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8 Jan. 1998
While Steve and his partner are celebrating the success of a six-month undercover investigation of the Valley's mob baron Gordon Gonza, he's critically injured by a shot in the stomach. Dr. Mark Sloan must trust his son's medical care to Jessie, but publicly threatens Gonza, proclaiming he'll pay with everything he's got. Steve's informant, porn actress Spring Dano, contacts Mark, and soon after, both Gordon and Spring are found killed: Gonza by binary poison and Spring by a knife. Mark is found bending over her corpse, is arrested, and put on trial for their murders ...
15 Jan. 1998
Retribution: Part Two
Mark, framed for the murders on mob king Gonza and a police informer from his entourage, is on death-row next to Malcolm Trainor, who masterminded to get his death sentence reverted now Mark, whose testimony decided it, is utterly discredited. Steve -and his partner- must find the real murderer fast; their best bet is Gonza's mob heir Ross Canin, whom he finds threatening his accountant, Malcolm's brother, but chief Masters orders them to stop investigating him, as it turns out with good reason, but maybe the key is where Gonza's missing fortune went?
22 Jan. 1998
Drill for Death
As if General Hospital weren't stressed enough by an official emergency drill observed by state emergencies director Doug Hanson and five ambulances on the way after a real tunnel collapse, ruthlessly ambitious bed-hopper nursing administrator Karin Hatcher is bloodily beaten to death and left in the morgue, but the splatters pass unnoticed among all the fake blood for the drill. She already got the hospital job head nurse Maggie Dennings wanted, but aimed at Hanson's. Jesse and his frisky girl-friend nurse Susan Hilliard still hope to get away on romantic trip to ...
29 Jan. 1998
Rain of Terror
When Mark and Amanda arrive drenched at a private dinner party in a canyon, they soon notice their hostess Vivien Sanderson and her daughter act suspicious, and indeed Amy has just knocked in her fiancé Pierce Maxwell's skull with a frying pan. When the other guests arrive, the body has disappeared, and soon a second murder is committed, now overtly but unwitnessed, on uncle David Coopersmith, who managed Amy's trust-fund very tightly. Mark calls Steve, but the connection was to bad to hear he's coming and brings Jesse - but what about the killer meanwhile?
5 Feb. 1998
Baby Boom
Mark gets a call from Amanda that her child birthing class -not the autopsy expert's field of expertise- just got the surprise visit of a Bob Bare threatening to blow them all up, claiming one of the women carries his baby because Community General expert Dr. Adam Embry used his non-donated sperm for in vitro-insemination of others, but he swears it's a lie invented by his former nurse and lover Patricia Callender, who swears it was all part of various unauthorized, even experimental procedures, and at Jesse's insistence produces records. The Embry dies because his ...
26 Feb. 1998
Talked to Death
When Darrin Tate is brought into Community General for a heart attack after his co-host Mary Montgomery decked him in their TV talk-show, they both insist it's staged between good friends during the weeks when crucial ratings are measured. In the next show he shoots her, and claims to be shocked finding someone switched the blanks she loaded herself with fatal live ammo. The doctors and Steve unravel motive and opportunity in the brutally competitive and deceptive studio circles for that murder and Mary's personal assistants which is masked as a staged fatal car ...
15 Mar. 1998
An Education in Murder
Noelle Andrew enjoys sadistically manipulating her fellow Norrington Hall private school students so they turn on each-other. After her deceptive promises and blackmail cause two deaths, ethics guest lecturer Mark Sloane gets wind and finds out her fiendish foster past through Steve. Mark is determined to prevent further victims, she to make him her next. Meanwhile Jesse wrestles with his girl-friend nurse's inability to keep emotional distance after her transfer to ICU.
26 Mar. 1998
Murder at the Finish Line
When former racer Steve presents lay fan Jesse to his favorite team Eagin, star driver Matt Thomas has a nasty accident and accuses the crew team of sabotage. When the whole gang attends the race, he has a crash in the sabotaged car and dies- but from deliberate medication abuse. The sleuths dig into team rivalries and financial problems, to come up with several relevant plots.
