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6 Jan. 1999
Trapped in Paradise
After a third murder without apparent motive in a strictly guarded housing community, Steve moves in undercover as a Community General physician, pretending to be the brother of victim Paul Foster. As soon as he arrives he finds Shelby Turner, an investigative reporter on a rag obsessed with aliens he loathes, has unexpectedly set herself up as his wife. After throwing a party gets them fingerprints which only match to dead people, Mark figures out what the three victims had in common with each-other and a crime family.
21 Jan. 1999
Voices Carry
Sally Jenkins is found in a dumpster, strangled. Steve suspects her violence-prone ex Ed. LAPD detective Harry Trumble, whose retirement closes down after 15 years the task force which never caught the Clown Killer whose elaborate MO included painting a clown's face on the victim, claims it's his work, only he got interrupted. When Steve discards that, Harry falsifies a claim letter from the murderer and authenticates it on TV, causing a panic and high-profile resurrection of the task force, under Harry, who gets a call from the murderer, who already killed again. Now...
28 Jan. 1999
Murder, My Suite
When Mark and Jesse accompany Amanda to her award in forensic pathology, Alex Vander crashes on their table- he's infected by injection with the highly contagious legionnaires disease, by Ariel, who made him believe to be his lover so he would steal it for her. The doctors have the LAPD (lead by Steve) enforce a strict quarantine while they run an improvised emergency ward, helped by Dr. Herb Downey, a specialist in infectious disease. During the hard work to save lives they must find out all about the sinister plot, which is a very deadly 'decoy' for another crime...
4 Feb. 1999
Murder on the Hour
When several patients and the unpopular ER resident Dr. Mason, who acted erratic since a grave accident, are murdered in Community Hospital, the sleuths figure out the killer seems to be striking every hour, so every minute counts to save the next victim. Steve was already inside after bringing in a man who got shot by mistake with two uniformed cops who witnessed it. Several people had opportunity, but nobody seems to benefit from the deaths. After a suspect's alibi checks out, Mark finds an eery point in common: they all survived a near-death experience.
11 Feb. 1999
Rescue Me
When Chloe Marsden has a nearly fatal car accident, which she blames on her ex Richard Locke, Jesse saves her, fixes her up and even puts her up for the night at his home, which is embarrassing when his girl friend Susan turns up unannounced in the morning. It gets worse after having told her off, when her ex barges in and falls to his death, knocked on the head by Chloe, on a sword Jesse just picked up when running to the rescue at her place- and is arrested for 'jealous murder'. Steve and Mark have a hard time proving she makes a habit out of falling in love with ...
18 Feb. 1999
Down Among the Dead Men
When Mark and Amanda twist Steve -who receives the first of several letters quoting the penal code on crimes he's about to witness- and Jesse's arms to host a musical benefit at BBQ Bob's, a customer is hit by a stray bullet from the jewelry shop across the street being robbed by well-prepared men. After Steve shoots robber Nestor in the leg the leader kills him and taunts Steve about the lousy LAPD equipment compared to his, he dares Steve to kill him. The next day his next announced crime is robbing Steve's car to dump it in the river. Mark figures out his twitch is...
25 Feb. 1999
Never Say Die
When Tommy Anders, a juvenile delinquent who only escaped residential punishment because Steve vouched for him, allows someone to provoke him to violence in BBQ Bob's, Steve enrolls him for a self-control program as factotum in the rehabilitation-trough-boxing club run by Brendan Kelly, who lives with cripple legs without any pain medication. When people start to behave most erratic there, in one case even commit suicide in front of Tommy, the Sloanes investigate if the reason could be chemical, and if so who is behind it.
29 Apr. 1999
Trash TV - Part One
An unusual patient in Community general is the "Masked Magician", who reveals magic tricks in highly rated specials on Pox TV, but got wounded by a real arrow because of sabotage. Meanwhile rival channel GBC prepares a series "Doctor Danger", supposedly based on Mark Sloane, but when shown the pilot he refuses to have anything to do with this mockery; Jesse however accepts to write scripts for it. Shortly after, both the masked magician -who unveiled himself to become irreplaceable- and Mark's character 'Dr. Danger' are murdered on the set. Mark tricks the first ...
29 Apr. 1999
Trash TV - Part Two
While Kent Beudine presents a cynical show on the horror gripping Hollywood after two TV celebrity murders, Marc is convinced Jesse is on the right track for motive by remarking it all upsets the program line-ups of rivaling networks in terms of the almighty ratings. Producer Jackson Burley is ignored even by his former protégés, and minutes after star Jerry Lane turns down an offer to transfer to West Coast VP Garth Zand's network GBS, the winner on Thursday after the previous crimes, he is run over by a fake parking valet. After Zand invites Marc for a scary gourmet...
6 May 1999
Blood Ties
Pimp Milton Wilder is shot in an alley by women. An embezzled businessman who finds his partner also cheated him with his wife fails to kill him, follows the paramedics to Community General and fails again in Jesse's OR because of a crazily daring intervention from Steve's LAPD colleague detective Taylor Lucas, the new partner of more orthodox rising vice squad star Amy Devlin, detailed to assist Steve in the Wilder case, but first they must arrest bail-jumper Laurette Stipe in a biker bar, which leads to a gun-fight killing Stipe with a bullet matching the Wilder ...
13 May 1999
Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of My Life
In this atypical episode there is no sleuthing, but Dr. Mark Sloane wrestles with medical ethics when after turning away presumably terminal patients who asked him to help end their lives, he finds the new resident, Dr. Kate Delieb, systematically does give them what they want, by setting up a suicide-device in their hospital room or even, in case one isn't even able to trigger when any more, administer a fatal injection. He confronts her, swearing he'll do everything in his power to stop her as he believes the Hippocratic oaths primary rule never to cause harm ...
