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5 Feb. 1996
Alien Rangers of Aquitar: Part I
Zordon calls on the Alien Rangers to help defend the Earth after the Power Rangers are made helpless.
6 Feb. 1996
Alien Rangers of Aquitar: Part II
Alien Rangers defends the Earth against Master Vile and his army of monsters.
7 Feb. 1996
Climb Every Fountain
Billy and the young Rangers devise a scheme to outsmart the monsters.
8 Feb. 1996
The Alien Trap
Billy and the young Rangers attempt to free the Alien Rangers from a toxic lake.
10 Feb. 1996
Attack of the 60' Bulk
Rita and Zedd turn Bulk into the Brat Boy monster.
12 Feb. 1996
Water You Thinking?
With the child Rangers journeying through a time portal, Zedd sends Witchblade to keep the Alien Rangers from hydrating.
13 Feb. 1996
Along Came a Spider
In the distant past, Adam searches across Korea for his Zeo Crystal.
14 Feb. 1996
Sowing the Seas of Evil
As Katherine and Tommy seek their crystals, Lord Zedd, aiming to thwart the Alien Rangers, prepares to bring the Emperor of the Dark Waters of Aquitar, Hydro Hog, to Earth.
15 Feb. 1996
Hogday Afternoon: Part I
Zedd and Rita send the Hydro Hog to Earth to suck up all the water.
17 Feb. 1996
Hogday Afternoon: Part II
Aisha faces a difficult decision in her Zeo Quest while the Alien Rangers battle Hydro Hog.

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