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11 Sep. 1993
The Date Lottery
A new student, named Scott Erickson, transfers from Valley to Bayside and decides that the route to popularity is to make fellow student, Lindsay Warner, his girlfriend. To get Lindsay away from her macho, but dumb, football boyfriend, Tommy De Luca, Scott gets the Bayside geek, Barton "Weasel" Wyzell, to fix a dance raffle for profit, and for a date with Lindsay, in exchange for Weasel to go on a date with rich girl Megan Jones, and sets up Tommy with the politically correct Vicki Needleman, who actually has a crush on Scott.
18 Sep. 1993
The Slumber Party
During the planning for the big Homecoming football game, Scott dresses up as his identical cousin "Tina" to crash Lindsay and the rest of the girls slumber party to find if Lindsay really loves him. But things take a turn when Baysides star football player, Crunch, meets and develops a crush on "Tina" and won't play unless Tina is around.
25 Sep. 1993
A Kicking Weasel
Weasel is promoted from the football team water boy to kicker after displaying his kicking skills. But Weasel will only kick a football when he is angry and Scott has to ensure that Weasel stay angry to win an important game. Meanwhile, Scott fixes Megan, Lindsay and Vicki's battle for a single varsity cheer leading spot by letting Lindsay win so he can get Tommy D to help him make and sell advertisement T-shirts for Weasel.
2 Oct. 1993
Home Shopping
Scott teams with Megan, Lindsey, Vicki, and the rest of gang to sell a "memory enhanced drug" before history mid-terms on their Bayside Shopping Network cable access show, with a little help from James the actor who role-plays as a customer as well as a maintenance man to Mr. Belding, and later as a college professor to help the kids face-off against their stern history teacher Mr. Hammersmith.
9 Oct. 1993
Love Is on the Air
Scott joins the Bayside radio station in order to get into "Babe Study Hall," with Weasel who creates the romance advice master "Dr. Love," who gives out advice on peoples dating problems, which include Lindsay and Tommy D as well as Vicki who has a crush on Scott, much to his chagrin.
16 Oct. 1993
George Washington Kissed Here
At Scott's advice, gang decides to hold a play on the American Revolution in an "MTV version" with Mr. Belding as the director and Scott wanting Lindsay to play Martha Washington next to his George, while Weasel is to play Ben Franklin, much to Megan's chagrin who's playing Betsy Ross. But a jealous Tommy D and Vicki have ideas to get parts in the play to be near Lindsay and Scott.
23 Oct. 1993
Homecoming King
During Homecoming week, the Bayside class president, Chad Westerfield, as well as Lindsay are the nominees for Homecoming King and Queen, and Megan hopes that Chad will ask her out to the Homecoming dance. But it turns out that Chad likes Lindsey more than Megan. Meanwhile, Scott conspires to make Tommy, the Homecoming King, to help him and Lindsey be together after her mother forbids her from dating Tommy again.
30 Oct. 1993
Belding's Baby
Scott volunteers himself and Weasel to babysit Mr. Belding's infant son, Zack, (named after Zack Morris who helped deliver it in the previous 'Saved By The Bell' series) in order to stay out of detention, and later he volunteers the child for baby modeling to impress a new girl, named Ashley, from Pacific Coast High.
6 Nov. 1993
Good-bye Megan
During Career Week, Megan's father, Judge Thyrston Jones, wants her to leave Bayside and enroll in a private school called Willowbrook Academy. At first, the gang is happy for Megan, but when their true feelings come out, Scott and the gang scheme to ensure Megan stays at Bayside.
13 Nov. 1993
Swap Meet
Weasel discovers that he owns a valuable comic book with a rare misprint worth hundreds of dollars. But Scott must embark on a mission to recover it after Tommy inadvertently sells it in order for Scott to get money to buy concert tickets for a date with the new student Rachel Meyers. Meanwhile, Lindsay, Megan and Vicki try to recover a bottle of fish oil that Mr. Belding bought from them thinking that it's perfume before he gives it to Mrs. Belding.
20 Nov. 1993
Weasel Love
Weasel's pen pal, Natalie, comes to Bayside and joins the school band as the new pianist next to Weasel's saxophonist. But after the girls make over the geek Natalie into their own image as an attractive girl, Weasel is dumbstruck. So, Scott and Tommy try to make over Weasel in their own image to ensue he plays after they themselves join the Bayside band in hopes to win a trip to New York.
27 Nov. 1993
Tommy A
Tommy D is soon to be the first of the gang to get his driver's license, exciting the others. But when his father tells him he can't get his license unless he gets an A on at least one mid-year final, the rest of the gang help him study.
4 Dec. 1993
Running the Max
The gang takes over the Max to run it for a class project and almost drives it into the ground, until Scott takes over the project, much to Vicki's happiness, and soon helps bring in business. When the Bayside football coach asks to hold a team banquet at the Max, Scott becomes bossy and drives the whole gang crazy with his demanding orders.

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