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Love it!
Maryann17 May 2006
I got back into watching this show when the DVD's were released. I had taped the show off cable years earlier so I've been able to reacquaint myself with the whole series.

I would hate for others not to want to watch the series because they only think that the first two seasons are the only good ones. True it does start to lose some spark in the middle of the 4th season but I think that was more the network's problem than anything else.

Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher had incredible chemistry throughout the whole series. Dean's portrayal of Clark/Superman is the best as far as I'm concerned. Even though Superman was a superhero he never felt he was above anyone. Clark even came across as a hero in his own right. He was incredibly sweet and romantic, not to mention yummy on a stick.

With a terrific supporting cast, this show is the perfect "chick" series.

People have commented on the fact that they shouldn't have gotten Lois and Clark together when they did, but most of the fans were angry at the network for keeping them apart as long as they did. This was pretty evident when the ratings started dropping during the clone/amnesia/New Krypton arc (which I really liked--there I admit it).

This is a wonderful fantasy-romance-action series that still holds its own 10 years after it left the network.
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Love it!
creole_femme22 January 2006
This version of Superman has always excited me because Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain have such awesome chemistry with each other. Dean Cain makes expert display of Clark Kent's restraints and clumsiness and Superman's authority as a Metropolis savior and his playfulness as the keeper of Lois's affections. We can see his turmoil between being who he has to be and being who he wants to be...with lots of comedy in between. Hatcher, in my opinion, is by far the best Lois to date. She has strength and class and isn't afraid to take chances with her character. She'll sing, she'll dance, she'll turn on the baby-voice...and she gives Lois a persona so stubborn, only Superman can get her to see the truths about herself and the people around her. Add in Lane Smith, who's so ridiculously funny in his Elvis-ized Santa suit and you have pure comedy. Lane Smith is the wise man of the group, fostering Justin Whalen through his mishaps and growth as a photographer and a young man. Justin Whalen's Jimmy Olsen has a certain naiveté' necessary to balance the complex personalities and tensions of Lois and Clark. Michael Landes, who played Season One's Jimmy Olsen, is equally as entertaining...making it difficult to choose who is more deserving of that role. If one invests in such a purchase, it would be hard to be disappointed.
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A fun take on the Superman franchise
Mel J26 May 2006
'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' was one of the better sci-fi shows to come out of the Nineties and it was probably one of the first attempts to give the comic franchises a modern twist.

During the four seasons it aired for, the familiar Superman characters were brought out and given a Nineties touch. While Lois is still very much her tenacious self, Clark Kent was now a confident, well-adjusted guy and was a far cry from the bumbling Clark of the films and comics. His mother Martha is the one who sews his uniform for him while she and husband Jonathan are always on hand to give their adoptive son advice on his love life. Lex Luthor is far more charismatic and he and Lois even have a fling. However, Perry and Jimmy are in usual form and Superman is ever the hero he's always been, fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

Dean Cain made an excellent Clark, portraying the loyalty and strength of the character as well as his uncertainties over Lois and his path as Superman. While Christopher Reeve gave us a very heroic Superman, Cain gave us a hero who was heavily influenced by his Earth upbringing making him very human at times and it does work for this series. Teri Hatcher depicted a beautiful, career-driven Lois who vacillated between arrogance and being insecure, and this softer edge made her a likable character. And John Shea's Lex Luthor was wonderfully evil and intriguing as the almost James Bond-like villain who had fine tastes and minions to do his dirty work.

The story lines were almost always fun and engaging, often capturing a nice balance between drama, action, humour and romance. And unlike the 'Smallville' series, where episodes are very formulaic ((ie, mutant-of-the-week attacks and Clark saves the day so he can get back to his brooding over Lana), this series avoids that plot hole by covering different villains and plots. The only problem, that eventually saw the show's demise, was when Lois and Clark married as this lead to it becoming too soapy and cavity-inducing although it did serve as a lesson to future TV show producers that you should always pair your leads together in the finale, not half-way through the series.

