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TF1 at 40: Network Invests in Fresh Talent and Concepts

TF1 at 40: Network Invests in Fresh Talent and Concepts
For decades, TF1 was best known for its stable of high-rating yet aging French TV dramas like “Navarro,” “Julie Lescaut” and “Josephine Guardian Angels,” but shortly after Nonce Paolini took the reins in 2007, the network started shaking up its French fiction slate, investing in fresh talent and concepts. TF1’s wake-up call came in 2008, when local media reports showed that nearly all of France’s top-rated series were American, notably “House” and the “CSI” franchise.

“These American shows revolutionized the tastes of audiences and forced TF1 to push its limits,” says Fabrice Bailly, who was appointed head of programs in 2012. But while U.S. imports are still crucial to draw large audiences to TF1, the network has ramped up its local drama skeins for the past six years with police shows such as “Falco” and “Profilage,” and dramedy series like “Clem,” about a teenage-girl-next-door raising a child with her parents.
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Review of French horror sequel Lady Blood

Year: 2009

Directors: Jean-Marc Vincent

Writers: Jean-Marc Vincent & Hubert Chardot & Emmanuelle Escourrou

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: The Crystal Ferret

Rating: 2 out of 10

In 1990, a small movie carved itself a name in the horror-comedy genre. The plot was about motherly love and sacrifice. In a small town north of France a circus and its surroundings are caught in a whirlwind of horror and gore after the death of a newly imported leopard. Some strange parasite inside the cat burrows itself inside Yanka, the downtrodden pregnant wife of the circus-owner, and takes control or her fetus. It soon starts demanding blood, and the woman goes searching for victims for her new baby, leaving a trail of bodies behind her until the monster finally crawls out of her and disappear in the ocean.

More than a decade after Babyblood left its mark on the audience, a sequel is finally there. The trailer is a promising,
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Strikers disrupt TF1's 'Star' turn

PARIS -- A group of more than 60 striking showbiz workers invaded the set of Star Academy in a Paris suburb, disrupting a live primetime telecast of France's most popular talent show and forcing it off the air. About 30 artists and stagehands, roughly half of the group of strikers, rushed onto the TV show's set Saturday night, five minutes after a young hopeful had started belting a song, unfurling a banner that read "Turn off your TVs" in French, the TF1 commercial channel confirmed the next day. TF1 hastily covered up the incident with an ad, followed by its popular Julie Lescaut police serial as an estimated audience of 6 million watched. The protest took an ugly turn when a skirmish broke out in the studio between the strikers and security staff, leaving a TF1 staffer with a broken arm and one of the protesters badly injured. They were hospitalized later, police confirmed.

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