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6 Jan. 2000
Man Overboard
Mark accepts a friend's invitation for a 'free' cruise splitting the medical duties with Jesse and Amanda. Barely aboard they must save multimillionaire Robert Brantigan who got a triple dose ampule of insulin. Jesse and Amanda drawn in patients, especially after Mark is talked into filling in for the injured activities director. Steve learns Roberts daughter from his first marriage Tracy deals in pharmaceuticals. His wife Clare manages to drug Robert and knock him overboard unseen; she tells Mark he was suicidal and drunk before the corps is found, then accuses his ...
13 Jan. 2000
Frontier Dad
The whole gang, plus Alex Smith and Amanda's rascals, is invited to observe the shooting of an episode of "Frontier dad", a family series about Wild West hero Dash, starring Carl Simpson who gets a bit old but still does some stunts himself. His stuntman Jimmy falls to his death after multiple sabotage, including the radio instructions. Steve investigates high-profile undercover as the new stuntman, while Jesse temporarily replaces the fired medic, and diagnoses Steve hurt bad enough to see Mark in hospital. They learn Carls ratings are down while his teenage ...
20 Jan. 2000
Too Many Cooks
The three doctor sleuths are celebrity guests in cooking shows on the Cuisine Chanel; Amanda even has a passionate relation with a star chef, René Fontineau. They soon learn the business is not relaxed but highly competitive. After a fire on the set and anaphylactic shock strike and kill René, Steve starts a murder investigation in what turns out to be a cesspit of grudges, greed and other personal or financial potential motives for the channel's sole owner, Keith Dunn, who once started as partner in a Cajun restaurant with René, the surviving star cooks and even ...
3 Feb. 2000
Jake's Women
When Jake Caldwell brings in his wife to the hospital, Mark learns it's Caroline, another woman besides the spouse Gloria he already knows, and Jake is in fact a bigamist. Just after Gloria finds out, she gets wounded and two days later Jake is killed, but by one or two shooters? It also comes out that Casanova Jake had a mistress on top of his wives, and both of them had invested their own money into his sinking business -he leaves them only debt- and his secretary's loyalty to the point of doctoring papers smells of another lover. Meanwhile, Steve finds he may be in...
10 Feb. 2000
Murder by Remote
Now noisy construction work drives Steve crazy at Mark's beach-house, he decides to move out, making his dad nostalgic. When Jesse's girl friend Lana dies in the pool of a fully computer-controlled house after disregarding a warning to keep out, Steve considers domotics both for his criminal and residential searches. Bruce Locatelli, the creator-CEO of the model which killed, suggests but refuses to say formally that his competitor Donald Purdy deliberately sabotaged his system by reprogramming it via the 'backdoor'. Mark finds out about Locatelli's past, but then he ...
17 Feb. 2000
Teacher's Pet
Mark and Steve go fishing; when they return they find med student Mickey Hoving, who was house-sitting, murdered, according to his wife Jill who is sitting next to him but unharmed by armed robbers. All physical evidence contradicts her story, and indeed she has a lover's row at the hospital with Dr. Donald Ward, which Jesse knew about, but she convinces him not to speak up. The only stolen effects are found dumped in the ocean; Dr. Ward tells Mark about their affair without accusing Jill. When Mark finds a contact lens, he realizes Ward is a suspect too, or probably ...
24 Feb. 2000
The Unluckiest Bachelor in L.A.
Despite his clumsy and willful appearance, his honesty gets Steve picked in a TV dating program by candidate Lily Wilson. On their first date, in a park with cameras lurking around, he gets shot, but not seriously wounded; on their second, a car runs her over fatally. It turns out she was the -never before mentioned- sister of Community General doctor Frederick Wilson. After her roomy and friend Jean points Steve to P.I. Lou Tyler, he and Mark find out about Dr. Wilson's dark past...
