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4 Feb. 1995
Rangers Back in Time: Part I
Lord Zedd casts a spell that turns back the hands of time and turns the Power Rangers into kids! He then unleashes a monster that traps them in a photograph.
11 Feb. 1995
Rangers Back in Time: Part II
A young Bulk and Skull are on the run with the picture of the rangers which is exactly what Lord Zedd, Goldar, and the monster are after. Alpha 5 is charged with regaining the picture so that the rangers will be freed. Once released, they must destroy the monster as well as the heavily guarded Rock of Time to undo the spell.
13 Feb. 1995
The Wedding: Part I
The rangers are going to Australia just as Lord Zedd is recharging. Rita Repulsa, meanwhile, is back and ready for revenge! She orders Finster to make a potion for Lord Zedd to make him fall in love with her when he awakens. Alpha 5 misses the rangers so much that Zordon suggests that he take a walk; when he returns, he creates havoc for the rangers by tricking them into going to a place where an assortment of monsters from the past attack them. To the rangers' horror, they find that they can't escape, and they are outnumbered and can't use their powers!
14 Feb. 1995
The Wedding: Part II
The rangers are fighting for their lives with no end in sight! They search desperately for a way out but find monsters at every turn. Lord Zedd awakens from his slumber and asks Rita to marry him. Goldar is very unhappy to say the least especially when he's charged with planning the wedding ceremony. The rangers find a way out; Lord Zedd makes some of the monsters gigantic. Alpha 5 sabotages the zords while the rangers are in battle, forcing them to retreat. They teleport out.....only to find themselves back in the theatre from which they had just escaped! Meanwhile ...
15 Feb. 1995
The Wedding: Part III
Everyone on the moon but Goldar is excited as Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd tie the knot. The rangers hatch a plan to escape again while Rita and Lord Zedd are traveling to Earth to personally destroy them. Goldar sends monsters who eagerly pursue the rangers in attempt to stop them from reaching the Command Center. When they finally get there, Billy fixes Alpha 5 and restores Zordon who reveals that the pursuing monsters are gigantic now and attacking the city. Can the rangers defeat so many at one time?
20 Feb. 1995
Return of the Green Ranger: Part I
Rita summons the Wizard of Deception to send the rangers back in time. There's just one thing that stands in their way...the White Ranger. The Wizard casts a spell on Bulk and Skull to obtain something from him to resurrect the Green Ranger! The Wizard finds Tommy; the Green Ranger is reborn unbeknown st to the rangers! Tommy feels ill after a spell was cast on him during battle and goes home to rest. Green Ranger Tommy tricks the other rangers into meeting with him; they are sent back in time to late 18th century Angel Grove finding themselves trapped completely ...
21 Feb. 1995
Return of the Green Ranger: Part II
The Green and White rangers engage in battle and are perfectly matched until the Wizard drains the White Ranger of his powers and orders the Green Ranger to bring back Dragonzord to destroy Angel Grove. Back in late 18th century Angel Grove, the rest of the rangers are aided by a girl who helps them escape. The Wizard shows up an casts a spell on some rats, making them human-sized and unleashing them upon Angel Grove. The rangers are horrified at not being able to use their powers and are forced to flee.
22 Feb. 1995
Return of the Green Ranger: Part III
The Dragonzord is reawakened and is under the evil influence of the Wizard. Tommy is weakened from having his powers temporarily drained from him and can barely function. The White Tiger zord is no match for the Drafonzord while The White Ranger is in such a state. The Wizard and the Green Ranger corner him; he tricks them into revealing the whereabouts of the rangers. Afterwards, Zordon reveals what must be done to free the rangers. What will the rangers do when there's trouble in both worlds? Can the Green Ranger be defeated? What will become of him?
29 Apr. 1995
Best Man for the Job
Rita and Zedd turn the class election into an ugly rivalry for Kimberly and Tommy.
1 May 1995
Storybook Rangers: Part I
There's a book fair at Angel Grove High, much to the delight of the rangers. Tommy buys a book for Kimberly that she has loved since childhood, which inspires Rita to trap the rangers inside. Once inside, Lord Zedd orders Putties to retrieve the book, and somehow, they end up inside the book. The Putties snatch the toys so that the rangers can never leave. To make matters worse, two boys found the book and returned it to the book fair! Adam, Aisha, and Billy can only watch in horror as Tommy, Kimberly, and Rocky are being attacked by a monster that lives in the snow. ...
2 May 1995
Storybook Rangers: Part II
Adam, Aisha, and Billy find themselves in a race against time to find the book in which Rocky, Kimberly, and Tommy are trapped before it's too late! They are forced to search through hundreds of books, not knowing which one they are looking for. Unbeknown st to Bulk and Skull, Lord Zedd and Rita create a monster with the materials they were using to create their own monster. Kimberly, Tommy, and Rocky are stuck in a cave until Grumble saves them. The trio decide to ask the wizard that cast the spell on Grumble to help them; he gruffly refuses. Back in Angel Grove, ...
