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8 Jan. 1996
Fashion Show
When Mr. Sheffield rushes Fran out the door to a premier before she can get a matching handbag, she ends up on a magazine's fashion mistake list.
15 Jan. 1996
Where's Fran?
When Fran gets Mr. Sheffield to teach her a lesson about smoking for Maggie's sake, he pushes Fran right out the door to the Clinton residence.
22 Jan. 1996
The Grandmas
When her mother throws her father out of the house, Fran seeks advice from her grandmothers. She also thinks that Mr. Sheffield needs a change in his life.
5 Feb. 1996
Val's Boyfriend
Val's new boyfriend starts to move in on Fran.
12 Feb. 1996
Love Is a Many Blundered Thing
Thinking Mr. Sheffield wants her to be her valentine, she puts up a billboard in Times Square.
19 Feb. 1996
Your Feets Are Too Big
Fran is going crazy because her foot model reunion is coming up and her feet went up an entire shoe size.
26 Feb. 1996
Where's the Pearls?
Fran loses Elizabeth Taylor's string of black pearls.
4 Mar. 1996
The Hockey Show
Fran dates a very superstitious NY Ranger who claims that her red shoes jinxed the team and caused them to lose. After a much heard comment, the entire City of New York thinks that she is a jinx.
11 Mar. 1996
That's Midlife
After Fran beats him in tennis, Maxwell is feeling old and goes out and buys a younger image and a sports car.
29 Apr. 1996
The Cantor Show
Fran suggests that her cantor boyfriend should audition for Maxwell's next show.
6 May 1996
Green Card
Brighton's handsome French tutor proposes to Fran who finds out he is flirting with other women and needs a green card.
13 May 1996
Ship of Fran's
Fran decides to take a cruise to meet guys and Mr. Sheffield and family join her.
20 May 1996
A Pup in Paris
Fran runs onto Mr. Sheffield's plane with his bag and ends up having to go to Paris with him. On the flight back as the plane is plummeting down he tells Fran that he loves her.
18 Sep. 1996
The Tart with Heart
Upon returning home from Paris, Fran couldn't be happier when C.C. says Maxwell just hired her for her looks. To find out if this is true, Fran tries dating a blind guy. Meanwhile Maxwell tries to back-peddle after what he told Fran on the plane.
25 Sep. 1996
The Cradle Robbers
After Maxwell tells Fran to make Maggie break up with a 25 year old, Fran starts dating his same age friend.
25 Sep. 1996
The Bird's Nest
Despite Mr. Sheffield's objections Fran helps Brighton with his science project. He plans on hatching some bird eggs, but Fran waits too long and hard boils them.
9 Oct. 1996
The Rosie Show
After getting picked from the audience for the Rosie Show, Fran finds herself a regular, giving parenting advice. As her celebrity grows, Maxwell becomes afraid he's going to lose her.
16 Oct. 1996
Freida Needa Man
With Aunt Freida broke, she moves into the Sheffield mansion. Fran's solution is to get her boyfriend to propose, but instead he has a heart attack.
30 Oct. 1996
Me and Mrs. Joan
Fran tries to have Maxwell and his father make peace by inviting the secretary that broke up his parent's marriage to dinner.
6 Nov. 1996
The Taxman Cometh
Fran is watching Jay Leno's dog and getting audited by the Internal Revenue Service.
13 Nov. 1996
An Affair to Dismember
With Maxwell busy it's up to Fran to show his brother Nigel around New York. Nigel is enchanted and proposes to Fran.
20 Nov. 1996
While lecturing Maggie about not getting a tattoo, Val lets it slip that she and Fran got one when they were teenagers. Now Mr. Sheffield is dying to know where it is.
11 Dec. 1996
The Car Show
Mr. Sheffield won't get Maggie a car, so she convinces Fran to enter a beauty contest to win her one.
18 Dec. 1996
Hurricane Fran
When Fran takes a vacation with Val to get away from her job and the kids, a hurricane hits their tropical paradise.

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