'Lois and Clark' was never meant to be a deep, dark insight into Superman's history but instead just an entertaining show aimed at both young and old, and I think it succeeds. Newcomers to the show should check out the first three seasons to see it at its best.
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It's still magical
Maria Eduarda Eloy19 December 2005
This is my all time favorite TV show. I first started watching it as a child and even though I didn't get all the plots at the time, I was mesmerized by the superhero in the blue and red suit. As years passed and I watched the show again on reruns, the intensity of the romance between Lois and Clark became what captivated me the most. I believe that this is definitively the best caricature of what would an amorous relationship between Lois and Clark (and not Lois and Superman) be. The idea of Clark being a normal guy (with superpowers, yes, but still trying to pursue a seemingly normal life)and Superman being his cover is a good change. Another good thing is that the show's merit doesn't rely only on the main characters. The supporting characters of Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Martha and Jonathan Kent, Lex Luthor and Cat Grant(this one unfortunately only during the first season) added many of the best moments in the show. Unfortunately, and I guess everyone realizes it, during the third season the show started having some really weird plots with no such thing as coherence. It was still fun but there was something lost along the way. Nevertheless, it's still the best TV show I've ever seen. The only that truly caught my eye from the very first moment. To this day I'm still a fan and it's still magical for me to sit in front of the TV screen and watch another episode of this great show. So, thank you very much Deborah Joy Levine and all the others that wrote all the episodes we watched, to Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Lane Smith, John Shea, Michael Landes and Justin Whalin, K Callan, Eddie Jones, Tracy Scoggins and all the other actors who performed such great roles, and at last but not least thanks to rest of the crew for making this Superman fly.
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Best Television show ever
met_girl20002 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman is the best television show that I have ever seen. Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain really lit up the small screen, they had amazing on screen chemistry and pulled off the roles of Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman to perfection.

Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain had the gossip wheels turning for years over an *alledged* affair. Even though Teri was at the time married to Jon Tenney, who guest starred on Lois and Clark for a few episode as a kinda bad guy however is character was hard to define.

Overall I think that this T.V show was great and it is about time that it was released on DVD. Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain should definitely be paired up again on a movie or T.V project1
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Great and Charming Entertainment For Children and Adults
Claudio Carvalho10 February 2005
Yesterday I watched a VHS released by "Warner do Brasil" with the pilot episode of this TV series. The story begins with Clark Kent (Dean Cain) arriving in Metropolis and being hired by Perry White (Lane Smith) to work in the Daily Planet with Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher) and Jimmy Olsen (Michael Landes). Meanwhile, Clark misses his parent Jonathan Kent (Eddie Jones) and Martha Kent (K Callan) and is harassed by his colleague Catherine "Cat" Grant (Tracy Scoggins). However, he has a crush on Lois Lane. Meanwhile, a spacecraft explodes and a scientist, considered mad by his community, advises that there was a sabotage on the launching. Along the story, it is disclosed but never proved that Lex Luthor (John Shea) was the responsible for the explosion. Clark becomes the Superman, and Lex Luthor his greatest enemy. I was not a regular viewer of this series on TV, but I liked most of the episodes that I have seen. This VHS is excellent, introducing the characters of "Superman" in a delightful story. The beauty of Teri Hatcher would be enough to support this movie, but the chemistry between the handsome Dean Cain and the gorgeous Teri Hatcher is also a wonderful attraction. "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" is a great and charming entertainment for children and adults. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Lois & Clark: As Novas Aventuras do Super-Homem" ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman")
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Excellent Show!
Eightiesjunkie3 November 2008
I've always been a huge Superman fan but never cared for the Superman films because: Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent is always a big goof, Margot Kidder sucked as Lois Lane, and Gene Hackman couldn't do Lex Luthor justice.

Lois and Clark finally does Superman right.

Dean Cain plays a terrific Superman and a very lovable Clark Kent. (Who, unlike in the films is just an ordinary guy with hopes and fears like everyone else.)

Teri Hatcher in my opinion, is the essential Lois Lane. no other actress that has played the role can compete with hers.