8 May 1995
Wild West Rangers: Part I
The rangers teleport to the Command Center, but Kimberly ends up going through a time hole. Next thing she knows, she's in the wild west! Things take an interesting turn to say the least when she meets her friends' respective counterparts. The rangers finally discover where she is but have to stop Goldar, a cactus monster, and Putties from going through the time hole with the intent of destroying Angel Grove only to find themselves outnumbered. To make matters worse, the rangers are paralyzed before they can prevent them from traveling back in time; the time hole ...
9 May 1995
Wild West Rangers: Part II
As a last resort, Kimberly teleports to the Command Center. Zordon gives her what she'll need to face the cactus monster, if her friends' ancestors will help. There's just one problem...they don't even know how to fight.
20 May 1995
Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Billy makes a special project for art class; he catches the eye of one of his female classmates, Violet, who makes a perfect likeness of Billy. Rita casts a spell on it to make it real to take his place while the others are preoccupied by the Putties. Needless to say, the rangers are puzzled by "Billy's" odd behavior. Tommy suspects that something's up, which forces Rita to send the Putties and Goldar. Meanwhile, it's the most unlikely source that frees the real Billy but how will they know who's whom? Time's running out and the rangers don't have their Morphers!
2 Sep. 1995
A Friend in Need: Part I
The Rangers travel to Edenoi to check on Alpha's creator, when they encounter the Masked Rider, who believes they have come to harm him.
9 Sep. 1995
A Friend in Need: Part II
The Rangers and the Masked Rider team up to fight Count Dregon's warriors.
9 Sep. 1995
A Friend in Need: Part III
The Rangers rush back to Earth to fight off an attack by Repelletor.
11 Sep. 1995
Ninja Quest: Part I
There's a new villain in town.....and he's none other than Rita Repulsa's brother, Rita Revolto! He's got a few surprises for Rita and Lord Zedd that spell trouble for the rangers. Back on Earth, the rangers are celebrating their volleyball game victory; Bulk and Skull shock everyone when announce their decision to join the Junior Police Department! Rito sets up an ambush for the rangers using monsters from the past. Things go downhill when nothing the rangers do can stop Rito. The rangers are defeated and are forced to watch in horror as their zords are destroyed ...
12 Sep. 1995
Ninja Quest: Part II
The rangers are sent to another planet to find a temple in which dwells the only one who can help them. The rangers encounter a few discouraging mishaps, he most dangerous of which is the Tenga Warriors! They are forced into a cave and search desperately for a way out only to find a surprise; but is it a good one or a bad one?
13 Sep. 1995
Ninja Quest: Part III
Tommy has disappeared and when they find him, they come across the guardian Ninjor who is less than eager to help them despite their pleas. He finally realizes that they are good at heart and begrudgingly agrees to aid them. Back on Earth, Bulk and Skull get much more than they bargained for when they join the Junior Police Academy. The rangers gain new powers and zords unlike anything they've ever known which come in handy when taking on the Tenga Warriors. Now they have to go back to Earth to take care of Rito. If only they knew about the monster that emerged from ...
14 Sep. 1995
Ninja Quest: Part IV
When the rangers return to Earth, they take on Rito Revolto, Rita Repulsa's baby brother, to put their newfound powers to the test. They defeat Rito, which greatly angers his sister and her husband especially since he boasted that he could destroy the rangers. Unbeknown st to the rangers, the monster on the planet from which they got their powers is ordered to attack the temple and Ninjor. Can the rangers fix the Command Center and get there in time?
18 Sep. 1995
A Brush with Destiny
Based on Kimberly's dream, Rita and Zedd create the Artistmole monster who steals the color out of life.
19 Sep. 1995
Passing the Lantern
Rita and Zedd attempt to steal Adam's heirloom lantern for its power.
20 Sep. 1995
Wizard for a Day
Rito and Zedd turn a science teacher into "Marvo the Meanie" as Rocky attempts to teach his class.
23 Sep. 1995
Fourth Down and Long
Rocky must drop kick Rita and Zedd to save the Rangers from Centiback, a monster who changes people into footballs.
25 Sep. 1995
Stop the Hate Master: Part I
The Hate Master causes the Power Rangers to fight among themselves and make plans to quit.
26 Sep. 1995
Stop the Hate Master: Part II
Aisha holds the secret to stopping the Hate Master and reuniting the Rangers.
2 Oct. 1995
Final Face-Off
All but Kimberly go to the museum and learn about the face-stealing monster that piques Rita's interest. While the rangers are kept busy, Squatt, Baboo, and Rito steal that which contains the monster and keeps it bound so it can't harm anyone. To the rangers' horror, Rita releases it and sends it to Earth. Aisha's and Adam's faces are stolen in battle; it takes a few things from the museum to defeat it, but is there any way to restore Aisha, Adam, and countless others who have lost their faces?
9 Oct. 1995
The Potion Notion
Rito's love potion creates havoc in Angel Grove.
16 Oct. 1995
A Ranger Catastrophe: Part I
Rangers must choose between saving Tommy or stopping Rito's destructive rampage.
17 Oct. 1995
A Ranger Catastrophe: Part II
Tommy is forced to defend himself against Goldar and Rito.