23 Sep. 1999
The Roast
The day Dr. Mark Sloane is to be 'honor' as Man of the Year at the Roast, where comedians makes merciless fun of him in the Jokers Club, which despite its fun-loving name is also a cesspit of envy and blame, Andy Baxter, a sideman who made a surprise appearance grossly insulting the speaker, Lou Summers, and dropping trou he's killed during a very short power break by a knife in the back. While Steve is conducting first interrogations, the killer knocks out Jesse and stabs Lou to death. The crowd provide multiple clues and suspicions, but Mark figures it all out by ...
30 Sep. 1999
Sleeping Murder
When a businessman runs through the streets to shoot an apparent nobody in clear daylight, Steve is puzzled. Mark is even more surprised when his annoying brother Stacy Sloan appears after a drive all the way from Arkansas for free medical consult with a bad back; worse, he is found to relapse into dangerous sleepwalking landing him twice at the site of a fatal accident or murder of a patient. Meanwhile Dr. Madison Wesley, the new dean of the medical school, is brutally harsh on young Dr. Daniel Richards, despite Mark's pleading to cut the talented kid some slack ...
7 Oct. 1999
Bringing Up Barbie
Now Susan his run off to Oregon with a chiropractor, Jesse suffers babysitting Amanda's rascal CJ. Mark is delighted to meet in BBQ Bob's Chuck Greer, who once saved Steve's life in Vietnam, and accepts minding for a while his daughter Barbara, who also proves a handful. Steve discovers he has been assuming the identity of the wealthy Ralph Eastman, as he ran from a clothes shop chased -both in their underwear- by an unknown man who recognized him. Both Sloanes are surprised to hear she knew her dad wanted her off his hands for several days, not knowing he's offering ...
14 Oct. 1999
Murder at Midterm
When bright med student Quinn Montgomery, whose formerly rich family from Miami was ruined, learns during midterms that his penniless lover Holly Harris is pregnant, which would ruin his wedding plans with heiress Jennifer Warner, he arranges her death with poisoned Chinese takeaway and sets up a stooge. Once Amanda points out the supposed suicide or accident is fake since there's no gelatin in her stomach, so her food had to be spiked, Mark Sloane starts investigating every single detail till he knows enough to set a trap...
21 Oct. 1999
The Flame
While Jesse is jogging he sees smoke coming out of a garage, breaks the door but is too late to save Frank Baumgart, the apparent suicide victim. Amanda finds he was on Prozac but also was hit hard on the head. Steve finds a wrench and the finger prints of Frank's ex-boss John Parkinson, who has a violence record and was being sued by him for $2,000,000 he didn't even have, on the suicide note; Johns wife Livia turns to Mark, her old friend. Then John produces proof she was too close again with Frank, but denies hiring the PI to the Sloanes. Livia now tells Mark she ...
28 Oct. 1999
The Killer Within
Dr. Madison Wesley asks Mark to help Lisa, her great love's daughter, whom she found OD'd, into a prime rehab. After five days she steals admittedly at least one syringe of Demerol from an open medicine cabinet, and finds Tommy Santini ODd from three more, although he was afraid of needles, so she's arrested. Shortly after a session with Dr. Carla Meyer, the MD in charge, another patient, Kiki, is found dead with a suicide note, which Mark proves absurd; then he sets a trap...
4 Nov. 1999
Gangland: Part One
Gangster 'Mr. G', a perfect Mark Sloane lookalike, is released from jail; his gang has moved business to California, and rented a Malibu beach-house. His daughter, who took care of the 'firm' for years, is furious to be shoved aside again from the new project, the 'Gangland' casino for which she got the governor to sign a private bill granting the state's first-ever license by bribing politicians, but can't go trough with having him killed by a sniper, and decides on kidnapping her old man- but gets Mark instead, while the real Mr. G is mistaken for Mark even by Jesse...
4 Nov. 1999
Gangland: Part Two
Mark is brought in shot, Jesse saves him -while student Alex Smith does his rounds- by removing the bullet, but he has temporary amnesia; no, that's lookalike mobster John 'Mr. G' Gotti: the real doc walks in with Steve, but soon Mr. G knocks him down and takes his place; his daughter finds Mark locked into the closet, but the mobster walks into a trap at his girlfriend's. Steve is just in time to prevent a sniper casing a fatal accident in Ponyland, discovers the daughter is working as administrator on the wellness center project and helps Mark set a trap...
11 Nov. 1999
The Mouth That Roared
Mouthy star-radio presenter Denise Steiner declared on a TV show 'in jest' she would have to kill her birth mother if she were found but refused any contact. While Mark is her radio guest, she gets a call in the long-lasting search for her mom; she doesn't take it serious, but after the show an assistant shows that Joanne Lombardi knew about her secret birthmark. Jesse warns everybody his visiting mama is a terror by being too nice- she surprises even him by offering a full partnership in her private practice in Minneapolis. Denise goes looking for Joanna, finds her ...
18 Nov. 1999
The Seven Deadly Sins
Mark matches wits with a beautiful jewel thief who is being framed for murder.
16 Dec. 1999
Santa Claude
Claude Campbell, the hospital's janitor, is looking forward to play Santa Clause again, but Mark diagnoses him with terminal cancer. The preparations for Christmas festivities are difficult- Jesse bitches about the commercial side and social pressure, even more after someone breaks his car window and steals all his presents, but finally volunteers BBQ Bob's for a homeless dinner; Mark can't find any good voices for a barber shop quartet. Trying to get Claude eligible for assistance, Steve discovers his identity is false, he's actually Andrew Basevich, an escaped ...

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