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Bulldog was portrayed as a womanizer on the series, though Dan Butler who played Bulldog was openly gay. The character's name was likely inspired by that of New York City Sports Talk Radio Host Chris "Mad Dog" Russo.
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David Hyde Pierce has said that, prior to this series, he had no strong interest in wine nor opera. Ironically, he was introduced to both by John Mahoney, whose Martin Crane character eschews anything cultured.
The show's theme song, "Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs", composed by Darryl Phinnessee and Bruce Miller, was performed by star Kelsey Grammer. Phinnessee was not allowed to include direct references to psychiatry, radio or Frasier. He wrote the lyric "tossed salads and scrambled eggs" because they are "mixed up" like Frasier's patients. "The blues a-calling" refers to the people calling Frasier's radio show with their problems. Miller wanted Mel Tormé to sing the theme but the producers wanted Grammer. Grammer sang multiple versions which are rotated throughout the series.
Kelsey Grammer used an acting method that he called "requisite disrespect". He would rehearse each scene only once and he would not learn his lines until moments before each scene was shot. Grammer felt that his method brought energy and realism to his performance. The cast and crew got used to it, but guest stars did not like his method.
Held the record for the most Emmy wins for a television series of any kind (comedy or drama) with 37 wins, until Game of Thrones (2011) was awarded the show's 38th Emmy in 2016. This show, however, still holds the record for most Emmy wins for a comedy series.
Frasier's apartment set occupies the same soundstage at Paramount Studios that housed the set of Cheers (1982) for so many years.
Kelsey Grammer has been Emmy-nominated for playing the same character on three different shows: Cheers (1982), Frasier (1993) and a guest appearance on Wings (1990).
The two final choices for the role of Roz were Peri Gilpin and Lisa Kudrow. Kudrow was originally cast because her line readings were funnier. But during rehearsals, the show's creators felt that Kudrow lacked the forcefulness needed to play Roz and she was replaced with Gilpin.
It is said in Season 8 that Daphne (Jane Leeves) has lost 9 lbs 12 oz at the health spa. This is a reference/inside joke to the fact that Jane Leeves' was away on maternity leave, and her daughter Isabella's birth weight was 9 lbs 12 oz. Therefore the amount of weight that Daphne lost while being away from the show was the same amount Jane Leeves lost while being away from the show as a result of giving birth.
According to John Mahoney, Moose ("Eddie") got more fan mail than any of the human cast members.
In a final-season interview, John Mahoney said the first offer he received to play Martin Crane consisted of a phone call from Kelsey Grammer in which Grammer asked, "Will you be my Dad?"
Series Executive Producer David Angell and his wife were on board one of the airplanes that hit the World Trade Center in New York City during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
Every regular character from Cheers (1982) - with the exception of Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) and Coach (the late Nicholas Colasanto) - appeared in at least one episode.
The series was originally going to cast an actress to portray Niles' wife Maris, but after the first couple of seasons, the writers found they had too much fun writing her as an unseen character, and as the descriptions of her became more outlandish and contradictory, they felt finding the right actress would be close to impossible.
Unlike many other series where characters' pregnancies were written in to accommodate the actress becoming pregnant in real life, this was not the case with Roz. Hers was purely a storyline invention - Peri Gilpin was not pregnant in real life.
John Mahoney and Peri Gilpin had each appeared as unrelated characters on Cheers during that show's final season. In addition, Peri Gilpin had also appeared in an episode of Wings (1990), which is set in the Cheers/Frasier Universe.
David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney were the first and only choices for their roles.
David Hyde Pierce's Niles Crane is a stuffy milquetoast with a mad passion for his father's live-in therapist. In his previous series, The Powers That Be (1992), he played a stuffy milquetoast with a mad passion for the maid.
When producers first mentioned about Martin and Niles to Kelsey Grammer during the show's development, Grammer pointed out that Frasier had no brother, and that his father was supposed to be dead. Producers responded how they hadn't thought of that, but added they could take creative license with it, and Grammer agreed.
