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Season 4

29 Aug. 1996
The Engagement: Part 2
Max runs for office and is under fire when her opposition slings mud. Overton gets back his belongings after the mugging. Khadijah is being sued for libel after Russell prints a story accusing a singing group of ripping off Barry Manilow.
29 Aug. 1996
Ride the Maverick
Regine becomes Max's campaign manager. Kyle has an awful picture for his driver's license. Kyle accidentally reveals Overton and Synclaire's engagement to their families.
5 Sep. 1996
Not Quite Mr. Right
Kyle and Max fight over a parking space. Russell comes to Regine's aid when her boyfriend cares more about his art event than he does defending her honor.
12 Sep. 1996
Not So Silent Partner
Regine thinks her soap opera may be getting cancelled. A big company, Majestic, wants to buy part of Flavor. When the representative comes in, he starts making promises and makes Khadijah the fall guy when it doesn't pan out.
19 Sep. 1996
Moi the Jury
Regine has jury duty and is the holdout juror convinced that sweet 73-year-old Sarah McQueen is guilty of arson. Synclaire starts a hotline, AHA, to support unemployed actors and she is worried when she doesn't hear from one of her regular callers.
26 Sep. 1996
Multiple Choice
Overton and Synclaire argue before taking a mandatory compatibility test for the minister that's going to marry them. They fail the test and the minister says they cannot retake it. Max tries to prove she can get any man by trying to get a waiter's number, but he feels she is too aggressive.
31 Oct. 1996
I've Got You Under My Skin
On her way out of the hospital following a hemorrhoid surgery, Khadijah meets a handsome doctor who asks her out. Later, she finds out he was the anesthesiologist for her surgery and she cannot be physically affectionate towards him. Regine moonlights as a wedding coordinator, but her new clients seem to be from another world.
7 Nov. 1996
School's Out Forever
Max insults the trashman's union and they retaliate by dumping their trash in front of her building. Kyle and Overton go to their high school reunion where Kyle faces his tormentor, Lester Tate.
14 Nov. 1996
Do You Take This Man's Wallet?
Regine learns her soap opera, Palo Alto, has been cancelled. An ex-beau comes back, now wealthy, and asks her to be his wedding coordinator. Regine tries to warn him about hi bride-to-be, but he thinks she is just jealous. Overton and his friend, Ray, invent a wallet alarm system after Ray is the victim of a pickpocket.
21 Nov. 1996
Virgin Territory
Max is shocked to learn her boyfriend wants her to deflower him. She is reluctant because she does not want to deal with the responsibility. Khadijah is going on a ski trip with Charles and Regine suggests she wear and return some ski clothes from a store.
5 Dec. 1996
Riot on the Set
Synclaire lucks into starring in a play when the star suddenly drops out. However, the director thinks she stinks as an actress. Kyle is being blackmailed by an IRS auditor and must teach him how to pick up women.
19 Dec. 1996
Doctor in the House
Snobby guests at an awards banquet for Charles insult Khadijah. Regine tries to make friends with the women at the banquet, hoping it will lead to her dating a rich man. Max spends all of her Christmas shopping money on a gift for herself and gives everyone else a thoughtless gift.
9 Jan. 1997
Mother Inferior
After Overton's van breaks down, he buys a Lincoln from a police auction. Synclaire makes him get rid of it when Max tells them it once belonged to the mob. Regine invites her mother to dinner on a lonely Saturday. Her mother meets a rich man and dates him, but Regine feels he will dump her soon.
23 Jan. 1997
The Clown That Roared
Kyle lands Synclaire a role as a clown sidekick on a popular kid's show. The star of the show is a 12-year-old tyrant who is rude so Synclaire tries to teach him respect. Overton still has not overcome his clown phobia. Khadijah accuses Regine of stealing her grandma's cookie recipe to win a baking contest.
30 Jan. 1997
Back in the Day
Khadijah prepares to win an award for her magazine, Flavor, and the gang flashes back to how things were when Flavor was just a dream.
20 Feb. 1997
Oh, Solo Mio
Regine (Kim Fields Freeman) goes up against another singer (guest star CeCe Winans) to be the star of the church choir.
6 Mar. 1997
Playing House
Max and Kyle lie to their friends about out of town trips in order to sneak off to a hotel together. Regine is suspicious of them and is determined to find out if they are together. While Kyle is away, Synclaire and Overton cohabitate in their apartment to see what it would be like to be married.
20 Mar. 1997
Swing Out Sisters
The girls realize that their busy schedules are causing them to miss out on imports events in each other's lives so they plan a girls' night out. Kyle invites his boss to a fight party and Overton gets upset when Kyle's boss doesn't pay like everyone else.
3 Apr. 1997
Moonlight Savings Time
Overton moonlights as a handyman in Max's building and gets her evicted when he accidentally reveals her illegal satellite hookup to her landlord. Khadijah, Synclaire, and Regine hire a housekeeper because they are too busy to keep it clean.
10 Apr. 1997
Living Single Undercover
Max asks Khadijah to help her uncover an embezzlement scheme in City Hall. Khadijah's new reporter at Flavor has unconventional ways of getting information for his stories. Synclaire tries to help Overton cope with the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore.
17 Apr. 1997
One Degree of Separation
Synclaire's and Overton's parents meet for the first time; (guest stars Gladys Knight; Antonio Vargas; Denise Nicholas; Ron O'Neal)
24 Apr. 1997
Too Good to Screw
Kyle believes his brother, Damon, is throwing away his life by not having a steady job and sets his brother up for an interview with his firm. Damon thinks Kyle works too much and is not really enjoying life. When Regine refuses to plan Synclaire's bachelorette party, Max and Khadijah get Regine's high school rival, Ava, to organize it.
8 May 1997
Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Khadijah's absentee father comes to town for Synclaire's wedding and she tries to accept him for who he is now.
8 May 1997
Never Can Say Goodbye
Sinclair and Overton prepare to tie the knot; and Kyle contemplates a move to London for a new job.

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