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9 Jan. 1997
In Defense of Murder
Spoilers: Former nurse Mary Capshaw is the director, in fact fund raising soul, of Community General's children health project. A paparazzo overhears her talking to 'Malibu madam' Kirsten Foxx, once a fellow prostitute, who announces she's going to publish a book about that embarrassing past, with their real names. Just before her publisher's messenger would pick up the manuscript, a man she knows kills Foxx and steals it. That same Darren Worthy, an expensive attorney, offers his legal services to suspect Capshaw, who just resigned from the project, pro bono, so he ...
16 Jan. 1997
A History of Murder
When Norman ceremonially knocks down a piece of wall at the inauguration of a Community General expansion named after rich hospital alumnus and benefactor Dr. Raymond Huxley, a completely bleached skeleton falls out. From his ring Mark identifies him as the late, brilliant cardiac surgeon Dr. Greg Nordoff, who disappeared on the day of the Dallas Kennedy assassination, while the hospital was in an even worse state, due to ongoing construction. Only a hearing aid remains intact, but turns out not to be his. Nordoff was assumed at the time to have embezzled a lot from ...
30 Jan. 1997
Murder Two: Part 1
Stuntwoman Paula McCarthy was found beaten to death in an L.A. hotel room. Her husband Barry McCarthy was arrested there. Dr. Eric Spindler tries to stop Jesse from operating on a car accident victim without waiting for an MRI, then convinces the family to sue the E.R. for malpractice and acts as a star witness. Spindler's girlfriend nurse Jeri Murdico cheated him at birth-control and refuses an abortion, he thinks she just wants to marry him for his money. Jesse begs Mark to ask his friend Ben Matlock (star of the eponymous murder lawyer series) to defend him, which ...
6 Feb. 1997
Murder Two: Part 2
While poor innocent Jessie still shivers in jail, Ben and Mark sleuth on. They assume Debbie's now arrested husband Jack Gardner, who is on the stolen Paula McCarthy arrest video in his truck, can link both murders. Barry McCarthy tells them in jail his murdered wife flirted habitually, the fatal night with Nick Cravits, Barry has a drunk black-out how bad it got that night with Spindler but believes he's innocent. Mark realizes Spindler had opportunity during an operation to steal some of the hair -suspiciously cut and torn- and blood to frame Barry, as there is no ...
13 Feb. 1997
Hard-Boiled Murder
P.I. Joe Mannix (star of a eponymous TV detective series) is brought to friend Mark with a mild flesh wound after a shooting outside the Hall of Records, while re-investigating the Lou Reynolds murder (Mannix episode "Little Girl Lost", 1973), about incriminating tapes from 25 years ago. Unfortunately, Joe's X-rays show a life-threatening cardiac risk, so Mark decides to 'help' his investigation. His client, Lou's daughter, TV reporter Tina Reynolds, is determined to solve this case now that she has moved back to L.A. from Florida, but the killer, who wears a police ...
20 Feb. 1997
Murder, Country Style
At the All-stars Country Awards in L.A., Mark is grateful singing patient Dusty's guest, with Amanda and true fan Jesse who meets awards and records producer Betty Manning's daughter, songwriter Laura Manning, Mark and Dusty find singer Mickey McShane murdered in his trailer, whacked on the head with a lamp. Betty has an alibi but female blond hair and air freshener filters indicate he was actually killed in Betty's trailer, the two were identical and the plates switches. Betty confesses after seeing Steve suspects secret fiancée Laura, who wrote McShane's hit songs ...
27 Feb. 1997
Delusions of Murder
A psychiatrist hypnotizes his female patients in order to rape them without their knowledge. His wife finds out of what he's doing; he then uses hypnosis to get a patient to murder his wife.
