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16 Oct. 1993
Le voyage à Plattsburg
Popa and Moman won a trip to China.
New You
Réjean and Thérèse try to enrolled all the family in a pyramidal sale.
La thérapie de Caro
Caro try to deal with her Oedipus complex with Popa.
Le souper avec une vedette
Popa won a dinner with Guy Carbonneau.
Le roast de Rénald
Moman and Lison organized a surprise party for Rénald, who is not in a good mood for his birthday.
Le blind date
Love, love and love. Moman try to find love for Pogo. Réjean and Thérèse just came back from a matrimonial consultation.
Le retour de Rod
Moman and Caro try to make Rod assume his age and to stop to be a playboy. Popa try his new alarm system.
Le souper du dimanche
Every Sunday evening Rénald and Lison eat with Moman and Popa. This Sunday, Moman and Popa will try everything, with Réjean and Thérèse, to get rid of them.
La pierre au foie I
Moman is in the hospital, Caro in a sect, Thérèse thinks she's pregnant and Popa ask Pogo for some help at home.
La pierre au foie II
The end of Moman is near. Everyone wait in a different way.
Thérèse au Wacdo
Thérèse try to work at a WacDo with the help of her parents. Réjean ask himself the meaning of his life.

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