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The Rules of Being 16
Azalyn decides to go back to her childhood home on planet Ashran for some well deserved time off. The planet itself hasn't changed much since she lived there, but its inhabitants have and they have a grudge against the Raalgon Empire.
The Samurai's Narrow Escape
Kojiro's been called to serve as a test pilot for a new UPSF fighter prototype. However, during his first test flight with another test pilot, an encounter with Raalgon fighters puts them both and danger.
The High-Tech Opposition
A breakthrough in powered armor has been uncovered, the Type-96 Newtype. Andressen is unnerved when he discovers it was the last thing his friend developed before his tragic death. The military soon learns that this new weapon has a mind of its own.
White Christmas
Christmas Eve is just around the corner and Yuriko decides to see if Tylor would like to spend the holiday with her. Tylor accepts, but quickly finds himself being diverted from his destination by a young boy who is alone on the holiday.
If Only the Skies Would Clear: Part 1
UPSF transport ships on the frontier have been falling prey to strange attacks. Yuriko Star has been brought on to analyze the occurrences, but she soon finds herself the target of a mysterious effort to obscure her investigation.
If Only the Skies Would Clear: Part 2
The mysterious attacks on the frontier have claimed the ship of the recently promoted "Captain" Yamamoto. Returning to the fleet in shame, he struggles to find his resolve as Yuriko begins her search for the cause of the disasters.
From Here to Eternity: Part 1
With Yamamoto's help, Yuriko is starting to unravel the mystery behind the attacks on the frontier while the Raalgon Empire remains embroiled in a power struggle instigated by Prime Minister Wang.
From Here to Eternity: Part 2
The course has been decided and the Raalgon are moving to attack the UPSF. As the two fleets draw closer, Yuriko uncovers the full measure of disturbing truth behind the incident with the "red light."

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