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Season 2

20 Sep. 1994
Slow Tango in South Seattle
Frasier is outraged to learn that Thomas Jay Fallow, an author acquaintance from his days in Boston, has used the story of Frasier's first sexual experience as the basis for his best-selling romance novel.
27 Sep. 1994
The Unkindest Cut of All
An irate neighbor presents Frasier with a litter of puppies which she claims are Eddie's. Frasier insists that Martin have Eddie fixed, which touches off an argument between the two over Frasier's house rules.
4 Oct. 1994
The Matchmaker
Frasier's plan to "fix up" Daphne with his new boss goes awry when Frasier learns his secret.
11 Oct. 1994
Flour Child
Frasier, Niles, and Martin help to deliver a baby when their taxi driver goes into labor in the middle of the road. Niles decides to experiment with fatherhood by carrying around a sack of flour as an imaginary baby. Frasier's ill-considered message on an ailing employee's get-well card leads him to steal it from the man's hospital room.
18 Oct. 1994
Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye
Frasier and Niles are surprised and pleased when Martin invites them to share a drink at Duke's, his favorite bar. Guilt overcomes them, however, when they realize that they are investors in the developer that has targeted Duke's for demolition.
1 Nov. 1994
The Botched Language of Cranes
When an on-air gaffe tarnishes Frasier's public image, he tries to rebuild it by emceeing a charity event.
8 Nov. 1994
The Candidate
Frasier and Niles disapprove of Martin endorsing a right-wing political candidate.
15 Nov. 1994
Adventures in Paradise: Part 1
Frasier starts dating Madeline Marshall, a businesswoman profiled in "Seattle" magazine. As their relationship gets more serious, he proposes a weekend trip to Bora Bora.
22 Nov. 1994
Adventures in Paradise: Part 2
After Lilith's presence on Bora Bora causes Frasier to lose control, he returns to Seattle and tries to patch up things with Madeline.
29 Nov. 1994
Burying a Grudge
Artie Walsh, Martin's estranged old partner, is in the hospital, and Frasier tries to heal the rift between them.
13 Dec. 1994
Seat of Power
Niles becomes agitated when the plumber called over to fix Frasier's toilet turns out to be Danny Kriezel, his nemesis from junior high. Frasier encourages Niles to speak to Danny as one adult to another, but finds his own resolve tested when confronted with Danny's older brother Billy.
3 Jan. 1995
Roz in the Doghouse
Bulldog asks Roz to produce his show; Frasier scornfully dismisses the offer as yet another attempt to get Roz into bed. Feeling unappreciated, Roz angrily quits and works for Bulldog. Bulldog's ratings soar while Frasier's plummet, but he refuses to swallow his pride, certain that it's only a matter of time before Bulldog makes his move.
10 Jan. 1995
Retirement Is Murder
Frasier is excited when he believes that he's cracked Martin's long-unsolved case, the "Weeping Lotus" murder.
7 Feb. 1995
Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice...
Frasier's gullibility makes him a target twice over for an identity thief.
14 Feb. 1995
You Scratch My Book...
Frasier dates pop psychologist Dr. Honey Snow, trying to conceal his low opinion of her work. Niles strings Daphne along with phony stock payoffs to earn hugs and kisses from her.
21 Feb. 1995
The Show Where Sam Shows Up
Sam Malone visits Frasier in Seattle; it turns out he needs advice on whether to go through with his wedding. Complications arise when Frasier realizes that he had an affair with Sam's fiancée, Sheila.
28 Feb. 1995
Daphne's Room
Frasier casually wanders into Daphne's bedroom, making her furious with him. He apologizes, but inadvertently does it again, this time catching her naked in the shower. Meanwhile, Niles desperately tries to soften Maris after he foolishly believes her declaration that she wants no birthday party or presents.
21 Mar. 1995
The Club
Frasier and Niles put themselves forward as candidates for two vacant memberships in Seattle's exclusive Empire Club; upon learning that there is only one vacancy, they try to sabotage each other at the opening cocktail party.
28 Mar. 1995
Someone to Watch Over Me
Frasier becomes increasingly paranoid when it appears that one of his callers is stalking him. He hires a bodyguard to accompany him to the SeaBea awards.
18 Apr. 1995
Breaking the Ice
Martin prepares for his annual ice-fishing trip, but when Duke cancels, Niles volunteers to go along, wanting a chance to bond with his father. Frasier does so too, ruminating that his father has never in his life said "I love you" to him.
2 May 1995
An Affair to Forget
One of Frasier's callers, a German woman named Gretchen, suspects that her husband is having an affair with his client. Frasier suspects that the woman is Maris. When Niles finds out, he challenges the (very large) man to a duel.
9 May 1995
Agents in America: Part 3
Bebe, Frasier's agent, convinces him to sham sick during his contract negotiations. After she issues an ultimatum to the station manager, the two spend a tense night at his apartment, and sleep together. The next morning, he tries to let her down gently, but then hears that she is threatening to jump from the station window.
16 May 1995
The Innkeepers
Visiting a venerable old Seattle restaurant before its final closing, Frasier and Niles decide to buy the place. Disasters ensue on their opening night, including a mass walk-out by the staff, the fire sprinklers going off, and a car crashing through the wall.
23 May 1995
Dark Victory
Frasier comes home in the mood to celebrate Martin's birthday, only to find he and Daphne arguing over doing his exercises for the umpteenth time, and Niles furious at him for "stealing" one of his patients. When a blackout traps the family and Roz in the apartment, Frasier gamely tries to carry on the party atmosphere.

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