Same goes for John Shea's Lex Luthor, Lane Smith's Perry White, and both Jimmy Olsens. In conclusion if you you are a Superman fan watch this show. It's one of the best.
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A Greek point of view
abotsakou7 October 2002
First of all, I 'm Greek, so excuse me if my English are not perfect. I read all of the comments here. The day I 'm sending this L&C's third re-run here in Greece is still continuing, but as I could see it's close to its end. Well, I have to say I 'm a BIG FAN, and I 'm glad to know there are also many fans of one of my favorite - ever TV series. I have to admit, though, L&C was not perfect. My opinion is that it was REALLY GOOD. It had a really good casting - Dean Cain (who is very handsome) is not that short, for God's sake! - and all of the actors fitted great into their roles. The script was also good, and I don't agree with the ones who said that after Lois and Clark's wedding it went bad. And of course I enjoyed the large amount of humor in it. About these flying - scenes... Well, the truth is they could be more and better. I have to say, I never was a Superman's fan, and I 've watched only one of Christopher Reeves movies. (And I liked it.) What is completely wrong for you to say (I don't mean to be rude), is that Dean Cain didn't try to make Clark Kent and Superman look different. OF COURSE HE DIDN'T!! Clark and Superman ARE the same person!! They can't be THAT different!! They have the same character, the same feelings, the same looks... because they ARE the same. They ARE one and only person. So, this is the right way for this role to be played. I agree also with this focusing in Clark's life. After all, HE is the main character. And the problems he has is what we want to see (and his struggles with the bad guys, of course), because, even if we know he doesn't really exist, we like to feel him close to our lives and feelings. If a Superman is what we need, and we can't have him in our true lives, let's just watch him! Last thing I have to say is that I would really like the idea to see Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher back as Clark Kent and Lois Lane again, to a new series or a movie. I hope I will. If I won't, though... I hope I see another Superman, because he's a really interesting idea. Congratulations to his "inventors".
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The Best TV Series Ever...
tarheelrko91910 August 2009
This show premiered when I was 11 years old. I instantly fell in love with it, and watched it faithfully until it was taken off the air. The chemistry between Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher was incredible, something you rarely see on television shows now. The idea that the show was based around Lois and Clark, and not completely about Superman, was great. The building and growing of Lois and Clark's relationship during the series is something that will never be duplicated. I could go on and on about the different things that made this show great. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman is truly the greatest and best TV series ever.
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Wonderful promise, but the show couldn't live up to it
screenhound2215 February 2004
As a loyal fan of L&C, I have to say that I loved most things about the show. Teri Hatcher turned in my favorite portrayal of Lois Lane to date. Lane Smith's attitude as Perry White was usually enjoyable. Most importantly, Eddie Jones and K Callan set a new standard as Jonathan and Martha Kent. Originally billed as recurring characters, their efforts on screen were just too wonderful to be denied and became a staple of the show through its many ups and downs.

Dean Cain was solid as Clark--and the idea that Clark was a person with problems and goals and insecurities of his own and that Superman was the convenient guise he used to help people always appealed to me. I know that most of the die-hard fans are of the opposite opinion, but humanizing Kal-el and focusing on his relationships with his family, his friends, and the love of his life was one of Deb Joy Levine's truly masterful ideas. The ensemble cast of the first season with Michael Landes as Jimmy Olsen and Tracy Scoggins as Cat Grant worked superbly together onscreen. John Shea turned in a respectable performance with a good mix of glitz and sinister ambition for a '90s Lex Luthor. I loved almost all the episodes that first season and one of my abiding regrets is that the show's writing staff and cast changed for the second season. Nonetheless, the first two seasons were both solid (even if the alternating introduction of competing love interests became grating after awhile).

Much as I hate to admit it, the show didn't end too early. The wheels came off in the third season with the much-despised clone-amnesia arc and the disturbing introduction of the concept of New Krypton. By the close of the fourth season, a consistent villain was nowhere to be found and the idea of Lois's possible pregnancy, of a Superfamily, wasn't strong enough to help the show recover from a disastrous newlywed phase.
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John T. Ryan1 September 2005
An adaptation of a feature character like SUPERMAN will have a great deal of variance, not only in the era that it is in, but also the audience (demographics) that is desired to r-r-r-r-reach. This was a point always taken into consideration by National Comics Publications( AKA DC Comics), the Copywright owner of Superman and his friends. Therefore in the 1950's, National/DC published comic magazines such as SUPERBOY and JIMMY OLSEN to appeal to the younger kids,especially boys.And alas, they did the girl's Superman magazine, LOIS LANE.All featured Superman, but with a little different spin or, point of view, if you will.

With the appearance of LOIS & CLARK, they were sort of giving us a girl's version of the Super saga,much like the comic book LOIS LANE.But this telling was a program designed to get the female audience, without alienating the guys.

Much like the BATMAN TV of 1966-68, there was a large cross section of the viewing public who grew up with and were quite familiar with the storyline. The answer to the problem was to add plenty of humor, not of the "Camp" type of the Batman show, but some sort of resembling what has come to be known as "Screwball" comedy. The adventure story line is still there, but the humor allows a wider group of people to view the episodes.