6 Apr. 2000
A Resting Place
Steve's retired colleague Dave 'Hawk' Hawkins is murdered while undercover in the resting home Sunny Meadows. While waiting for Steve to perform an arrest, a vase is smashed onto his skull, expertly staged as a bath-drowning. Director Miss Winkle is most uncooperative, but Steve works out that Hawk was working on a robbery case, involving retiree Bart Ellison who was recently released from jail and still had a $2,000,000 loot, but he dies from an OD. The sleuths' theory being the motive was his hefty inheritance; Mark has himself signed in as retired banker Brinkley ...
20 Apr. 2000
Murder at BBQ Bob's
While US Marines Captain Paul Davis, Lieutenant Richard Martinelli -an MP- and Lt. Col. Sally MacPherson are eating at BBQ Bob's during Jesse's shift, a fourth, Captain Hank Thomas, bursts in saying "You'll all be sorry" and shoots himself in the head. Steven has barely started his investigation when female NIS agent Warrant Officer Hannah Bernstein bursts in and claims the case for the military, illegally, yet he gentlemanly accepts to collaborate; even after they know he used the wrong hand base commander Colonel Lucien Chandler orders her to close the case as ...
27 Apr. 2000
Two Birds with One Sloan
Wheel chair user Saul Singer has a car accident but Mark gets him by ambulance to TV presenter Drew McIntyre's trivia quiz "Through the Roof" where he is breaking the earnings records - because he blackmails him to hand over the answers in advance. Steve hears Saul's car brakes were subtly sabotaged. The next show day, Saul has a fatal asthma crisis on air; Amanda finds his vital inhaler was empty. Drew's assistant, who was impressed by his memory, recruits Mark for an audition as contestant, which he aces and thus can snoop on the set. Meanwhile Steve finds Saul had ...
4 May 2000
Swan Song
Self-accompanying singer Danielle Marsh has her own grand piano flown over from New York claiming it's the only thing that calms her grave nerves, and moves in with the Sloanes till her concert. Jesse hesitates to help med student Ellie Rose meet her idol and present her own creations in her style. When Danielle comes over for a medical when Mark isn't in, she walks out most insulting to Jesse; she's equally impossible at the theater and claims to be chased in a red car by a man who hassled her earlier in New York. Just when symptoms of memory loss have convinced Mark...
11 May 2000
Out of the Past
When a girl cop is brought in wounded, Jesse patches her up and dates her, but as Amanda finds and brings out she sets him up for a staged scary ride. Alex recognizes her roommate Amy Saroyan as a youth friend, runaway from home. She also was the roommate of the late call-girl Oaks, the godmother of her daughter Shannon; Oaks had a 'tame cop', Steve's ruthlessly ambitious colleague detective Robert Cardinal, who walks into a trap they set so he'll shoot the fake Amy. Meanwhile hospital official Dr. Madison Wesley dates slick Brett Hayward and plays along in his ...
11 May 2000
Getting Mad, Getting Even
Two weeks later, Brett Hayward murders Dr. Hjortsberg, the plastic surgeon who created his present identity, knowing him as patient Eddie Dagabosian, and as such harbors a grudge against Madison, with whom he moves in, but Steve's LAPD team finds the drugs the killer 'stole' in a nearby dumpster. Meanwhile a 'Dr. anonymous' publishes a sleaze bestseller book version of the Community General sleuths, entitled Big City Hospital, for which half the staff mistakes Jesse, even Amanda. Although everything goes wrong now in Madison's life, she resents Mark for running a ...
12 Oct. 2000
Death by Design
Kendra Masterson commits -we see so- elaborately planned crimes, using her lover Jake Myers as muscle, which she afterward kills and ships to Egypt in a sarcophagus crate, and framing her other lover, millionaire Roger Andrews, for the killing of his wife, Lana, but before his arrest quickly scams half a million out of him 'for her insane brother' who doesn't exist. The Sloanes must figure out all this and her staged fatal car accident as she really switched identity with psychiatric patient Beverly Scott.
