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Season 2

15 Jan. 1995
Hard Cheese
Henry and the newly-promoted Detective Sergeant Cambridge investigate a Peeping Tom who steals ladies' undies and makes detailed obscene phone calls - all to women involved with restaurants, including Margaret. Henry suspects Hugh Downing, his handsome cheese supplier, but he turns out to have quite a different secret and ultimately it's Margaret who catches the culprit.
22 Jan. 1995
Brown Bread
A customer is found dead in Pie in the Sky's toilet but when the emergency services arrive his corpse has gone. Henry traces his car and finds the boot full of paper money, after which the man's son comes to the restaurant, pursued by two detectives who claim that the family are notorious forgers and tell Henry that he is out of his league in dealing with them. Inevitably they must be taught a lesson in detection.
29 Jan. 1995
The Policeman's Daughter
Whilst Fisher's wife is abroad, his daughter Jane changes her name and her hair colour to Magenta and goes off with a group of travellers, squatting in a field owned by Henderson. Henry brokers a deal to move them on and teaches Fisher that a little humility goes a long way in effecting a reconciliation with Jane.
5 Feb. 1995
The One That Got Away
Trout farmer Bill Pritchard's fiancee Jean goes missing after he has accepted a lucrative take-over by a chain fishery and pushy Inspector Browning accuses him of her murder, even before any body can be found. Bill's friends Henry and Margaret are not convinced despite Bill's confession that he may have killed her whilst drunk and set their own little trap to haul in the one that might otherwise have got away.
12 Feb. 1995
Dead Right
Faith Revelle, a psychic medium who is appearing at the Middleton Theatre, has been receiving daily hate mail and, as she has helped the police in the past, Fisher asks Henry to investigate. At first he is cynical and accuses her of sending the letters to herself in order to gain publicity for her forthcoming book. However, not only is she totally innocent but she also uses her psychic gifts to clear up a young girl's recent death.
19 Feb. 1995
Black Pudding
In addition to sorting out a feud between John and Steve, Henry answers a distress call from his culinary idol, the cantankerous Hilary Smallwood, who, in a moment of weakness, gave power of attorney to her nephew Colin. Not only has he sold her cottage and put her in a home but he is after the rewards to be had if he can publish her saucy memoirs, which she has entrusted to old flame, pig farmer Seymour Flint - who makes divine black pudding. Hilary is not long for this world but even from beyond the grave she can get one over on her greedy nephew.
26 Feb. 1995
Swan in His Pride
Fisher takes a reluctant Henry to Bath, where undercover officer Lorraine Foster has seemingly become the third victim of a serial killer. Henry learns that she was keen to pose as the girlfriend of the main suspect and had had several affairs, including with her suspended Chief Superintendent. Her colleagues are defensive, with only Detective Jan Connor offering Henry any help. He believes one of them may have killed Lorraine.Is he right?
5 Mar. 1995
The Mild Bunch
The man who wounded constable Ian Lefebvre and put him in a wheel-chair is being paroled, so Fisher, to keep Ian otherwise occupied, teams him with Henry in pursuit of the elderly Coverly sisters, mistresses of multiple cheque fraud and queens of cuisine who always leave their victims a delicious bread and butter pudding. Henry's task is three-fold, to give the embittered Ian his self-respect back, catch the ladies and, most important, obtain their wonderful recipe.
12 Mar. 1995
The Mystery of Pikey
Whilst vulgar businessman Barry Wilkes and his family are eating at Pie in the Sky, his house is robbed. Barry and other worthies are convinced that this - and other crimes - are down to local bad boy Karl 'Pikey' Elves, but Henry is not persuaded that the boy acted alone and sets out to prove he had inside help. Henderson and Steve, meanwhile, are more concerned with catching pike than Pikey.
19 Mar. 1995
Lemon Twist
After a rave review by a hard to please food critic Pie in the Sky does a roaring trade. Henry, however, is at a boring police seminar where Fisher admits he is disillusioned by the job and considering quitting. Henry swaps their assessment papers, hoping it will aid his retirement chances but the trick backfires. A visit by another food critic ends in disaster and things go back to normal - to Henry's relief.

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