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29 Sep. 1993
Grace has divorced her abusive husband and is on her own with three children. She gets a job at the refinery, one of the two first women hired. Grace is called away from work to the school where her oldest, Quentin, has been in a fight. As they talk, she realizes that he has known about his father's abuse. Grace's friend introduces her to the pharmacist.
6 Oct. 1993
Up on the Roof
Grace has a talk with Quentin's teacher and, while the teacher has concerns about Quentin, it seems she has family issues also. Grace finds Quentin up on the roof and he says he used to go there when Grace and his father fought. Now he goes there to do some thinking. The men discover what he does up there.
13 Oct. 1993
Grace Undergraduate
Grace's former in-laws have the children for the weekend. The men plan to 'save' Russell's former dog from his neuter appointment tomorrow. Grace and Nadine are invited to a frat house party.
20 Oct. 1993
The Good, the Bad and the Pharmacist
On payday, Grace discovers her paycheck is being taken by the IRS. Russell's wife tells him that she wants him back. Russell discovers the way to help Grace with the IRS.
27 Oct. 1993
Second Time Around
Nadine talks Grace into going to a dance put on by The Second Time Around group, for divorced and widowed persons. Grace runs into, and is asked out by, Nadine's first ex-husband. Nadine and Wade invite the couple to dinner.
3 Nov. 1993
Sister, Sister
Grace's sisters come to visit for her birthday.
17 Nov. 1993
A Picture's Worth... $9.95
Grace goes on a blind date with a man who admits that the shirt he's wearing was 'found' on top of the neighbour's trash. His repeated demonstrations of frugality wear Grace down. Meanwhile, Libby is having a difficult time relating to her baby brother.
24 Nov. 1993
Grace Under Oath
Jimmy wins a big settlement after falling down the stairs and Grace needs it because he hasn't been paying child support. A law student gets permission to take her case and all they have to do it show that Jimmy hasn't paid. Grace is given 15 seconds to make her case.
1 Dec. 1993
Grace in the Middle
Nadine confesses to Grace that she wants to have a baby. Wade tells Grace he hates his job. Bill's wife tells Grace she knows Bill has been going to the track and has lost their savings.
8 Dec. 1993
Say Goodnight, Gracie
Grace is bumped up to permanent worker status, so is now eligible for benefits. It also involves working the night shift. Russell, Nadine and Wade take turns babysitting. But Grace misses reading them stories, tucking them in and will she also miss Libby's school program?
15 Dec. 1993
Keeping Faith
Grace's sister Faith collapses at work, so Russell and Grace rush to Alabama. Upon her release from the hospital, they bring her for a Christmas visit. Faith is having an affair and Grace invites her to move closer.

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