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5 Jan. 1995
Singing the Blues
Khadijah is nervous about appearing on camera for an interview. Kyle enters a talent contest and sings. He stammers when Maxine walks into the room and runs off stage.
12 Jan. 1995
Play Ball
Kyle and Regine try to write a screenplay. Khadijah hires professional baseball player Bobby Bonilla to write a sports column while his team is on strike, but it backfires when the employees strike against Khadijah.
2 Feb. 1995
Stormy Weather
Overton heads over to the boutique to pick Regine up during a blizzard while the rest of the gang is trapped indoors as Maxine rides out a possible pregnancy scare.
9 Feb. 1995
The Last Temptation
Maxine gets a coat that Regine set out for donation to charity and it upsets Regine. Synclaire's classmate kisses her and she feels guilty while on her anniversary date with Overton.
16 Feb. 1995
Legal Briefs
Max's old flame, Preston August, becomes her boss. Khadijah's magazine mixes up Kyle's biography with a man who is married and it causes problems in his social life.
23 Feb. 1995
If the Crew Fits
Regine doesn't fit in with her boyfriend's friends. Kyle and Max bet on a bowling game; the loser has to compliment the other for a month.
9 Mar. 1995
Space Invaders
Overton and Synclaire take over Kyle's apartment. Max tries to get a homemade revealing tape back from Kyle before he watches it.
30 Mar. 1995
Another Saturday Night
Kyle goes on a date with a royal princess. Overton gets hustled at the pool hall and Khadijah offers to help him get his money back. Max is bored and decides to get a tattoo.
13 Apr. 1995
Who's Scooping Who?
Regine discovers a doll named Shareen is modeled after her and she goes after the company for royalties. Khadijah's stories keep getting scooped by Marcus Hughes, a writer for a rival magazine.
27 Apr. 1995
Raw Talent
Khadijah tries to get an interview with her childhood friend Vinny who is now in singing group Naughty By Nature. Synclaire has a chance to be in a play, but the role calls for nudity.
4 May 1995
To Grandmother's House We Go
Khadijah and Regine send their mothers on a trip to the Bahamas for Mother's Day. They have to look after Khadijah's grandmother which isn't as easy as they thought it would be.
11 May 1995
Talk Showdown
Synclaire writes to a talk show and gets the girls invited to be the Roommates From Heaven. Things turn ugly on the show and Regine threatens to move out.
18 May 1995
The Shake-Up
Regine moves out and Khadijah must interview prospective tenants. The stress of the tension between her roommates causes Synclaire to begin chain smoking. Kyle saves Max from an armed robber.
31 Aug. 1995
Come Back Little Diva
Khadijah crashes Regine's housewarming party. Regine's new building neighbors are a lot like her old building neighbors.
7 Sep. 1995
The Ex-File
Regine moves back into the brownstone, but the girls have made some changes to the apartment. Overton gets a visit from an ex-girlfriend who he previously proposed to.
14 Sep. 1995
On the Rebound
Khadijah injures Grant Hill in basketball. He goes to her house for an interview and he asks her on a date. Max and Kyle can't beat Synclaire and Overton at any game.
21 Sep. 1995
Grumpy Old Man
Kyle is in a funk because he is turning 30. Synclaire can't seem to keep her plants alive.
28 Sep. 1995
Rags to Riches
Overton and Kyle attend a bachelor party where they see an adult film with the star of the film being the spitting image of Overton. Regine's boutique gets bought out and she gets a new job title that she's not too happy about.
5 Oct. 1995
The James Bond
Synclaire and Khadijah's childhood savings bond matures and they get a check, but they have differing opinions about how the money should be spent. Max hides her black book from Kyle and Regine finds it.
12 Oct. 1995
The Handyman Can
Overton decides to quit his job as a handyman when his work doesn't hold up. Max discovers she is allergic to chocolate.
19 Oct. 1995
He Works Hard for the Money
Khadijah's lie about saving a man's life catches up to her. Kyle tries to sign with an eccentric client.
2 Nov. 1995
Baby I'm Back... Again
Khadijah has been going on many dates, while Regine is experiencing a dating drought. Scooter suddenly shows up and proposes to Khadijah.
9 Nov. 1995
Mr. Big Shot
Overton gets a chance to take a half-court shot to win some money. Max steals Regine's homemade dress for a fancy banquet, but she doesn't know it was made as a tear away.
16 Nov. 1995
Mommy Not Dearest
Khadijah finds Dean Cain's wallet and won't release it to anyone but him. Max's mom comes for a visit and says she wants to have a closer relationship with Max.
30 Nov. 1995
The Following Is a Sponsored Program
A discouraged Synclaire is unsure about auditioning for an infomercial for a dashboard grill, but Max encourages her to follow her acting aspirations. Regine volunteers Max to drive Synclaire to the audition in order to keep her from hanging around the apartment on her day off. Max confronts the director when he dismisses Synclaire without allowing her to say her lines. Meanwhile..Overton is racked with guilt when he continually dreams about the R&B group TLC after falling asleep during its videos.
14 Dec. 1995
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow... Dammit
The gang takes a trip to the mountains for Christmas. Overton is disappointed when a mountain ranger doesn't let him keep up with his family's Christmas traditions.

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