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Season 5

11 Sep. 1997
Love Don't Live Here Anymore: Part 1
Kyle buys a one way ticket to London for Max in hopes that she will move there with him. A friend of Russell's, Tripp, moves in and takes Synclaire's room. Overton and Synclaire sail off on their honeymoon, but it is disrupted by a pushy activities director. The newlyweds finally get away from her only to find they are stranded on a deserted island.
18 Sep. 1997
Love Don't Live Here Anymore: Part 2
Being stuck on an island causes Synclaire and Overton to begin bickering. Kyle and Max refuse to reconsider their positions about his moving to London. Tripp tries but fails at winning Regine over.
25 Sep. 1997
High Anxiety
Khadijah goes on a date with Cedric Ceballos of the Phoenix Suns. She gets so nervous before the date that she gets a headache, Max gives her four of what she believes ito be Aspirin, but it turns out to be tranquilizers. An older gentleman comes to Synclaire and Overton's new apartment, looking for the previous tenant, but they cannot bring themselves to tell him that she passed away.
16 Oct. 1997
Reconcilable Differences
Synclaire spends most of her evenings at rehearsal and leaves Overton feeling neglected. He goes out gambling with Tripp and Russell and end up gambling away money he and Synclaire set aside for a new bed. Regine's new relationship is complicated by her boyfriend's relationship with his dog.
23 Oct. 1997
The Best Laid Plans
Max's former law school professor and mentor, Clayton Simmons, comes to town for a lecture. Max has always had a crush on him and plans to make a move. Khadijah confesses to Synclaire that she once spent the night with Clayton and can't bring herself to tell Max. Regine throws out Tripp's date after she wears Regine's robe and uses her bubble bath. Tripp gets back at Regine by not showering and purposely stinking up her party after she cut his soap-on-a-rope.
30 Oct. 1997
Up the Ladder to the Roof
Synclaire and Overton bring home a pile of classic records from the '60s and it gets the gang singing and dancing. Khadijah tries to get some work done and is annoyed by the loud music so she goes to the hallway, but she ends up falling asleep and dreaming she is in an old school singing group called the Flavorettes.
6 Nov. 1997
He's the One
Regine interviews to be an event coordinator for a charity event. She tries to impress a handsome entrepreneur, Dexter Knight, by saying she will take 10% off the lowest bid. She quickly realizes the budget is much less than she hoped and must cut corners. Max has not given Overton and Synclaire a wedding gift so she gives them a blank check, they have a hard time coming up with an amount.
13 Nov. 1997
Three Men and a Buckeye
While traveling to a football game, Overton, Tripp, and Russell pick up a hitchhiker. She turns out to be wanted for robbery. Dexter asks Regine to move in with him and she accepts, but needs help from Khadijah on how to break it to her mom.
4 Dec. 1997
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
A strange client helps Max believe in her ability to practice law.
11 Dec. 1997
Misleading Lady
Synclaire auditions for a play only to realize all the female roles are taken. She dresses like a man and assumes the identity of James "Jimmy" Overton and wins over the directors. Overton is distressed by the fact that Synclaire has to keep up the appearance of Jimmy and he can't be affectionate towards her in public. Khadijah helps Tripp with a jingle and thinks she has what it takes to be a jingle writer.
18 Dec. 1997
In Your Dreams
Khadijah keeps dreaming of kissing Scooter in a hot tub. Max drags Khadijah to a new age retreat where she hopes to find her purpose and Synclaire tags along. Khadijah is shocked to find Scooter and the same hot tub from her dream at the retreat. The two discuss their relationship and work and decide to give it another try. Through hypnosis at the retreat, Max discovers she was a man in all of her previous lives. She realizes she must do something she could not do as a man; have a baby.
1 Jan. 1998
To Catch a Thief
Synclaire is furious to learn that her coworker has stolen her act and used it for his one-man show. She backs down when he tells her a sob story about needing money to pay child support, but she later finds out he has no children and he receives alimony. Synclaire gets a chance to audition for a role as a renegade nun for a new tv series. Max reveals that The insemination took and she is now pregnant. Khadijah agrees to support her even though she feels Max behaved impulsively.
1 Jan. 1998
Let's Stay Together
Overton notices that Max picked her sperm donor from the same clinic where Kyle previously donated, following a near-death experience. When Max describes the donor, Khadijah and Synclaire believe it matches Kyle perfectly. Overton checks Kyle's records and confirms that Kyle is the donor that Max selected. Max decides she is not going to tell Kyle. The gang throws together an impromptu New Years gathering and invite Kyle, whose visiting his family in Cleveland for the holiday. Synclaire gets the role of the renegade nun but is upset that the job is in California and ...

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