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Remember this one?
travelnut518 March 1999
Great show! I'm sad that it was cancelled. While most people don't even remember this show, it seems that the casting director of Jerry Maguire had a faint recollection. Watch the movie closely, and you will notice that Angela Goethals was cast in a tiny role as a tennis player, and Todd Louiso played Chad, the nanny.
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This was a great show!
emgosselin3 April 2005
I really loved this show! I thought it was one of the best in the 90's! The sad thing is that it was canceled and has not been rebroadcast! What I don't understand we have reruns of several different TV shows but this one hasn't been thought of!How any times can we watch the Cosby Show, Full House, and many others. Don't get me wrong I love these shows too but they have had so much air time. They really need to put this on DVD and have some reruns on too. This is a show that can be watched by young children. I was a young kid when this show was on and my parents approved this wholesome and funny show for there children to watch without supervision. I just hope that they will give this show a chance to be put back on the air!
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I wish I had them all on tape...
Jenepel3 October 1999
This was an awesome sitcom. If I had realized how short lived it would be at the time that it was on I would have gone to great pains to tape them all. As it is I only have two or three. It was just really well done: creative premise, very funny script, good actors, etc. > And if you ever get a chance to watch any of this great show, take it because you won't regret it! I am really surprised that some of the actors didn't go on to bigger things. I looked over their credits and they really have not done much since...except the aforementioned spots on Jerry McGuire, which I was pretty excited about when I saw :-). The little girl (Mary Margaret) especially was very maybe she will pop up again somewhere. Anyway, I guess that is all. This was just a GREAT show.
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One of the Best Shows Ever
ZachDVD24 September 1999
It was a shame ABC axed this show after one season, I bet if it was on longer a bigger audience would have been built. Either way, Phenom is a gem. It's a sitcom with some good morals, and is funny without being too corny. The acting is also top notch. I am thankful I do have about every episode on tape, and I occasionally do hold mini marathons where I watch them. The series focused on Angela Doolan, a 16 year old tennis ace. She came across problems all teenagers face: family, friends, pressure and her overbearing coach. I even went to a taping of this show (if you see the episode where Coach Lou's friend dies, listen closely to hear a stupid fake laugh, that's me). I swear, if I had enough money I'd buy the episodes/rights from Columbia themselves (okay I am going nuts). Maybe the Fox Family Channel or Disney or some cable channel will somehow notice this show and buy them and broadcast the episodes. If you ever get a chance to see this show, see it and enjoy. Oh yeah, whatever happened to Angela Goethals?
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Speaking of Todd Louiso....
Remember the episode where Mary Margaret (Ashley Johnson) was sitting on her bed in her room telling Brian (Todd Louiso)how much she her Cabbage Patch Doll reminded her of him? He asked why because it's warm and cuddly? NO. Because he makes you feel safe? NO. And Mary Margaret looks him straight in the eye while she is stroking her Cabbage Patch Doll's bald head and didn't say a word. It's been 10 years and every time I think of that scene it just cracks me up! When I saw Todd in Jerry McGuire as the nanny, that whole Cabbage Patch Doll scene popped in my head! Phenom was a great show that got canceled way too soon. I'd like to see it on TVLand!
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I miss this show
rricci8 December 2001
I thought me and a friend were the only one who liked this show. I thought all girls were cute, but the thing that drew me the most was how over the top Brian Doolan was. I remember one episode where he was say how his mom walked in on him when he was REALLY enjoying a magazine's pictorial. I'm laughing right now thinking about that scene. I wish this series would be release on DVD or tape. I would buy it. Or re-broadcast
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Quirky and not too bad
heatsand23 September 2002
The premise for the t.v. show "Phenom" was actually pretty original but the show was not particularly amazing. It was just ok. What I found myself tuning in to see was the older brother character played by Todd Louiso. He was neurotic and funny, not to mention much less gifted than the main character (played by Angela Goethals). He was a very original character for a sitcom. I was pleasantly surprised to see Louiso pop up recently in "High Fidelity" as one of John Cusack's record store employees. Louiso and Jack Black were great together! Check out "Phenom" if it's ever on t.v. for Todd Louiso.
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I can't believe I had forget about this show
punkass-425 February 2007
The weirdest happened to me today. Out of nowhere, I had this image pop into my mind about some show I used to watch in college, where there was a tennis girl played by the crazy daughter of the CTU boss in Season 4 of 24, and her coach was played by the Secretary of Defense in that same season of 24... and that's all I could remember, and it was driving me nuts! Finally, I realized it was Phenom that I had watched many years ago. I'm so glad I had this freaky random flashback, otherwise I would have forgot all about this show. The first thing I did was go to, and I was so disappointed it's not out there on DVD. It was an awesome show! The ABC Family channel has many back-to-back reruns they do for the same show everyday for other 90's sitcoms, like Family Matters, Full House, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch... they have more than enough room to squeeze Phenom in there.
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phenom... loved this show!
drep68131 December 2006
HA! Thats funny because the only episode of this show that I remember was the one where she was learning how to kiss. If I recall she paid some boy to help her learn and then her boyfriend walked in on them. Funny. I was only 11 when this show aired, and I loved it! Weird though that I don't even remember Judith Light being in it, and you think I would, being I was such a big fan of Whos the Boss. All these years later I can still remember EXACTLY what the main character of this show looked like. I think it was probably very cheesy, considering I like it when I was 11, but thats how most shows were back then. I miss shows like this these days!
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It deserved better
bitbucket-misc014 December 2006
I really liked this comedy -- it managed to be poignant without being cloying or overdone. Todd Luiso did a very good job and so did William Devane; both their characters were funny. But the rest of the cast was good also. Their characters were more the straights to offset the other two, but that doesn't mean they didn't do a good job.

The failing of this sitcom -- like so many others -- was that it was based on a story and characters with a Catholic background. The USA is a predominantly Protestant society. You just don't have the numbers to be a big success with a Catholic story line on network TV. However, this series captured the essence of the whole Catholic experience more truly than any other I've seen.

I was upset when it was quietly canceled and still -- like Cato repeating "Carthago delenda est" -- remark about it.
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