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5 Jan. 1994
With This Ring
Grace takes the kids to see Nana Lil, their great-grandmother on Jimmy's side. She takes a liking to Libby and gives her a ring that's been in the family for a long time. Jimmy's mother is not happy with them having the ring.
12 Jan. 1994
Simply Grace
There's a new guy at work who's interested in Grace. Grace runs into Vickie at the pharmacy and she later comes to Grace for help. Wade asks Russell for advice about having a baby. Grace takes a chance on the new guy.
26 Jan. 1994
The Agony, the Ecstasy and Bill Mazeroski
Grace needs some time and a place for herself. While cleaning out the basement, she comes across some of her old paintings and vows to do more painting. The guys from work come to play poker. Wade teaches Grace that's it's not the physical space, but the mental space she needs to do what she enjoys.
2 Feb. 1994
When You Wish Upon a Star
Ryan asks Grace to go to Chicago with him for the weekend. He misses the flight due to a freak accident, so they decide to spend the night at his place. Grace tells him a story her father told her about finding a piece of a shooting star and he brings her a meteorite to wish on.
9 Feb. 1994
Valentine's Day
Quentin is obvious in his dislike for Ryan. Quentin orders a heart-shaped pizza for Grace, unaware that she has plans with Ryan. Feeling awkward, Ryan leaves. Faith and Russell break up. Nadine and Wade find baby-making to be a chore.
16 Feb. 1994
Grace and Beauty
Libby tells Grace her friend's mom is the 'best mom ever' and putting her daughter in a child's beauty pageant. Grace relents and says Libby can be in the pageant. Then the mother tells Grace that she doesn't have the 'breeding' to be pageant material. Now, to find a talent that Libby can showcase.
9 Mar. 1994
Tears of Joy
Quentin is in yet another fight at school and Grace tricks the teacher into canceling his expulsion. Grace finds a counselor for Quentin. Patrick is teething, Libby has a fever. Quentin finds Grace crying and they have a good cry together.
16 Mar. 1994
It Happened One Week
Grace takes time to rekindle with her ex due to the refinery explosion. Nadine and Wade may be expecting their first child.
11 May 1994
Things Left Undone
It's Mother's Day and mother comes to visit. Faith gives them an earful.
18 May 1994
See Quentin Run
Grace gets promoted to supervisor at the refinery to the dismay of some of her male co-workers. When Grace tells her ex-husband that Quentin can't spend the summer with him, Quentin runs away from home and ends up on Ryan's front stoop.
25 May 1994
A Car and a Kiss
Libby and Sam are playing house and they have two different ideas of how to do that. Sam tells Libby they must kiss and Sam's mother catches them. Grace's car is finally done for and she goes to the used car lot to buy another, 'less old' one. Grace gets the price she wants.
20 Sep. 1994
Grace Under Water
A deluge of rain causes flooding, which brings difficult situations. Jimmy visits and ends up getting stuck at Grace's house, while Russell runs out into the storm to get Faith's insulin.
27 Sep. 1994
Good Ol' Grace
A new woman is brought into Grace's crew but is transferred back to her old crew when she complains about the men's language. Nadine and Wade have fertility problems.
4 Oct. 1994
June 15, 1997
Grace meets her new boss, John, who is buying time until he can retire. She also has money problems resulting in cutting back on child care costs and allowing Quentin to babysit.
11 Oct. 1994
Pitch and Woo
Grace goes to a local ballgame then ends up in a bar, where she meets one of the players and begins dating him.
18 Oct. 1994
Jimmy's Girl
Jimmy visits, bringing his girlfriend Ramona. When Jimmy loses his temper she goes to Grace for advice. Grace also deals with a fight between Nadine and Wade, and problems with credit at her local grocery store.
25 Oct. 1994
Grace feels pulled in too many directions with a demanding boss, a shoplifting Libby and Nadine crying on her shoulder about Wade.
8 Nov. 1994
The Road to Paris, Texas
Grace and Nadine take a road trip to Paris, Texas to see Grace's eccentric and worldly Aunt Vivian.
15 Nov. 1994
Dear Grace
Grace deals with Quinton's denial of her when in public, and her boss's daughter Julia, who is pregnant, visiting and trying to get the father to just talk with his daughter.
22 Nov. 1994
Cold Turkey
Jimmy brings the Kelly clan over to Grace's house for Thanksgiving after Libby feels ignored by Jimmy. Wade and Nadine decide to date.
29 Nov. 1994
When the oil refinery has an explosion, Grace finds that Quinton and Libby just aren't interested that she could have died. Meanwhile, Grace takes a temporary job as a secretary at the refinery and realizes it's not her forte.
6 Dec. 1994
Grace vs. Wade
Grace realizes Wade and Nadine are having sex when she finds a pair of his boxers in her garage. Grace slips on Wade's icy property, and at Wade's insistence, sees a physical therapist. Wade accuses Grace of drawing out the sessions when he finds out she is attracted to Travis, the therapist. Grace later decides to date Travis.
13 Dec. 1994
The Holidays
Grace is forced to deal with her depressed ex-mother in law during the holidays, and she also receives an invitation from Dougie, and decides to attend a holiday party with him.

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