The result was a Superman series with wide appeal that fit very well in with its time slot in history as well as ABC's programing schedule.
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Lois And Clark The New Adventures Of Superman The Best !
MilfordBoy99126 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
it was way back in 1993 when lois and clark aired the first season i was just 3 years old now i'm 17 i can fully appreciate the brilliance of this show Dean Cain Is By Far The Best Clark Kent/Superman and Teri Hatcher Is The Best Lois Lane/Kent it is not only about the man of steal it's also about the romance between lois and clark. my favorite episode is called "Swear To God This Time Where Not Kidding !) this is the episode in which lois and clark finally married it is the third episode of series 4

so to summarize it is the best superman show Ever !

from the best decade ever ! the 1990's

love,hate and lex luthor its all here in lois and clark the new adventures of superman 1993-1997 the best
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MartyManiac2 June 2002
Dean Cain is nothing less than perfect in the role as Clark Kent (CK). That goes for Teri Hatcher as well, her portrait of Lois Lane is just...SUPER!

The different directors and screenwriters have done an excellent job of bringing Clark Kent back to the screen. The idea of giving Clark Kent a full background and some real space to act in, is just ingenious. Lane Smith and Justin Whalin are also worth mentioning - they are both excellent in their roles as Perry and Jimmy.

Now, why haven't this fantastic series come out on DVD?
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Look! Down In The Gutter! (Ooops!)... I Mean... Look! Up In The Sky!
Dalbert Pringle26 October 2016
You know, I really don't get why this TV program's title starts off with Lois's name. I mean, she's certainly not the reason why anyone that I know would be tuning into this show. She's not. No. It's Clark (aka. Superman) that we're all here to see. Right?

And, speaking about Clark/Superman - It really kills me that it's just a pair of eyeglasses and a business suit that's the only distinguishing difference between the appearance of this 2-in-1 character - And, yet, everyone in Metropolis is so thick and in need of an eye-examination that they can't see the obvious.

Anyway - This 1993 TV series was definitely on the disappointing side - Weak and predictable story-lines - Cookie-cutter character types - Lame special effects - Cringe-worthy attempts at humour - And, most disappointing thing of all - Absolutely no chemistry happening between the Clark and Lois characters.

*Trivia note* - Dean Cain is the only actor to ever play the Superman character who was under 6 feet tall.
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Nostalgic moments
bbanzai74 July 2010
When I was 14 years old the HBO aired it every week in Hungary and from the pilot, I watched all the episodes. I liked it very much. I could buy the first two seasons a few weeks ago and I started watching the series again and I could not stop watching it. It reminded me of my childhood but nowadays I got older I can give a more realistic review... The first season was the best, then I don't know why they swept out Lex Luthor, who is an ancient enemy of Superman and here he "lived" only one season and later he got only guest appearances... The first season was about Superman and his activities but then in the second season it went background and the whole season was only about the romance of Clark and Lois. I think at this moment it went downhill. All the episodes were about "Sorry Lois, now I have to go" and the lame excuses. At the end it bored me and everybody knew that Clark is going to reveal his identity soon. I do not understand why the writers had to hurry with that already in the second season... Was it necessary ? Many times the 43 minutes were not enough to finish an episode correctly. Meanwhile they could not show a decent date between Lois and Clark suddenly Clark popped the question... on the other hand the fight against enemies were too short in an episode I guess. Sadly, I think the budget was low so there were no big special effects, superman did not fight against "alien" superheros, or they (he and his enemies) did not ruin whole Metropolis in big fights for example. So then Clark showed his identity and there was no any "excitement" in the plot for an average TV viewer. Of course, I was a fan like many others, but the ratings went down and it killed the show... I am sad and now I am watching the series again and again and it reminds me of many nostalgic moments... I hoped maybe one day they will continue, but time went by slowly. It ended 13 years ago. Some cast members died by now... So there is no hope anymore...
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The Best, No Matter what the person 2 Comments (Maybe more) below mine
Ryan X 21512 November 1999
This TV Series was simply THE BEST TV Show EVER made, next to Star Trek, Of course, It had romance, action, drama and even emotional moments that make you shed a tear, ABC made a huge mistake by canceling this show, and I shall forever hate them for it (unless they make a movie where it left off)
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A different look at an American hero (Superman). A must watch due to one of the most beautiful women in the world Teri Hatcher.
Brian-2728 December 2000
I only watched episodes from time to time when "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" aired on The American Broadcasting Company. Now since Turner Network Television airs "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" I watch more episodes. I must say that for one what a great TV-series it is combined with the beauty of Teri Hatcher it makes you feel ready for a great time. Dean Cain is your prototype Clark Kent/Superman with his looks and physique. The show became such a hit due to the great chemistry that existed between Cain and Hatcher. I must say what a beauty Hatcher is I tell you Teri Hatcher is the main reason I watch "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"! And is Teri's Lois Lane character a damsel in distress or what? Every episode I watch Teri (Lois) is either tied up and gagged or has her mouth taped with duct tape. Teri's Lois Lane character happens to be the most tied- up and gagged character I have ever seen in one certain TV-series or perhaps in Hollywood history. Now you can call her a damsel in distress. What were the shows producers and directors thinking? Poor Teri. To much rope and to many knots for a beauty. But never fear this Superman is always to the rescue. So if you can catch the reruns on Turner Network Television you will not be disappointed.
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I really miss this show - the chemistry between Cain and Hatcher was sensational!!!
OrdinaryDay16 November 2006
Lois and Clark was a fine attempt at bringing Superman to the small screen. Good story lines that were self contained so you did not have to see every single episode to follow the plot, and fantastic performances carried this show!!! Dean Cain was perfect in the role of Superman, and managed to perfectly contrast the nerdy Clark Kent with the courageous, brave Superman! The story lines were to die for - every week there would be some threat to Metropolis and only Superman could save the day. Lex Luther was perfectly cast, and even some of the shows weaker points, such as the budget special effects, did not mitigate the show severely. All in all, a great show and well worth watching.
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It was good... and then it wasn't
Yael.29 July 2000
I got to this show close to the beginning. It didn't took much to make me a huge fan. My friend and I were simply addicted: every Friday we got in her house and perform the ceremony of watching it. We collected every picture of the actors, talk hours on the phone discussing episodes to incredible depths, etc. When we found there were fan clubs on the net, of course we've joined them. And it really was a good show - good plots, interesting villains, wonderful lead characters. It combined science-fiction so well into reality, that not even once we said 'Oh god, this is *so* not true'. Never - it all made perfect sense.

