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25 Mar. 1994
Moses at Mt. Sinai
Scholars have speculated for years as to the exact location of Moses' climb up the mountain to speak to God and to receive the Ten Commandments. There are many proposed locations for Mt. Sinai.
1 Apr. 1994
Jesus at the Galilee
In the Bible, the Sea of Galilee is a special and mystical place. The backdrop for many Biblical scenes, it is where the Bible tells us Jesus hand-picked His disciples, and also where He walked on water.
8 Apr. 1994
Joshua at the Wall of Jericho
The ancient town of Jericho was first excavated in the early 20th Century. By the 1930s, a British archaeologist, John Garstang, had concluded that indeed the story as related in the Bible could indeed have taken place.
15 Apr. 1994
Cities of Evil: Sodom and Gomorrah
A major archaeological dig undertaken in 1980 found evidence that the two "twin" cities, Bab Edh-Dhra and Numeira were destroyed by fire some 5,000 years ago. The ruins are extensive and well-preserved.
22 Apr. 1994
Masada: The Last Fortress
Masada is the famous story of the failed Jewish revolt against Roman authority. The historian Josephus relates the tale of over 900 men, women, and children dying by their own hand rather than being taken into slavery or killed by the enemy.
29 Apr. 1994
Jesus: Holy Child
An inspiring portrait of the life and times of Jesus Christ.
6 May 1994
A Violent God
Both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament contain stories of violent holy wars, murder, and personal rage. What role do scholars see this violence playing in a message whose overall theme is essentially peaceful?
13 May 1994
Noah and the Flood
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20 May 1994
Scarlet Women of the Bible
Although the Bible contains stories of righteous heroines like Ruth and Mary, it also covers tales of more infamous female characters like Jezebel, the Queen who led her people to worship the pagan god, Baal
27 May 1994
Jerusalem: Holy Deadly City
Jerusalem is the spiritual center of three of the world's major religions. What makes this city so unique? What secrets are hidden underneath the Old City's homes and businesses, far from the view of Jerusalem's tourists?
16 Sep. 1994
King David: Poet Warrior
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