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When the show was broadcast in the UK, many viewers wrote in to chide Charles Shaughnessy over his "fake" English accent, and suggested he practice with co-star Daniel Davis on how to do a proper English accent. The cast found this quite amusing, as Shaughnessy is a native Englishman, born in London, while Davis is an American, born in Arkansas. In another nod to this funny situation, an episode in the final season, has Niles appearing in Gracie's school play of Cleopatra, where he receives bad reviews, one of which, is how his English accent sounds fake.
The dog "Chester", which appeared as CC's (Lauren Lane's) dog in many episodes, was actually Fran Drescher's dog, Chester Drescher.
Sylvia and Morty were the names of Fran Fine's parents on the show. They were also the names of Fran Drescher's parents in real-life.
C.C.'s full first name, Chastity Claire, is finally revealed during the series finale.
"The Nanny" was more of a family affair than most shows, since Fran Drescher's company produced the show, and hired many friends and relatives to be regulars, guest stars, and production staff. The show was also on six years without a major change in casting, which was due, in part, to the congenial working conditions on the set of the show.
It's mentioned throughout the series that Maxwell (Charles Shaugnessy) passed on the musical "Cats", which has been noted as his biggest career mistake. In several episodes it's also mentioned that he passed on "Hair" and "Tommy" as well.
During the show's fifth season run, Lauren Lane and Rachel Chagall became pregnant. But unlike other sitcoms that hid their pregnant actresses behind props, or had them sitting all the time, producers of this show made no attempt to hide or explain the growing bellies, except for one episode where C.C. makes a reference to Elaine on Seinfeld (1989) being hidden by props when she became pregnant, and she is jokingly hiding herself with props.
Niles' family name is never revealed.
After cancellation of her sitcom Princesses (1991), Fran Drescher flew to Europe to meet her former co-star Twiggy. On her flight to London, she coincidently sat next to CBS Executive Jeff Sagansky and talked him into a development meeting upon her return to Los Angeles. Subsequently meeting Twiggy and her children in London, Drescher came up with the idea of The Nanny (1993), and pitched it later to Sagansky, convincing him to produce it.
To cover Lauren Lane's absence during the end of her pregnancy, a storyline was introduced featuring C.C. being sent to a sanitarium.
Several episodes were shelved after the network decided to have the show cancelled.
In real-life, Fran Drescher has an older sister named Nadine, just like she does on the show.
Whoopi Goldberg, Coolio, Rosie O'Donnell, Rita Rudner, and Steve Lawrence all had two guest appearances in the show, one as a character and one as themselves.
Throughout the series, viewers see that Maxwell has a brother (Nigel) and a sister (Jocelyn), but they are never shown in the same episodes. Also, in episodes where Nigel makes an appearance, Jocelyn is never mentioned, and when Jocelyn is in an episode, Nigel is never mentioned.
Brighton's (Benjamin Salisbury's) middle name is Milhouse.
The producers planned to make the main character of Fran an Italian-American, but Drescher wanted the character to remain Jewish. The character of Val Toriello, however, is Italian-American, although Rachel Chagall is actually Jewish.
Renée Taylor (Sylvia) was originally billed as a guest star, so that the network wouldn't be involved with her casting. She remained a guest star for the entire series, although appearing in almost one hundred episodes, including the entire final season.
Ann Morgan Guilbert is only five years older than Renée Taylor, the actress playing her daughter.
Yetta's background changes throughout the show, more than anything else in the series. She had her sweet sixteen on Ellis Island, she came to America with an arranged marriage, she got married in the old country, she fled Poland for her first wedding anniversary, she got married because she got knocked up by the seltzer man, she was on the Titanic, she was at Pearl Harbor, her story constantly changes. However, the show made a running gag out of Yetta's senility, so there is an explanation for the many contradictory stories about her past.
In Italy, where the show is broadcast with the title "La Tata", Fran's name is Francesca, and her origins are not Jewish, but Italian (from Frosinone in Ciociaria, to be more precise).
In one episode, Fran Drescher plays a guest character named Bobbi Fleckman. Fran Drescher played Bobbi Fleckman in This Is Spinal Tap (1984).
When the show was still being developed, the Sheffield family only consisted of two children: Brighton (Benjamin Salisbury) and Grace (Madeline Zima). The networked wanted there to be an older daughter, for whom Fran could become a mentor, so the character of Maggie (Nicholle Tom) was created.
According to the bonus features on the series box set, Brighton and Grace were names that Series Creators Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson had picked out for their potential children. They divorced in 1999, and had no children.
Fran Drescher guest-starred as herself on the penultimate episode, reminding Fran Fine Sheffield and the audience not to miss the series' finale the next week.
Fran is short for Francine (also Fran Drescher's real name)
After the pilot aired, the network thought that the character of C.C. didn't need to be an "every episode" character, and debated if she should be reduced to a thirteen-episode guest star during the first season.
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On Reddit, a user called "Wig_Splitter" stated he was the original animator of the opening sequence, providing every frame of animation on paper, and then colored with computers by other animators (a rarity at the time) due to being a rushed job. Also, his employer did not enjoy the pilot of the series, and thought it would be short-lived.
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In an episode, Fran says her aunt Frieda (her father's sister) almost made it as a singer, until her boyfriend Steven went and met Edie, in the final season, when Fran's much talked about, but never seen, father is finally show. He was played by Steve Lawrence of "Steve and Edie".
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Nicholle Tom has worked with Fran Drescher and Debi Mazar. Drescher in this show, and Mazar in Beethoven's 2nd (1993). Mazar and Drescher are best friends in real-life, and have worked together several times.
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There was a Turkish version of the show named Dadi (2001).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Rachel Chagall's twins (born 1999) are named Eve and Jonah; the same names as Fran and Maxwell's twins, Eve Catherine and Jonah Samuel, born on the show.
When the ratings originally began to decline, the network heads gave Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson a choice to either end the series at season five, or marry Fran and Maxwell in season five, to ensure a season six.
Maxwell had two different people play the role of his sister, one when she gets married to her driver, and the other at Maxwell and Fran's wedding.

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