3 Apr. 1997
A Passion for Murder
When her separated lover and predecessor as local rep, David 'Dave' Chambers, who just got promoted to regional sales director for Benchmark Pharmaceuticals, intends to announce their engagement, Stephanie Hitcher pushes him in front of a car. He is successfully operated by Jessie. Stephanie quickly seduces Community General's man in charge of purchases, married Dr. Tod Grimes, and turns to getting rid of Dave in the firm and Tod's wife Kim although he doesn't want a divorce. When Kim is shot dead, Tod tells the Sloan sleuths that Stephanie must have killed her rival,...
10 Apr. 1997
Blood Brothers Murder
A gang member does not want his sister to date Shane and a fight breaks out. Shane and his brother Terry are friends with Mark. When the gang member is found dead, Terry and Shane turn to Mark to prove their innocence.
24 Apr. 1997
Physician, Murder Thyself
When top surgeon Dr. Ken Morrisay, who doesn't bother, is the victim of similar morbid 'pranks' as in Boston while in Community General to operate his former teacher Dr. Jeff Everden, assisted by rival ex-pupil Dr. Clayton Andrews (a source of pride for Norman), Boston anesthesiologist Dr. Les Franklin, Dr. Sally Crawfield, Mark and Jesse, who gets hit by blood aimed from a riding car at Morrissay, Steve investigates. During the operation, Morrisay gets a fatal heart attack, Andrews saves Everden by stepping in. The car is traced to animal rights activist Claire ...
24 Apr. 1997
Murder in the Air
The airplane Mark and Amanda are taking for a medical conference in Zurich (Switzerland) is delayed to wait for alternative co-pilot Ron Manners, a reputed womanizer. Mark observes the staff have their own problems on top of work, a troublemaker, a female jeweler who ignores the smoking ban. Then Mark finds Ron's corpse in the toilet, neck broken, and starts looking for the murderer among over 100 passengers plus staff after contacting Steve, airplanes being extraterritorial. Then several crew members are found unconscious, cause unknown, leaving no pilot, just ...
1 May 1997
The Merry Widow Murder
Claire Whitfield makes sure Mark notices the bruise on her cheek, supposedly from her wealthy, hot-tempered husband Elliott, whose alleged sleep-apnea symptoms she supposedly reports to the doctor, actually it's deliberately given by her studly lover Max Halleck, even stages Elliot to shake her at a party and gets her lover to 'snore' heavily enough on a 'bedroom tape' before murdering Elliot, staging fatal apnea. Mark, who worries age is physically catching up with himself, notices deep scratches on Elliot's hand, which don't fit with her bruises, and finds milky ...
8 May 1997
Comedy Is Murder
Tim Conrad, the clumsy half of a once legendary TV comedy duo, fails to kill his ex-partner Harvey Huckaby, still affluent and the second husband of Tim's ex Susan Huckaby, who cleverly bought Tim's half of the TV rights just before a movie was going to be made about them, first because Tim drops his sniper gun and secondly because Susan put the glasses on a trey after he poisoned one -drank it himself, but is saved in Community General- and gets noticed as fake pool-boy -using a trademark disguise- trying to rig Harvey's pool-cover, and gets the shock of his life: ...
8 May 1997
The Murder of Mark Sloan
The Sloans fear for Mark's life after the escape of Sam Rosser, who vowed revenge since Mark got him convicted for a brutal postal bombing murder. Norman also has a fight to the death against a hospital take-over by Vaughn Medical Services, which appeals to most of the board but would be detrimental to patient care. Mark gets one day delay to receive a frightening report about a San Diego hospital Vaughn took over. Kurt Vaughn hisses he won't be stopped. Med student Dr. Brian Haywood asked Jessie to intercede with Mark about his residency, but screws up once too often...
18 Sep. 1997
Murder Blues
Steven and fellow LAPD Detectives Halloran and Stang, who are partners, find Councilman Watson, whom they wanted to question about corruption, passed out at home on tranquilizers Mark prescribed, in the next room is his separated wife Janet's corpse, shot, her blood is all over the house. Police Chief Masters, a political rival for the mayoral campaign, refuses to comment. Mark decides to look into Watson's claim to be framed, together with Captain Cynthia Pike, even though it can make Steve look bad but he is happy to collaborate. Amanda hopes to work trough her an '...
