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Season 6

20 Apr. 1999
Mine's a Double
During a storm in 1944 Gary is struck by lightning, causing two clones of him to appear - a good Gary and a bad Gary. The bad version ties up the good one and heads into the present to satisfy Yvonne with the passionate sex she is craving. He also gets a gun from Ron, who naturally mistakes him for his friend, and goes back to the Royal Oak where, after alienating Phoebe with his aloof behaviour, he tries to shoot the real Gary. Real Gary and evil Gary return to the shop where Ron overpowers the bad guy. Then the good and rather camp Gary, who has freed himself and ...
26 Apr. 1999
All About Yvonne
Following a row with Yvonne Gary moves in with Ron. Ron has a new girl-friend Flic, to whom he has lied about being very wealthy and part-owning footballer Ronaldo. Yvonne has taken up with a handsome Italian, Roberto. This preys on Gary's mind and when he accidentally calls Phoebe Yvonne he explains that he is after an Italian spy called Roberto who has kidnapped a woman called Yvonne. Gary takes Flic and Ron to a restaurant where he knows Roberto is wining and dining Yvonne. He flirts with Flic to make Yvonne jealous and, although Yvonne sees through the ploy, she ...
2 May 1999
California Dreamin'
Both Gary's wives want to move to California, though a contract for a statue at the Millenium Dome changes Yvonne's mind. Reg retires though no one comes to his party. Gary and Phoebe take on a night club, employing him as commissionaire. Gary is relieved that Phoebe seems to have relinquished thoughts of emigrating - until, at the club's opening night, she sings one of 'his' songs,' California Dreamin'.
16 May 1999
Grief Encounter
Noel Coward and David Lean are filming 'Brief Encounter' and Noel wants a night club scene with Gary accompanying Phoebe on the piano. However Gary does not want filmed evidence of his time travel and instead Noel employs composer Anthony Blair. Gary is jealous when Phoebe and Anthony appear to be intimate on set but they are just acting in the film. Ultimately Phoebe is cut from the film as its star Celia Johnson does not think her character would go to night clubs. In the present Gary has his own Brief Encounter scenario. Yvonne's firm is subject to a hostile ...
23 May 1999
...The 'Ouses in Between
Gary finds himself back in the 1880s when Reg's grandfather was a policeman. Gary is to provide entertainment at the Royal Oak but only Marie Lloyd - who looks like Yvonne - finds him entertaining. There is a serial killer on the loose, none other than Jack the Ripper, and when Gary gets back to his shop he finds that Jack the Ripper, also a time traveller, has followed him through the portal. He reluctantly lets Jack go, only for Jack to get run over and killed. This is presumably why the Whitechapel murders ended when they did.
30 May 1999
Just in Time
When a workman called Sparks appears and tells Gary he must close the portal behind the shop, Gary decides his loyalties lie with Phoebe in 1944 and leaves Ron the shop. A young man called Brick Beckham comes in, gets chatting to Ron and offers to buy all the stock for one hundred and forty thousand pounds. Sparks has told Gary the portal will take four hours to close but, come the deadline, it is still open and he comes back to the empty shop to discover that the anomaly that was closed was the gateway to 2168, through which Brick Beckham has passed with all the ...
6 Jun. 1999
How I Won the War
Gary and Phoebe join a concert party in Belgium to entertain the troops but the party is accidentally dropped off behind enemy lines. Gary tries to create a diversion when the Germans advance by dressing as Hitler. The party is saved but Gary's face is sore having pulled off his Hitler wig and moustache which were stuck on with spirit gum, so he tells Yvonne he caught his head in a door.
13 Jun. 1999
Something Fishie
Gary and Phoebe's club is threatened by two men calling themselves Smith and Jones, protection racketeers demanding fifty pounds a month. Police office Priestley is no help because, unbeknown to the Sparrows, he is taking a cut from them. Gary, using a modern tele-photo lens, stakes out the men's house from across the road and snaps the corrupt officer taking his bribe, thus ending the racket. In the present Ron is recovering from Flic leaving him but a doodle-bug which landed near the pub in the forties has now exploded, blowing up the Millenium Dome and Yvonne's ...
21 Jun. 1999
Flash, Bang, Wallop
Yvonne is reading a biography of Noel Coward which contains a photo, taken by Cecil Beaton, of a party Noel gave at the Sparrows' night club, in which Gary figures. When Gary's efforts to stop the photo being taken fail he raids Beaton's studio and destroys the negative but is arrested. Noel and Reg both come to bail him out and accidentally feature in the mug shot the zealous young copper is taking of Gary, rather than Gary himself. This photo now replaces the one of Gary in the book but, whilst Ron accidentally books himself into a holiday with amorous old ladies, ...
28 Jun. 1999
Accentuate the Positive
Yvonne finds a photo of Gary with Phoebe. He claims that it is of his grandfather but she is suspicious and follows him, seeing him vanish into thin air as he goes down the passage. Ron explains to her what has been happening and Gary attempts to tell Reg but he's too drunk after celebrating V.E. Day. Gary saves future prime minister Clement Attlee from being assassinated and thinks that maybe this is why he was sent back in time. He tries to get back to 1999 but the portal has closed for good and he and Yvonne say their goodbyes on either side as Gary prepares to ...

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