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Season 6

24 Sep. 1998
Good Grief
Frasier deals with the loss of his job as though it were a loved one, moving through the five traditional stages: denial, anger, bargaining, grief and acceptance, each with some weird results.
1 Oct. 1998
Frasier's Curse
Frasier's high school reunion comes around, but he has come to believe that a curse will hit him with some fresh misfortune, as it has for every previous reunion.
8 Oct. 1998
Dial M for Martin
With Frasier home all day, he and Martin get into explosive arguments. Roz suggests that Martin move in with Niles for a while. Niles is as enthused at the idea as Frasier was six years before, but changes his mind rapidly when he realizes Daphne will be coming too. Then she announces that Martin's hip has improved enough for her to find another job. After a series of minor accidents, Martin becomes afraid that Niles is trying to injure him on purpose.
16 Oct. 1998
Hot Ticket
Frasier and Niles are obsessed with getting tickets to the final performance of a sold-out play. Since they are less concerned with seeing the play than with being *seen* seeing the play, they are too embarrassed to take tickets from the cancellation line, and instead try to fake having seen it, at a society party where the play's lead is the guest of honor.
29 Oct. 1998
First Do No Harm
Martin sets Frasier up with Duke's gorgeous daughter, Marie. Their relationship blooms, but after a while he becomes suspicious that she is only interested in free therapy.
5 Nov. 1998
Secret Admirer
An anonymous person leaves an expensive gift in Frasier's squash bag, with a note pleading for a second chance. Thinking he has a secret admirer, Frasier excitedly calls a host of old girlfriends, in spite of the fact that he's already in a promising new relationship with Nancy, a former co-worker. A second gift arrives, and it turns out the woman is Maris. Dr. Schenkman has dumped her, and she wants Niles back. Frasier finds out the truth, but too late; a string of return messages arrives in the middle of his date, destroying his relationship with Nancy. Niles tells ...
12 Nov. 1998
How to Bury a Millionaire
Maris repossesses Niles's car and his legal bills exceed his salary. He is forced to drive a hatchback and give up his apartment at the Montana for a tiny studio at the "Shangri-La."
19 Nov. 1998
The Seal Who Came to Dinner
When Niles' Gourmet Club has its annual "Golden Apron Awards", Niles decides to throw a dinner party in hopes of obtaining the illustrious apron. He and Frasier break into Maris' beach-side cottage to hold the festivities, but an unexpected guest makes matters rather difficult for the two of them.
10 Dec. 1998
Roz, a Loan
While in between jobs, new-mother Roz finds herself in financial trouble and Frasier allows her a loan of fifteen hundred dollars. But Frasier soon begins to suspect that her spending of the money is somewhat irresponsible and decides to confront Roz about it. Meanwhile, KACL dumps their all-Salsa format and rehires the old team.
17 Dec. 1998
Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz
A Jewish woman sets Frasier up with her daughter because she thinks he's Jewish as well.
7 Jan. 1999
Good Samaritan
Frasier has become fed up with the way the modern world treats good Samaritans. His son Freddie comes to visit and one night, while driving home, Frasier stops to help a woman stuck in the rain, only to discover that she is a prostitute.
21 Jan. 1999
Our Parents, Ourselves
Frasier and Roz set his father Martin up with her mother Joanna on a "blind date". Afterwards, Martin announces that he never wants to see her again while Joanna cannot wait to see Martin a second time. It all comes to a head when Frasier invites Roz and Joanna over to watch the Superbowl, but Martin has invited Bonnie, a waitress from McGinty's, whom he is interested in dating.
4 Feb. 1999
The Show Where Woody Shows Up
Frasier's old bartender at Cheers in Boston, Woody, shows up in Seattle to visit his old friend. Things turn bad after their first night reunion when Frasier realizes that he has moved on with his life and left Woody in the past.
11 Feb. 1999
Three Valentines
Three different act long stories following Frasier, Daphne, Niles and Martin on Valentine's Day. Niles prepares for a date at Frasier's apartment, but ends up lighting the apartment on fire. Martin and Daphne, both dateless, head out for dinner. Frasier is confused as to whether or not his date with Cassandra, a promotional manager at KACL is just a business meeting or actually a date.
18 Feb. 1999
To Tell the Truth
Niles' and Maris' divorce proceedings heat up and Niles hires Roz's ex-boyfriend Donny Douglas, a cut-throat lawyer who soon has Maris' legal team on the ropes. However, when Maris claims that Niles was in love with another woman through their marriage, Niles fears he may have to come clean about his crush on Daphne.
25 Feb. 1999
Niles, still reeling from Daphne and Donny's new relationship, wins Maris' old cottage in the woods from the divorce. In an attempt to win Daphne from Donny, he invites Roz and Donny up to the cabin in hopes that their old relationship might spark some new feelings.
11 Mar. 1999
The Dinner Party
Frasier and Niles decide to host a dinner party at Frasier's apartment. It becomes more complicated than either of them could have imagined and it leads them to think that maybe the brothers are spending too much of their time together.
25 Mar. 1999
Taps at the Montana
With the divorce with Maris finally settled, Niles moves back into his luxurious apartment in the Montana. But when the tenant Frasier chose to let the apartment comes under attack, Niles is subject to severe scrutiny from the Montana Board, who tell Niles that they are considering kicking him out of the building once and for all. In an attempt to wrangle the support of the Board back to his side, Niles decides to throw a dinner party for the members, but with disastrous results.
8 Apr. 1999
Frasier and Niles' long time competitiveness is reawakened at a silence auction where the two spend eight thousand dollars for a lunch with three Nobel Prize winners. Determined to find the root of the fierce competition, the two remember an old IQ test they took to which they never found out the results. The brothers dig through their childhood papers and find the IQ test. Now the only question is which one of them has the higher points?
29 Apr. 1999
Dr. Nora
Frasier's radio show is doing well in its ratings, and KACL has decided that another show in the same genre would do well. They ask Frasier to hire another doctor to fill the slot and he is immediately taken with an intelligent woman named Dr. Nora. Frasier is suddenly shocked to realize that Dr. Nora is not all that she appeared to be.
5 May 1999
When a Man Loves Two Women
Fraiser has begun dating Cassandra Stone, the beautiful woman whom he spent Valentine's Day. Everything is going well until Faye Moskowitz comes back to town and Frasier remembers how much he enjoyed spending time with her. He begins to date both women, but soon discovers the prestigious dating level is not all it is cracked up to be.
13 May 1999
Visions of Daphne
Martin sees Donny buying an engagement ring for Daphne and, while relaying the information to Frasier, accidentally tells the bride-to-be herself. When Niles finds out, he is absolutely devastated. The next day, Daphne comes to Niles' office saying that she had a vision that she should not marry Donny and that the man of her dreams is waiting for her somewhere.
20 May 1999
Shutout in Seattle: Part 1
Part One of Two. In the wake of Daphne's engagement to Donny, Niles becomes frequently distant, leading Martin and Frasier to believe that he has run back to his ex-wife Maris. Meanwhile, Martin begins dating Bonny the waitress, and as his relationship with Faye deepens, Frasier begins having Fruedian slips, continuously referring to her as Cassandra, the woman Frasier was dating before Faye.
20 May 1999
Shutout in Seattle: Part 2
Part Two of Two. Niles has started dating Kit, a wild waitress from Cafe Nervosa. Frasier becomes increasingly worried about Niles when he begins to adopt Kit's wild, free-spirited approach to life. Meanwhile, Martin is upset with Bonny when her dog, Lady, begins dominating Eddie and Frasier is even more worried about his situation with Faye when Cassandra begins popping back into his life.

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