And then came the inevitable romance - after beautifully building a delicate relationship between Lois & Clark, things could only go down. The third season was bearable, but the fourth was simply horrible. From two strong, independent souls we got a mush of love, from the worst kind. And he who hasn't seen the brilliant Lois Lane saying 'Oh, Clark...' with her eyes bright from unshed tears - wouldn't understand me.

The drama got back to the origins of Superman - the cartoons. The characters became flat, the villains - one-dimensional.

And I lost the magic hours on Friday afternoon.
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For a while, it was lovely ...
Ravenswing11 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Catching on like wildfire after Beauty and the Beast fizzled out, this show had the fantasy romance crowd locked in, and it worked very well indeed for a time.

Unfortunately, the show joined the ranks of Dallas, St. Elsewhere and Dynasty with one of the all-time "Screw you, audience" plots: Clark, who had been saving himself for marriage, marrying the clone of Lois instead of the real deal. It wasn't so much jumping the shark as gaffing it and serving up the baked fillets to the viewers.

Combined with the inevitable strain of shows which actually get their male and female leads together, along with much thinner plots in the show's final season (you already have Superman, you ought not NEED dei ex machina like "Mike" to make things All Better, never mind with an ep title like "Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding"), this put a stake in the heart of the show. 'Tis a pity.

I'd give the series 7/10 for the first couple seasons, and maybe 4/10 at best thereafter.
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You will believe Dean Cain can fly!
TheMan30515 July 2002
Little girl: I like your costume.

Superman: Thank you, my mom made it for me.

This show was awesome! Until H.G. Welles showed up. I will get into that later.

Anyway, this show was like only 50% faithful to the comics but in terms of character development this is the most faithful adaption ever! More faithful then the movies and any other Superman show or cartoon. Almost every Superman movie and show make the mistake of stating that Superman is Clark Kent which is complete Bull S**t! They say Clark Kent is Superman in disguise which is also incorrect. If you're a Superman fan then you know damn well that Clark Kent IS Superman not the other way around.

That's one of the reasons why I love this show. The others are this:

Outstanding (and faithful) character development

good story lines

and the sexy Teri Hatcher.

