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8 Oct. 1995
Love and Blood
A disfigured down-on-his-luck Irish boxer living in America is manipulated by his vamp ex, who's now with a gangster.
15 Oct. 1995
The Professional Man
Johnny is a lift boy by day and a cold-hearted hitman for an unhinged gay gangster called Charn by night. He's also in a gay relationship with Paul, a bartender from Charn's gay club. Jealous of Johnny, Charn orders him to kill Paul.
22 Oct. 1995
A Dime a Dance
A serial killer is preying on dance hall girls. One of them, Ginger, falls for a charming young police detective who's working on the case.
29 Oct. 1995
Good Housekeeping
A dangerous blind gangster, his henchman and his girlfriend hold a meek housewife hostage in her home, claiming that they're there for her husband, who's away. Certain that they've confused them with someone else, she tries to escape.
29 Oct. 1995
Fly Paper
In 1929, a famed shamus known as the Continental Op is on the trail of a well-known socialite, who ran away with a notorious gangster and is now missing. The case takes the Continental Op to blackmail and murder.
5 Nov. 1995
Tomorrow I Die
In this grim tale, a secretive man who may or may not be a famous Hollywood actor visits a small town bar. Mistaking him for the town's mayor, a ruthless gang of bank robbers takes him hostage along with the sheriff and his family.
12 Nov. 1995
In 1945, African American G.I. is saved from two racist cops by another black soldier. Some years later, the man asks him to return the favor by helping his vamp girlfriend free herself from the manager of the bar where she sings.
19 Nov. 1995
The Black Bargain
An embattled mob boss whose gunsels have just been massacred by a rival, hides out in a hotel room waiting for assistance promised by an out-of-town hood. In the meantime, he tries to hold on to the last vestiges of his sanity as gnawing fear and muzak piped into his room slowly drive him crazy.
26 Nov. 1995
Red Wind
In 1940s, sympathetic African American L.A. shamus Philip Marlowe helps a dame in trouble whose lovers are offing each other over a possibly fake pearl necklace. He must also deal with a racist cop that's investigating the murders.

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