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In the episode, "Hut Sut Raw", in its early airings, there was a brief scene where Rocko is picking berries for the gang. He picks one that looks like a berry, but then hears a loud roar. Then a bear dashes out of the berry bush, running over Rocko, and clutching his testicles in pain. This brief scene was cut from later airings. (In the edited version, the scene cuts out just before Rocko picks that "berry")
Later reruns of the episode "Wacky Delly" cut at least ten seconds of footage from the Wacky Delly pilot, including a couple of shots of Salami whacking Betty Bologna with the phone, and an additional shot of him belching at the camera.
In the episode "Snowballs", Heffer walks out of a shot after refusing to pay ten dollars to use the restroom. The original version's off-camera zipper sound effects were removed in the reruns.
For a while, Nickelodeon pulled the episodes "Leap Frogs" out of circulation due to sexual innuendo, and paired the cartoon that it originally aired with, "Bedfellows", with "Wallaby on Wheels". As a result, the cartoon that "Wallaby on Wheels" was originally broadcast with, "Heff in a Handbasket", was also temporarily pulled from the network.
In recent years, Shout! Factory began releasing "season sets" of the show on DVD. However, these versions are still missing the footage that was cut from Nickelodeon's subsequent airings.
The episode "The Good, the Bad, and the Wallaby" originally contained a scene where Heffer was hooked up to a milking machine, as well as a follow-up scene in which Heffer says goodbye to the milking machine. Both scenes were cut in later re-runs.
The episode "Road Rash" originally had a scene where Rocko and Heffer stop for a night at the No-Tell Motel, and manage to get a room thanks to premature departure. There also was a line of dialogue about "Johnson Rods" that was changed to "Curtain Rods".

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