Plus it mixed humor with action! Now like I was saying this show was great until H.G. Welles showed up. Then it went downhill from there. I'm sure that's why this show got canceled.
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Watch With Someone You Love
Brownsbros39 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Lois and Clark put a different twist on the classic tale of the Man of Steel. Instead of focusing on the villains, the show mainly focused on the Superman-Lois-Clark triangle. The early seasons were very well done, with some great drama. However, once they got rid of John Shea, who did an excellent job as Lex Luthor, the show went downhill.

To me, it got too campy. It started turning into the 1960's Batman series. The guest villains included Sherman Helmsley and Isabel Sanford aka the Jeffersons, Howie Mandel, Harry Anderson, Drew Carey and Kathy "Mimi Bobeck" Kinney, and the guy that played Mallory's boyfriend Nick on Family Ties. Not exactly striking fear in anyone is it? What kept the series going was the incredible sexual chemistry between Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. They were perfect together. Many regard Hatcher as the best Lois Lane ever, and I'm inclined to agree. Though watch out for Erica Durance on Smallville.
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A great show, a bunch of disappointing reviews.
aureala20 February 2003
In spite of the thinning plot in the last two seasons, I still find myself searching for people to which to write about releasing the series to a video platform of some kind. It was terrible to see the series gone. I think with a little effort, they can pick up where they left off and give a few of us starving, die hard fans a little scrap of carrion to feast on from the carcass of the dead series. I think that dean cain played a brilliant and refreshing superman/clark kent. Though venom is spewed freely around his portrayal in a painful and grotesque line of commentary, I found that I rather more enjoyed the somewhat shy and yet brilliant reporter take than the blithering idiot from the comic series and horrible late 70s movies. I, however, am not a "superman geek." I believe that it should be enjoyed for what it is: a fun little diversion, not to be compared to the original. I can only assume that the people who wont get over christopher reeves also eat only at the same restaurants when they go out instead of trying new experiences. Though the suspense of lois being almost able to see through clark's facade kept me on the edge of my seat in frustration, I still enjoyed the series once the cat was out of the bag. It was almost a relief that she knew. I do, though, have one small comment on the marriage episode... Who the heck is mike? At any rate, I think it would be a shame if they did not resume the series.

Come on guys, dig a little deeper. I'm sure you can find some new and interesting ideas that can give us what we want.
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Okay in the Beginning
Brian Washington26 February 2004
This show was pretty okay in the beginning. It pretty much was a welcome change to see a show that focused on one of the great romances in comic book history. You finally got to see Superman as more than just a superhero but as a regular person struggling with his identity. You also got a Lois Lane that was not the damsel in distress that Phyllis Coates (who ironically played Lois' mother in a few episodes) and Noel Neill. Lois became more of a liberated woman and a woman of the 90's. Unfortunately, as the show went on, it began to suffer the same fate that the original Superman series did as it began to become more and more campy and rely too much on in jokes like Batman did. Too bad though, this should have been the show that made it okay for superhero show's to become more serious and have strong characters rather than characatures.
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Lois and Clark season two, the best season.
alex wiggan10 January 2006
If Season one was the appetiser, then season two is the main course. This is the season that really nails Lois and Clarks relationship, as the audience witness the love triangle of Lois/Clark/Superman continue as Clark and Lois begin dating different people whilst secretly yearning for each other. The will they, won't they relationship is firmly at its best during this season as Lois remains oblivious to Clarks other life, and Clark fresh from the rejection at the end of season one, has no idea where to go from here. As far as character development of the two leads goes, this certainly is the best season, it never shines so brightly as it does here, but it does suffer from missing some of the supporting cast established during season one.

The lack of Cat, as Lois's office rival is a shame, but the biggest downfall of the season is that Lex Luthor (John Shea) is sadly missed, only popping by for a brief appearance. His absence lays way for Metroplois to be overrun with second rate villains, who Lois and Clark must stop, week in week out. Even the appearance of Comic book villain Metallo is just a poor excuse to wedge a character familiar to fans into the show. Thank god for the introduction of Tempus then, who proves that a new character just as threatening as Luthor could be created, in arguably the best episode of the season and possibly one of the best of all 4 years. Tempus offers a villain who has a personal interest in seeing Lois and Clark fail, and this is the beginning of a number of his appearances.

I highly recommend this boxset, for the sharpness of the dialogue between the principle actors, the introduction of Tempus and the season cliffhanger alone. Throw in Luthor, red kryptonite and a very romantic dance to 'fly me to the moon' and despite any of its downfalls, you have a great second season.
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