16 Apr. 1998
First Do No Harm
Unlike most episodes, this one has no deliberate killing. Instead doctors Marc Sloan and Jesse Travis refuse to accept the grave medical consequences -such as medically irresponsible delays and refusal of necessary therapy- for non-affluent patients of the virtually exclusive medical circuits (ambulance, treatment facilities etc.) imposed by so-called HMOs, a type of medical insurance, which puts medical staff in an impossible position between budget-orientated rules, malpractice claims and Hippocratic conscience. A few fatal cases lead to law-suits and an arbitration...
23 Apr. 1998
Promises to Keep
When Steve has a murder victim identified, Ryan Matthews is relieved it's 'only' the room mate of his ex Kate; however they find fingerprints of criminal mastermind Gavin Cutler whom she worked for, but escaped justice probably by Ryan abusing his position as cop, after which he left the force. Mark decides to invite him at his home being worried about daughter Tess. When Ryan and Tess find mother Kate alive she insists someone already stole the fortune their latest investment scam brought but Cutler threatens all three their lives unless he gets it back, so Ryan ...
30 Apr. 1998
Food Fight
It still seemed funny when the first victims just had food all over them after a grill exploded, but when the next attempt is salmonella poisoning with a (possibly accidental) fatality, the systematic attempts to ruin the competing top-caterers in Hollywood (that is those who trained with he recently retired top-dog, Gaylord) becomes a true nightmare- especially for Jesse, who is in charge this year of the hospital's benefactors ball and thus enlists his friends to help him choose a caterer, while the sleuths wrestle with an abundance of suspects with motives, several...
7 May 1998
Just after the execution of Louis Sweeney, the serial Sunnyview bomber who got arrested thanks to Mark Sloane but whose motive remained unknown, a new bombing by his method happens - his son, popular investigative radio-presenter Carter Sweeney, manages to make two rivaling prosecution officials and the public believe it's not a copycat's work but proof Louis was an innocent victim of Sloane's prejudiced manipulation. Soon every member of the sleuth team sees his of her career in grave jeopardy as the bombings continue...
14 May 1998
Obsession: Part Two
Now that he and his friends are discredited and professionally hurt, Mark figures out how the geographical pattern of the bombings fits the Sweeney family's grudge against the city, just in time to save all but one victim on the thus predicted next bomb site. For once Amanda's boyfriend, FBI Agent Ron Wagner, sees something clearer then our overstressed sleuths: if Carter just planned to clear his father, he should have done it in time to prevent the execution. Finding proof that Carter is the lover of ambitious ADA Sharon Ellison gets Steve reinstated. Even once ...
24 Sep. 1998
Resurrection: Part One
Now the murderous Sweeney vengeance against LA has taken the form of Carter's sister Caitlin bombing Community General, Jessie is trapped in the rubble with wounded Steve, Mark with Amanda who needs an emergency operation. Four months later, Caitlin is signaled robbing a bank with her lover, the young leader of armed rebellion movement Roar, and Carter convinces the DA to grant him a transfer to a country club jail in exchange for information to help find her.
24 Sep. 1998
Resurrection: Part Two
As the owner's divorce caused the founding owner of their favorite barbecue restaurant to let the business go bust, Steve and Jesse are convinced it's a golden opportunity to revive it, so they prod Mark for a loan. But before either partner can attend to "BBQ Bob", the Sweenies kidnap Mark at his home. Carter blackmails him with more innocent bomb victims to think up a quick way to steal $100,000,000, allegedly to fund Roar, the revolutionary movement against the "US shadow government" lead by Caitlin's naive lover Aaron Ving, who may kill at anytime. The sleuth's ...
1 Oct. 1998
Till Death Do Us Part
Gold digger Philip Cobler and his bride Cindy Garrett were confident their carefully planned murder by poison on her father and his boss Wayde, for which his present wife Denise Garrett gets framed so they can inherit everything, was virtually foolproof even though it included Mark Sloan on the guest-list, and without him they probably could have winged everything that goes wrong at the last minute, but now Steve's investigation is destined to end with a last surprise for them.