Frasier's radio station, KACL 780 AM, is named after the three Executive Producers (David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee). The K is a prefix for almost all U.S. radio stations west of the Mississippi River.
The celebrities who play the callers on Frasier's radio show, instead of coming in to record a voice-over, often just phoned in their lines.
Although playing his father, John Mahoney is only fifteen years older than Kelsey Grammer.
John Mahoney (Martin Crane) grew up in Manchester, England - which is where Daphne (Jane Leeves) is from.
Each season of the show can be distinguished by the color of "Frasier" in the opening title frame. In order: blue, pink, green, purple, yellow/white, brown, yellow/orange, bright/neon green, orange, silver, gold.
Frasier's radio Producer, Roz Doyle was named after the late television Producer Roz Doyle as a way to honor her memory. Doyle was a Producer on Wings (1990), which was created by the same creative team as Frasier.
Kelsey Grammer has said that "The Show Where Diane Comes Back" is one of his favorite episodes. On Cheers (1982), Shelley Long didn't like the Frasier character and lobbied hard to get Grammer removed from the show. The producers disagreed, noting that the audience liked him. When Long's character of "Diane Chambers" appeared on this show, Grammer said the episode was an opportunity for him and Long to make peace with each other.
The series finale "Goodnight Seattle" is the only episode that has a rainbow in the opening title card.
After Cheers (1982) had finished filming, the bar was taken down and the sets for this show were built over it.
Kelsey Grammer was asked to shave the beard he had grown during the final season of Cheers, because the producers felt he wouldn't look young enough to be John Mahoney's son.
As of 2004, Kelsey Grammer will have been playing the character of Frasier Crane for twenty consecutive years. This is one of the longest periods that an actor has played the same character on American prime time (non-soap opera) television. Fellow record holders include James Arness of Gunsmoke (1955) who also played Marshall Dillon for twenty years straight.
Bebe Neuwirth was offered a regular role on this series as Lilith, but she turned it down so she could return to the Broadway stage. She appears only as a guest star.
The producers made certain there were no stools in the coffee shop to purposefully distance it visually from the Cheers (1982) bar.
To make sure the viewers do not view Frasier as a family deserter, the writers made sure that Frasier reiterated that he missed Frederick in the pilot episode.
2003 was the first year that Kelsey Grammer didn't receive an Emmy nomination for this series. David Hyde Pierce's streak was unbroken.
In an episode of Cheers (1982), Frasier tells the gang that his father was a research scientist and has passed away. When Ted Danson guest-starred on the show in 1995 as Sam Malone, the continuity error was explained away by having Frasier admit that he made up the story because "We'd had a fight and I was mad at him."
Frasier attended Harvard and Oxford, while Niles attended Yale and Cambridge.
The original premise for the series was to revolve around Frasier and his co-workers at the radio station. But the creators felt it was too similar to WKRP in Cincinnati (1978). While thinking of new ideas, David Lee was arranging for health care for his elderly father, who had had a stroke, and he came up with a premise based on that. Lee was also inspired by the vast personality differences between him and his father.
In order to persuade Moose to lick John Mahoney's face when required for a scene, Mahoney's face first had to be discreetly smeared with liver pâté.
The show's creators originally envisioned Daphne as a Latina similar to Rosie Perez. But NBC president Warren Littlefield suggested Jane Leeves and Daphne's ethnicity was changed to English. Grammer was originally disappointed because he felt that having an English housekeeper would make the show similar to Nanny and the Professor (1970). But he changed his mind after a meeting with Leeves.
All seasons, except for season four, contained 24 episodes. The "missing" episode in season four was due to a production interruption after Kelsey Grammer had an automobile accident, and subsequently checked himself into the Betty Ford clinic.
One of the reoccurring jokes in the series, was the fact that just about every one knew that Gil Chesterton was gay, except Gil himself. Despite various innuendos surrounding his character's sexual orientation, Gil never formally came out. When asked about his sexual orientation directly, he insisted that he was heterosexual and happily married to a woman. However, Gil was seen walking into a gay bar.