31 Oct. 1995
Changing of the Zords: Part I
Kat has eyes for Tommy, as well as a power coin that she is ordered to bring to Rita so that Lord Zedd can control the Falcon zord. She steals the coin and casts a spell on the White Ranger during a fierce battle with a gigantic Goldar that allows Lord Zedd to capture the zord and Ninjor, leaving a helpless White Ranger to retreat. Things get worse when Kimberly collapses due to her power coin being in evil hands; Zordon reveals that there are even more powerful zords called the Shogun zords that Lord Zedd will gain control of if he rangers can't recover Kimberly's ...
1 Nov. 1995
Changing of the Zords: Part II
Kimberly is still in a deep sleep due to her being too exhausted to do little else. Tommy's frustrated at being helpless to do anything to help her; Kat is trying to win him over while pretending to be a friend. The rangers are distracted by a monster so that Rita and Lord Zedd could capture Kimberly. She awakens and is unable to be of any help to anyone because of how fragile she is since her power coin still in enemy hands. Kimberly stubbornly goes to Kat's aid when Tengas surround her at the risk of losing the rest of her powers and being destroyed and collapses ...
2 Nov. 1995
Changing of the Zords: Part III
The rangers reluctantly agree to do what Lord Zedd asks; Kat is beginning to regret what she's done. They find out where Kimberly's being held and form a plan to rescue her, fearing that it might be too late. Lord Zedd is furious when he discovers their plan and sends the Tengas to handle all but Tommy, whom he'll personally take care of. The Tengas mess up the rangers' equipment; a monster attacks them. Rita brings the new Shogun zords to the rangers and orders them to destroy Angel Grove, threatening Kimberly's safety. Tommy outwits Lord Zedd and barely retrieves a ...
4 Nov. 1995
Follow That Cab!
Kimberly's excited when a world famous gymnastics coach is in town, and Tommy insists she meet up with him. Bulk and Skull are on duty when Kimberly's car gets stolen, and they carjack a cab that's turned into a monster while they're still inside! While they're unwillingly given a ride for their lives, the rangers catch up on their new Sharkcycles! The rangers are torn when the monster becomes gigantic and there's nothing they can do to free their friends at the moment without destroying them!
6 Nov. 1995
A Different Shade of Pink: Part I
Rita vows to keep Kimberly out of the gymnastics competition for the Pan Global Games.
7 Nov. 1995
A Different Shade of Pink: Part II
Rita and Zedd use Ninjor to bargain for the return of Katherine.
8 Nov. 1995
A Different Shade of Pink: Part III
Zordon tells the Rangers that the decision must be made by them. In the Moon Palace, Rita is insulted by Zedd, who doesn't believe she can pull it off, and she, in return, replies that Ninjor and the Rangers will soon be gone. Kat reveals to Kim that she, too, was in the Pan Globals as a diver, but injured herself and ever since acquired a hate for the water. She later explains to Tommy and Rocky that they should let her go, but the two refuse and think of another way. Tommy and Kat meet Rita, Goldar, and Rito in the park where they exchange their items and divulge ...
11 Nov. 1995
Rita's Pita
Tommy preaches the importance of eating right to one of his students who doesn't have healthy eating habits, which inspires Rita to get the Ravenator to go inside Tommy and make him want nothing but junk food. Tommy's ravenous appetite makes him stuff his face nonstop; Kat discovers what's going on and informs the other rangers. How will the rangers destroy a monster that's inside Tommy's stomach without harming him as well?
13 Nov. 1995
Another Brick in the Wall
Katherine comes up with a plan to clean up an old lot and she recruits her friends to help her construct a new homeless shelter on the weekend. However, Rita Repulsa is still angry that Katherine is no longer under her spell and turned out to be a "goody-goody" Power Ranger. With the help of her brother Rito Revolto, the resulting battle causes the ruin of Katherine's day of work building the shelter. Before they can repair it, four of the Rangers are soon entrapped by Rita's newest monster, the Brick Bully, but Katherine helps release them with the aid of Alpha 5. ...
18 Nov. 1995
A Chimp in Charge
Katherine and Aisha help teach a monkey, Kelly, to communicate with sign language for a school assignment. However, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd turn the monkey into the Sinister Simian monster to lure the Power Rangers out to fight it. Now, the Rangers have to find a way to defeat the monkey monster without harming it and return the monkey back to normal.
20 Nov. 1995
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor: Part I
Rita's father, Master Vile, arrives to do what she and Zedd have failed to do -- destroy the Rangers.
21 Nov. 1995
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor: Part II
Master Vile and his evil crew appear to be winning the battle against the Power Rangers.
22 Nov. 1995
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor: Part III
The Rangers decide the only way to win against Master Vile is to journey to a distant galaxy.
25 Nov. 1995
I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
The Power Rangers are forced to try to save Christmas -- without their powers.
25 Nov. 1995
The Sound of Dischordia
Master Vile uses Dischordia to try to control the Pink and Yellow Rangers with her voice.
27 Nov. 1995
Rangers in Reverse
Master Vile turns back time to gain control of the Earth and turn the Rangers into helpless children.

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