute but that's about it, most of the acting was hmmm...mediocre at best.

I only have one more thing to say about it. The most memorable yet stupid quote in the world by Mr. Belding "if there's alcohol at a party, just leave!" Ha ha, yeah right, why leave? Just don't have any or have one or two no harm done. I understand that in the US you can't drink til 21 but in the UK it's 18 and didn't seem a big deal, some kids here are drinking at 14. I don't admire binge drinkers but i hardly think one beer means you're a bad kid. My friend and i still joke about this when we're having a drink ourselves.
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Oh good heavens!!
thespark21512 June 2003
This was a mistake from the very begining! Just a replacement of the old cast. What i can't get over though is Screech. His VOICE!! WTF is that about? He had a normal male voice squeeky only here and there, in the last year of the original show and in the college years. SO WHY ON EARTH DID HE HAVE TO GO BACK TO THAT GOD AWFUL VOICE IN THE NEW CLASS?!! Oh it makes me even madder when i think about it. gotta go before i through something!
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boo hoo
giambi_fan2519 October 2002
this show sucks. i dont know why anyone would waste their time trying to make a show that was even better than a great show. i have no clue why they went all the way to 2000. it should have lasted not even a year. it had the worst cast and kept changing them. i have no idea why they got screech back in it if he was in college at the time. anyway the show is terrbile. if anyone thinks this show is better than the original saved by the bell, i suggest you seek a theraipist or guidence counsiler.
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All and all it was a good show
Darlyams18 November 2001
As one of the shows biggest fans, I would say that it is a good show and the only thing I didn't like was when Lindsey and Ryan broke up, even I will say that that was copying the old class, but despite what others said it did have some original storylines like the earthquake, the fight and the singing contract. The best thing about this show would have to be Eric as in my opinion (and from what I've heard everyone elses too) he was the most original character on the show and the best. I was upset when this show ended, all and all I give this show a 9 out of 10 (whatever anyone else says)
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chukyt6 January 2003
I began high school in September of 1993, the exact same month & year that "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" premiered. So I thought it was cool to grow up with this show... until I noticed that it was still on after I graduated high school in June of 1997. So this show didn't conclude until the year 2000! That made absolutely no sense.
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Oh my God, Could this show BE any badder????
swingkid102723 April 2000
Maybe it's because I was weened on the original series, but this show is bad beyond bad. I mean where as the original series was a joke, a sort of parady of how teenagers are portrayed on TV, the new show just perpetuates them! I just thank the Gods of TV that they finally got enough sence to cancel this horendous excuse for a show. Now, can we make another movie with the original cast from the original show and forget that the nightmare of "The New Class"????
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Cancelled it at the right time
Juniore11 January 2002
The new class was always enjoyable. It started out pretty good(despite the problems), and changed completely every season. Some seasons were really good, esp. 2 and 4. And after that, the show started getting worse by the episode. Until season 7, which was an improvement. But by the end of that, u could tell that they had run out of decent episodes and that it was time to call it quits. So it's a good thing they ended the show their, because the SBTB series could have become much worse than it already had been.
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The only reason I'm giving it a seven is cause it lasted longer than its original
jwtrox0870630 November 2006
This show was certainly not as good as the original. As good as the original was, it lasted four years, which was appropriate given that most if not all high school students endure four years in high school. It did make some good attempts to be as good as the original, with the inclusion of Mr. Belding. However, I think it's kind of creepy that Screech would still be hanging around his alma mater so much. It's like he doesn't want to move on from his years at Bayside. Oh well, at least he adds a little bit of the original to this spin off. The reason why I'm giving it a seven is because it managed to last for seven seasons. Why? That is the billion dollar question.
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Good show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh17 July 2006
I used to watch this show when I was growing up. Anytime it enters my mind, I remember it vaguely. If you ask me, it was a good show. When I think about it, I remember the opening sequence and theme song vaguely, too. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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One of the best shows on TV
Dream_Holly14 June 2002
This show was really good. I watched it from the beginning till the end. My fave. person on the show was Natalia Cigliuti and Lindsey Mckeon. I liked that the show was funny and serious at the same time. I dont why many people didnt like it but I did. Shows like these make your day! I enjoyed watching the old class but they played that one out way too much. The new class is more better and plus it was good to have different people on each season. It added more of a vibe to it.
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This series is considered reasonable, but the setting is wrong, TBH, IMO.
irehawk13 February 2017
I understand that recycled plots are considered bad because, not only attract unwanted attention, they also destroy the original versions along the way.

Even if this show destroys the original version of the original class, then this show should not be turned down completely bad at all. The 1st season cast, except for Dennis Haskins, is trying to imitate the original class, but the 1st season is trying to get along without broadening their horizons too quick. But no broadening their horizons would be a letdown. Although, I have a feeling that these recycled plots should not be in both Bayside and Valley High Schools because both high schools are considered both ableists and ageists.

The final seasons were a complete letdown when the Tony falls in love with Maria than Liz, leaving Liz which one heart, but luckily she dated Eric on the prom episode, which ended that drought somehow. We already know why Screech was denied a raise and ended up in strike. But that strike shouldn't last because Bayside is not where Screech should work and is not where recycled plots should be in.

This should be in a different public high school which is neither ableist and ageist and that's where the 1st season cast should have been and that's where Screech should be working at. Although, that new principal in that new place should be imitating Belding and can work with Screech along the way.

Alternatively, I'm glad both actresses Tiffani Amber Neilsen and Elizabeth Berkley (Kelly and Jessie) never saw this show and never guest appeared in "Goodbye Bayside (2)" episode because it endangered their own real lives, unlike the other original SBTB class cast members.

Finally, I know some of the SBTB new class crew member group is now partly ableist, ageist or both, but the rest are neither ableist nor ageist and Executive Producer Peter Engel is also neither ableist not ageist of this show, TBH, IMO.
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Guilty Pleasure
hitler_bad11 November 2004
This show was one of those rainy day holiday programs along with such other classics such as the original SBTB and (the superior)California Dreams.

Even though we were effectively served up the same old nonsense each and every episode (normally Screech helping the students, being sacked and then reinstated with Mr Belding giving us a dose of his fatherly advise on how honesty is the best policy etc etc..) somehow my friends and I enjoyed this show...

The main thing that separates this from the original was the fact that in the uk they broadcast out of sequence and you'd never see the same cast two days in a row and they'd age up and down so it was a lot harder to like the leads - except Dennis Haskins who probably looks exactly the same now - 10 years later.

If I had to use three words to describe it they would be : Corny, Predictable and Classic.
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Pure Rip-Off
zackmorris12 December 2002
The thing that made Saved By The Bell such a classic show was because it was so outlandishly stereo-typical ... but was able to get away with it. This lasted for four years of highschool, plus a year of college. Definitely a classic series.

Enter Saved By The Bell: The New Class, and any true Saved By The Bell fan will roll their eyes in disgust. SBTB: The New Class was nothing but a cheap mirror of the original series. By the time "The New Class" entered the halls of Bayside, all of the jokes have been done, and the storylines were tested. Translation: THERE WAS NO NEED FOR A NEW CLASS.

Saved By The Bell: The New Class serves so night in carrying the title of the Saved By The Bell series. I wish it was possible to easily eliminate things from memory, because Saved By The Bell: The New Class would be far gone.
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