The show's creators originally planned for the show to take place in Denver, Colorado. But in late 1992, Colorado passed an amendment that repealed anti-gay discrimination laws. (It was later declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.) The creators did not agree with the amendment and decided to move the show's setting further west to Seattle. The creators did not want the show to take place in Boston, Massachusetts, as "Cheers" had, because they did not want NBC to ask for frequent guest appearances from that show's characters.
During season eight, Jane Leeves's pregnancy was disguised by a storyline involving a severe over-eating disorder, and later her pregnancy leave was accounted for by having Daphne go to a health spa to cope with her weight problem.
According to Lisa Maxwell, she auditioned for the role of Daphne. But due to a misunderstanding with her agent, she was under the impression that she was already cast in the role and did not know it was an audition. She criticized the script and made suggestions on improving it which the show's writers did not like, so she did not get the part.
Ranked #34 on Empire magazine's 50 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time (2008).
Niles's alma mater is Yale, which is David Hyde Pierce's alma mater in real life.
The show was originally written with Frasier as an only child (references had already been made to this in Cheers (1982), but one of the producers saw a headshot of David Hyde Pierce and commented that he looked exactly like Kelsey Grammer did when he first started to appear on Cheers (1982). Presumably as a nod to this, in season two's "The Show Where Sam Shows Up", one of the first things Sam Malone says when he first meets Niles is how Niles looks exactly like Frasier did when he first knew him back in Boston.
When Frasier violates his code of ethics, his stomach turns. When Niles violates his code of ethics, his nose bleeds.
Is tied with Modern Family (2009) for the most Emmy wins for Outstanding Comedy Series (five).
As the series progressed, we learned that Frasier and Niles were named after two lab rats their mom was using in an experiment when she was pregnant with Frasier. Frasier (the rat) had already died, when Frasier (the human) was born.
Martin's former occupation being a police officer was suggested by show writer Ken Levine. Levine's father and grandfather were police officers.
Niles' wife Maris is never seen (at least her face) or heard from in the entire series. The same thing is mentioned about Vera, the wife of Norm Petersen in Cheers (1982). We only hear of Maris from Niles about what is wrong about her. This method is used again when Martin meets the girl he has been watching from across the street via his telescope.
The glass sculpture to the right of Frasier's fireplace is a piece made by Dale Chihuly, a well-known glass sculptor whose studio is based in Tacoma, Washington (just south of Seattle).
In 1990, Paramount made a deal with Kelsey Grammer to star him in his own series after Cheers (1982) ended. The idea of Grammer continuing the role of Frasier in the new series didn't come up until later in the show's development.
Over the course of the series, neither Niles nor Roz celebrate their birthdays, however, there is a scene in "Crock Tails", in which Roz walks into Frasier's apartment to celebrate her birthday, which is May 5. She comments "Sorry, I'm late. Cinco de Mayo traffic was muy malo."
Kirstie Alley was the only surviving regular cast member of Cheers (1982) not to appear on Frasier. Alley explained in an interview that appearing on a show which appeared to portray or endorse Psychiatry, went against her beliefs as a practicing Scientologist.
There is a real radio station with the call letters KACL. It's an FM station (98.7) in Mandan, North Dakota.
Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce are the only main cast members to win four Emmy Awards.
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George Wendt suggested he reprise his role from Cheers, by doing an episode in which his character Norm (along with John Ratzenberger as Cliff) made a series of prank calls to Frasier's radio show. Ultimately Norm and Cliff would appear on Frasier together under a different scenario during season nine.
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Frasier and its parent series Cheers (1982) were set on opposite ends of Interstate Highway 90. Whereas Cheers was set in Boston on the east end of the highway, Frasier's setting of Seattle was on the west end of the highway.
John Mahoney, David Hyde Pierce, and Kelsey Grammer appeared in all episodes. Jane Leeves took a maternity leave in Season eight, but she's credited for all episodes, and Peri Gilpin was absent in two season eleven episodes.