8 Oct. 1998
Wrong Number
Instead of the parents, Mark receives a telephone call at home about the ransom instructions for kidnapped 6-year old Joey; when he turns up in the park chosen as exchange scene, he only witnesses desperate dad Ted getting shot and feels guilty. At the elaborately staged second attempt to pay up, Steve is send through half LA but as Mark suspects finds the suitcase already contained no money, just newspapers- which however prove Mark's theory that the exchange was made at the house, by whom and why...
15 Oct. 1998
Blood Will Out
When Amanda prepares for an autopsy on another of the victims of a mass shooting with a bullet in his head, Gregory Oton rises from the slab, knocks her out and disappears with identification clues, but stays in the hospital and steals all he needs to operate on himself. After he violently dealt with other people in his way, including kidnapping Jesse's girlfriend Susan, the NSA walks in telling he's an international terrorist, but Mark doesn't buy that story and guesses, once a major bacteriological infection is found in his blood, the even graver truth...
29 Oct. 1998
Dr. Jesse Travis is exhausted after combining his full-time ER job with two medical studies. When Steve has set him up in a cabin near a lonely lake, he has a strange experience and is only found five days later in Utah after Steve was picked up, grilled and thrown out when looking for Jesse in a nearby top-secret 'non-existant' R&D-base. Jesse begins to believe he may have been abducted and it takes Mark a long time to understand the how and why of his young friend's frightening paranoia.
5 Nov. 1998
Write, She Murdered
When murder novelist Kay Ludlow has writer's block she stabs her agent to death just after his tirade to respect the Friday deadline no matter how and sets up several utterly false clues. Yet she didn't act on the spur of the moment nor had a motive for his death, she just wants to get inspiration from reality and thus provides herself with an alibi by having 'him' phone Mark Sloane in Community General, hoping to follow the investigation as Amanda is her regular technical adviser. She's delighted to see one of her dead-end suspects murdered in a copycat-like way, ...
12 Nov. 1998
Rear Windows '98
Late at night Amanda witnesses on-line on 'Joannecam' the star stab-murder by a masked man who looks straight into the web-cam. Soon she finds herself the victim of such computer-engineered incidents as cancellation of her credit card for fictitious arrears and doctored traffic lights making her cause a car-crash. Jesse's cyber-café-friends track his computer down, but the 'stalker' anticipated that: it's the site of another stab-murder which he's showing on the web, as it turns out his sixth yet but not his last. Catching him will take superior sleuthing and hacking....
19 Nov. 1998
The Last Resort
The LAPD teams up Steve with his former training officer Det. Reggie Ackroyd, who keeps blaming a murderer he put away for the 'abduction' of his wife who actually left him taking his daughter. Rough suspect interrogation and the accidental shooting of a rapist during a stake-out cause Captain Walter Newman to force both of them, under threat of prosecution, to enroll in the 'last resort', a psychiatric program for cops in Community General, where Steve backs up his delusions, even to the point of estrangement from Mark, who's called in during therapy. Yet all this ...
3 Dec. 1998
Murder x 4
After catching several murderers without apparent motive nor either criminal or psycho profile, Steve feels something is wrong; after another such man messes up his gun-murder by accidentally shooting a cop, Steve trades himself and saves everybody's lives. Now the sleuths figure out what the killers actually had in common as patients in therapy at Community General, who is behind setting it all up and why they must finish their investigation against the clock as another murder is scheduled.
17 Dec. 1998
Dead in the Water
Jesse and his fiancée finally make the romantic weekend trip to Carmel she dreamed about for months. However in a fishery town on the road Susan gets even more upset then before on account of her diet, when she recognizes Greg Hutchens, her former scuba instructor and fiancé who she believed to have died since five years, in a car accident with her steering, and turns out to be happily engaged to a waitress, which happens to be sheriff Kelso's daughter. Even worse, in order to preserve some dark secret they are arrested, jailed and illegally 'jury-trialed'.

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