19 Oct. 2000
Blind Man's Bluff
When Dave Caine tells Laura he wants a divorce after her job paid for seven years of his medical training, she causes a car crash after which she gets declared blind, possibly forever, and he stays to care for her, at least till the final diagnosis. David's thus cut-off lover Julie Warren is desperate to get him to marry her. Shortly after Laura gets a very efficient new aid, Mark finds David shot dead in the bathroom and Julie declares her gun was stolen without her noticing, Steve books her as only suspect. However Jesse, her friend, convinces Mark to prove Laura ...
26 Oct. 2000
Mark is having a hard time preparing for a magic show for the child patients- first he misplaces the key of the chest he locked Steve in, then he learns janitor Jim Briggs, the magic talent, was killed surfing; his estranged, wealthy, married twin brother Jeff turns up just then. Mark soon suspects from various details it might just be Jim killed his brother to take his place, which sister-in-law Dina laughs away and suggests to Steve to take fingerprints, and then tells Jim she knew since the first day and was glad to be rid of Jeff; according to Jeff's will it also ...
2 Nov. 2000
By Reason of Insanity
A bum is brought into Community General. Mark recognizes him as his former student George Lawson, once a brilliant medical mind, now a mental mess, who raves on about what sounds like Father Seton, but his whole speech is riddled in some gibberish. Lawson is found again on the beach near the site of the murder on Richard Fielding and is arrested, but even his degree of schizophrenic paranoia and dysfunctional state do not constitute legal insanity. Jesse has a go at Lawson's slang-type associations. Ethan Foster, the widow Cynthia Fielding's lover, is told by his wife...
9 Nov. 2000
The Patient Detective
Steve is rushed to hospital; Jesse saves him, but while still partly under anesthesia he believes he sees a murder by a doctor with a knife, or rather injecting him with a lethal syringe. One patient deceased around that time, Edgar Wellers, had quarreled with his wife Ashley, who inherits his fortune and is a retired nurse with a hospital pass and has him cremated too soon for a thorough second autopsy. Jesse has invested 'a truckload' in the pharmaceutical company which develops the promising cancer drug Lexomite, on the advice of a company saleswoman he dates, but ...
16 Nov. 2000
The Cradle Will Rock
Derek Bradshaw, husband of Community General's ER nurse (Stacy), is fatally shot while hunting, but it was no accident. Ray Santucci, a problem teenager doing community service at the hospital, is then arrested. Mark and Steve believe Ray and Stacy are lying about not knowing each other, and soon figure out they are lovers. Ray is too protective to divulge her story about being physical abuse, inciting him to commit the murder. How can they get the truth out before the diabolically misled kid is jailed for life while the murderous wife goes free? Jesse discovers she ...
30 Nov. 2000
Hot House
A "Survivor"-type reality show on which one of Dr. Sloan's med students (Alex Smith) hopes to win $35,000 to pay for student loans. When an obnoxious contestant named Larry dies of an overdose of antidepressant, it is assumed to be a accident or suicide. Steve doesn't accept that, and Dr. Sloan becomes a replacement contestant. Hidden diamonds found in the heel of Larry's shoe and a draft of air observed on a tape of that night provide Dr. Sloan with an insight. He carries out a reenactment, leaving freckles on the murderer's face, demonstrating how an unobserved/...
7 Dec. 2000
All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Die
Where else would two fashion designers hold their wedding but on their catwalk? The groom (Stanley Bomgarden), partner at Mirage Fashions with his bride Tammy, crushes what turns out to be a bomb in a silk bag at the end of their Jewish wedding. Model Nadja Rose is brought to the same hospital, from an overdose of Ecstasy which Stanley had provided, but is saved by Jesse; her father is the reputed Russian druglord "Mike the Mechanic" Rodzinski. Stanley dies, and Steve sees Mike with an explosives expert who is then blown up on his own boat. After two confessions, Dr. ...

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