The sculpture above Frasier's fireplace is by Laddie John Dill, a sculptor based in Los Angeles.
Daphne is the only main character whose age is never disclosed. Frasier is 41 in season one, Niles is 38 in season three, Roz is 38 in season ten, and Martin is 65 in season five.
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During filming scenes of the radio shows, dialogue of the callers was read off camera by Arlene Sorkin (wife of series producer Christopher Lloyd). Voices of the celebrity guests acting as callers would be subsequently dubbed during post production.
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Carol Larkin (Rosemary Murphy) is a secondary character who is one of Niles' neighbors that lives at "The Montana". She appears in Two episodes, Frasier: To Kill a Talking Bird (1997), and Frasier: Taps at the Montana (1999). In both episodes she spills wine on her dress.
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Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe shares some qualities with Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother (2005), including sleeping with many women, and treating them like objects. Dan Butler, who plays Bulldog, and Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Barney, are both gay.
Four of the various cast members of Frasier, Donny Douglas (Saul Rubinek), Sherry Dempsey (Marsha Mason), Bulldog Brisco (Dan Butler), and Dr. Mel Karnofsky (Jane Adams) were all in the movie I Love Trouble (1994), starring Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte.
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Frasier was the last network-aired Paramount-produced show from the Paramount Communications era (1989-1994) to leave the air. The studio had been sold to Viacom in the middle of Frasier's first season. Series from the studio continued to use the Paramount Communications byline until February 1995, at which point the Viacom byline began use (though one special that aired in May 1995, The Laverne & Shirley Reunion (1995), used the Paramount Communications byline).
Roz's full name is Rosalinda. Frasier calls her this when pulling her to the side during the revolt of the KACL staff for not getting their raises from Kate. (Although calling Roz by "Rozalinda" could be referring to co-worker Noel's petition for Star Trek to include a new character: "The all-powerful space vixen...Rozalinda, four-breasted queen of the planet Rozniak") Frasier: Sleeping with the Enemy (1995)
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David Hyde Pierce and Peri Gilpin have been both involved in providing voice work for a Hellboy production. David Hyde Pierce provided the uncredited voice for the fish-like being Abraham Sapien and Peri Gilpin provided the voice of Professor Kate Corrigan in both animated Hellboy films.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The deliveryman (Cleto Augusto) who drops off Martin Crane's easy chair in the first episode is the same deliveryman who took it away in the final episode. Aside from the regular cast, he is also the only person to appear in both episodes.
Before Bebe Neuwirth's decision to make guest appearances only, Lilith was one of the top contenders for becoming Frasier's ultimate love interest. Even though their romance arc is dropped, Frasier and Lilith are on good terms by the end of the show.
During the course of the show, Roz has kissed Frasier, Niles, Martin, Bulldog, Gil, and Noel on the lips.
The 100th episode of Frasier is the only episode to be filmed on the streets of Seattle. Throughout the episode Frasier and Niles can be observed riding the Monorail, walking through Pike Place Market and standing in front of the Space Needle at Seattle Center.
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Over the course of the series, Frasier has dressed up as Sigmund Freud, Geoffrey Chaucer, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, and a killer clown. Niles has dressed up as Cyrano De Bergerac, Jesus Christ, a pirate, and as his father, Martin Crane. Daphne has dressed up as an "ugly American", Elton John, and the Wife of Bath. Roz dressed up as Wonder Woman, Betsy Ross, O (from the story of O), Mrs. Claus, and one of Santa's helpers. Martin dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, Joe DiMaggio, and a Wise Man at Christmas. Bulldog dressed up as Waldo from "Where's Waldo?". Gil dressed up as Chingatchkook from The Last of the Mohicans (1992). Noel dressed up as a crew member from the Enterprise from Star Trek (1966).
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Jane Leeves, who played series regular Daphne, and Wendie Malick, who played Ronnee Lawrence in ten episodes in 2003-04, ended up starring together on Hot in Cleveland (2010). During their time on Frasier, both ended up marrying members of the Crane family - Daphne with Niles Crane, and Ronnee with Martin Crane.
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