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It was an awesome show.

Author: Kevinisha Gordon (bigchief0418) from New Orleans, Louisiana
22 July 2004

I loved Living SIngle. Queen Latifah is one of my idols and I used to make an attempt to take a 30 minute break out of my day to watch this. The producers should have been very proud of this outstanding and remarkable show. I wish they would show the re-runs more often in New Orleans. On the last episode everyone went their seperate ways and went on to live their lives by themselves. I wonder if Max and Kyle reunited for the sake of their unborn child, and if Regine ever got married or settled down with someone, or if Khadijah's magazine made it bigger than what it already was, or if Synclaire and Overton made plenty babies. Someone should make an attempt to make a Living Single Reunion movie. I think it would be a big hit. And they should air it on the WB.

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Living Single #1

Author: lharrigan1 from United States
9 August 2006

I love the show. I record all episodes on Direct TV every day shown on Oxygen. Thank you Oxygen! My 8 yr daughter has become a very big fan of Queen Latifah through watching Living Single reruns. I love the witty banter shared by the girls and their male friends upstairs. I love that all the girls were successful in their own careers and always supported each other. I want to know why Regine left the show so abruptly? That final episode of her marriage proposal left so many unanswered questions. The writers for the show were so very creating for the first 4 years but they let the fans down with the final season ending with some many hanging story lines. I vote for a Living Single reunion.

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An absolute FOX classic!

Author: Grace Zeh ( from Chantilly, Virginia, USA
23 January 2006

"LIVING SINGLE," in my opinion, is an absolute FOX classic! I don't think I've seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. However, I think it was always funny when a mishap occurred. I always laughed at that. It would have been nice if all the main characters stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, even though it can be seen on Oxygen now, I heartily recommend you catch it just in case it goes off the air for good.

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I love this show !

Author: bonoandme2 from California
23 April 2000

This show is kinda like THE GOLDEN GIRLS but with a younger cast. It's funny and highly entertaining; and unlike t.v. shows like FRIENDS, this show is actually funny and intelligent with a brilliant cast! I wish it wasn't cancelled prematurely. It can still be seen in reruns on FOX.

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Living Single....the apartments, lifestyles and clothes are not realistic? Yeah, they are.

Author: papiz_girl from United States
19 June 2009

I love, love, love Living Single!! It is TRULY one of my favorite shows of ALL TIME. It had some truly great story lines and was funny as all get out....and it "looked" like me.;-) Now, what I am not understanding are the comments suggesting they could not afford their lifestyles. THAT IS SO NOT TRUE.

Think about it: Kyle and Overton - Kyle is a SUCCESSFUL stockbroker and Overton is THE Handyman for the building. So, would it not be correct to assume that their apartment had a HUGE discount for Overton's services? And, can we not also deduce correctly that since Kyle IS a successful stockbroker ON THE RISE with NO KIDS and NO WIFE, it is completely feasible he can afford the apartment, his designer clothes, and art collection not only WITH Overton, but by himself as well?

The girls: Khadijah OWNS her magazine. Though struggling, she is STILL a business owner. Regine was a buyer for a high-end boutique, THEN a wardrobe assistant for a MAJOR soap opera and eventually, an Event Planner for WEALTHY clients. Now granted Synclaire is a receptionist, but she is ALSO an actress. She has to make decent money on the side from that. Last, but not least, Max lives across the street in the same neighborhood. She is a successful lawyer, has been a partner in a top law firm AND an Alderwoman and is now the TOP attorney in the NYC Public Defender's office. I'm thinking EACH one of these "tenants" HAD to make a MINIMUM of $50k per year in NYC, with Kyle, Max, and possibly Khadijah on the higher end of $75-85k or better, wouldn't you agree?

To state my case :-)......this is the 90's in BROOKLYN. Even if these apartments were $3600 per month, which IS about practicable for BROOKLYN brownstones at that time, why can't we not assume that each one of these ladies could afford $1200 each per month? Or, in Kyle's and Overton's case, $1800 a piece BEFORE Overton's "live-in" Handyman's discount is applied, making the apartment surely close to, if not free? Or, in Max's case, approx $2000 per month for rent on a PARTNER's salary, a partner who comes from a FAMILY of LAWYERS (i.e. wealthy parents)? I just do not see a huge disparity, if any, between their lifestyles and their incomes.

Carrie Bradshaw's rent controlled apartment on Sex and the City in MANHATTAN on the UPPER EASTSIDE in 2002 was approx $750 per month. (In Season 4, she was looking for apartments around that price range after her building went co-op and she wasn't sure if she would be able to purchase it).

So, my point is (and to sum this sermon up lol).....if Carrie did this on her own with multiple pairs of $450+ shoes in Manhattan on a writer's salary (no matter if we are in TV Land *wink*).....tell me why my beautiful, each successful in their own right, black "family" cannot REALISTICALLY afford their digs in Brooklyn with three apartments and SIX incomes between them.......TOGETHER.....IN THE NINETIES....WITH NO RESPONSIBILITIES.....AND UNDER THE BILL CLINTON ADMINISTRATION??? I'm just saying.......:-)

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Favorite Show of All-Time

Author: J Cummings from United States
21 January 2008

I never knew how much I missed this show until the first season came out on DVD, and then I couldn't wait to watch every episode all over again.When the show first came on back in the 1990s I was still a teenager but wanted my life to turn out like theirs. Living in a big city with my college friends and still being able to hang out with people from my childhood. Now that I am in my mid 20s some of those things have come true; I have a friend who acts like Max, I still hangout with several of my childhood friends, and I got a Kyle and Overton, we just don't all live in the same area. Point to all of this is they just don't make shows like this anymore. I watch crime drama now, but I still like a good laugh now and then, even though the show was fictional a lot of the issues they discuss were real topics. Me and girlfriends watched the episode when Max started dating Regine's ex and it caused friction between them, we sat and laugh at the episode but we discussed how that would hurt our friendship. I really miss this show and will always be a Living Single fan.... hurry up and bring out the rest of seasons on DVD!!!!!!

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Put the episodes on DVD

Author: LNPoind from United States
7 October 2007

How long do we have to wait for Season 2 to come out on DVD!! This show was a forerunner of Friends, Sex in the City, and Girlfriends. I am hoping for more Living Single. And not the chopped up episodes in syndication. We've waited long enough I believe for this show to get it's proper treatment. I'll say it again. And again. How long do we have to wait for Season 2 to come out on DVD!! This show was a forerunner of Friends, Sex in the City, and Girlfriends. I am hoping for more Living Single. And not the chopped up episodes in syndication. We've waited long enough I believe for this show to get it's proper treatment.

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One of the best!

Author: missjustine44 from United States
11 October 2005

Living Single is one of my favorite TV shows and I generally don't like sitcoms. I used to watch Martin first, then this show on Sunday nights in the 90s. I was thrilled to discover it on reruns on Oxygen and still love it. All the characters are great, although Sinclair was my least favorite. Regine, Latifah, and esp. Kyle were fabulous. Queen L. is very funny and relaxed in her role and seems like someone you know. Kim Fields' timing and delivery is consistently dead on. Maxine was good, but as the series evolved her character became cartoonish. I wish the actor who played Kyle Barker would show up again somewhere--he was wonderful. I miss Kim Fields too!! Highly recommend this show!!!

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The Forerunner To Friends: Amusing, Light-Hearted -Yet Far More Intelligent

Author: waiching liu from London, England, UK
15 July 2010

Living single was lauded as the African-American version of Designing Women and Friends. With the latter show being a forerunner to Living Single.

Like Friends, it was based in New York- only this time in Brooklyn and as opposed to just 3 guys and 3 girls, there were 2 guys and 4 girls who all hanged out in a little apartment.

The show's ensemble cast was one of the best, let alone in a Black sitcom; Queen Latifah was superb as Khadijah- she was laid-back but also, had a no-nonsense yet still firm attitude. Erika was at times hilarious as Maxine, Kim Fields was very, very good as Regine and managed to be sharp and sweet too. My favourite was Synclaire (notice the spelling, there is an 'e' at the end of it); played by actress and later TV host, Kim Coles. She was by and large the Black version of 'Phoebe' from Friends. Kooky- yet subtle, quirky and silly. Which is good!

Another Friends- like character was Kyle- he was the show's version of Ross but he was less goofy and more reserved, he came off as being very 'dashing' and exquisite in contrast. Almost posh-like. And last but not least was Overton- he was the more laid-back, easy going, fun loving guy.

Arguably, most of the jokes and funnier moments were much better handled and executed well; thus, it stood out more than NBC's worldwide hit, Friends. Each character had their own agendas, as well as individual personalities and the actors all had depth and they brought something different to them to make them as likable as interesting as they are.

I also noticed whilst watching a few of the episodes that there seemed to be an air of intelligence, especially in the writing that made this head and shoulders above many other black sitcoms. Not just in the 90s but the early 00s as well. For instance, whilst Synclaire was portrayed as being an 'air-head' in many respects, she was also very loyal, compassionate and had a innocent and endearing charm about her. Nearly child-like that is. The scripting of Living Single was excellent.

One's initial viewing of this show would be this is a 'chick' show, but for a so-called chick sitcom, Living Single was both clever AND amusing.

I read also that like many sitcoms over the last decade, Living Single fell foul to terrible writing towards the last couple of open-ended episodes of the final season, which later resulted in its cancellation by network Fox- only for the series to be brought back and wrapped up in the final 3 eps.

Living Single was very under-rated as a show; the characters were well developed and story-lines were well-written; the writers did extremely well in juggling and handling both the humour and drama.

The rights were never bought in the UK, and so I don't recall Living Single ever being shown on terrestrial and satellite TV over here. But I have watched a couple of the episodes on-line and for me, it is a really good sitcom. It's a shame that U.S TV has stopped making sitcoms such as this nowadays. Sitcoms that put a smile on your face and with an ongoing plot line, because right now, the TV market is currently saturated with reality TV and drama.

Overall, it was and still is amusing, light-hearted and one of the most intelligent sitcom shows around. Living Single may not have been an outright sitcom classic, yet it was terrific fun that during the 00s its relatively short success was later followed by the likes of 'Girlfriends'- another sitcom that was remarkably similar to Living Single in many respects.

Living Single was a show that was fresh and unique that deserved to be handled much, much better than it was by Fox.

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Great Show

Author: shulma2002 from New York City
29 January 2008

I also never watched "Seinfeld" because I liked this series. It cheered me up every Thursday after returning from visiting my late dad at the nursing home. Thanks to the cast for cheering me up. I also enjoyed "Martin" and "A Different World".These were all Thursday comedies. Thankfully, I can now see "Seinfeld" on endless re-runs on Fox. These shows went across racial lines. The actors could have been any race. Who'd ever think that Queen Latifah would become such a big star? She was nominated for an Oscar. She just won the SAG Award, too. The writing was crisp and biting. Very funny series. Why isn't this series shown on re-runs?

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