25 Sep. 1997
Open and Shut
When David McReynolds realizes that Allison Porter wants to go public with their illicit love affair, he strangles her in the bath on her 18th birthday, just before his father Peter McReynolds proudly swears him in as fellow Justice on the California Supreme Court. New assistant medical examiner Amanda confirms the lack of bruises suggests no struggle: Allison knew her killer. Mark finds her stolen jewelry on an OD'd junkie named Otis, but believes he didn't kill her and soon catches David in a lie. The Sloans discover his under-age affair and that Allison's parents ...
2 Oct. 1997
Malibu Fire
When a forest fire rages near Malibu, the Community General mobile team and voluntary firefighter Steve soon find not only the flames and shifting wind endanger them and other lives, but also a number of personal motives for murder among locals centering around the only general store-owner, his daughter and a recently released investment fraudster who nearly ruined many locals.
9 Oct. 1997
Deadly Games
Former cop turned bodyguard Frank Waldeck arranges a murder attempt on his filthy rich employer Victoria Larkin and himself for which he frames a mentally instable fan of hers who he has 'commit suicide'. When she's committed to Community General, reason for an impractically strict security regime, Dr. Sloane soon smells a rat and suspects him, especially when the richest stock criminal is also brought in, but who is the intended next victim and how can it be saved?
16 Oct. 1997
Slam Dunk Dead
Jesse proudly serves as the LA Mustangs basketball team doctor during filming for a commercial, but starts worrying when the vials from a routine drug test he took are smashed in his new car. It's time to panic when the star player dies from the binary poison formed by the combination of anti-allergen (Jesse prescribed) and the antibiotic - the star's chart didn't mention when he quickly read it, but now does. The sleuths find out it was mixed in with his sponsor's pills, while the star had an endorsement rival with a drug problem. Mark also looks into the team ...
23 Oct. 1997
Looks Can Kill
When Jesse's young patient in fine condition dies just after jogging, her supplier, a certain Marco with a criminal record, is hunted down and arrested but Amanda's autopsy proves his supplements were safe, a hospital infection killed her - after another plastic surgery in an amazing long series, all the more surprising for a girl of natural beauty. Now the popular but profit-driven Dr. Elaine Denell's specialized clinic is the target of an examination, which finds it was so badly managed that it is closed down, but Mark and Steve feel it's too easy, especially when ...
30 Oct. 1997
Fatal Impact: Part 1
Mark and Amanda participate in the emergency plan at its grimmest: examining with the National Transportation Safety Board a plane-crash without a single survivor, just victims to identify. FBI liaison agent Ron Wagner claims charge over NTSB and LAPD as Victor Pawel, linked with the Russian mafia, was on board in handcuffs with another FBI-agent. They discover two passengers are missing, there was a hijack and all bodies are radioactive...
30 Oct. 1997
Fatal Impact: Part 2
Amanda's boyfriend Special Agent Ron Wagner declares he's taking over the investigation of the plane-crash and its hijack and smuggled Russian nuclear fuel rods for the FBI, but soon realizes he couldn't make anything like the necessary progress without the ingenious doctors trio and Steve. They team up for the investigation which becomes desperately urgent as there are indications that the nuclear material is used for bomb likely to be used to cause an LA Apocalypse by surprising, personally vindictive suspect Diane, the spokesperson of the bereaved.
6 Nov. 1997
Must Kill TV
When one of Dr. Sloan's patients, a major network's VP of program development, ignores his warnings by rushing back to stress-ridden pilot season after a heart-attack, he's not surprised to hear the next kills her, until Amanda's autopsy shows her nitro-pills were substituted with placebo sugar. As Jesse is desperate not to have to spend his first (fishing) vacation in years with his father, who was never there for him, he successfully applies for a job in the studio's mail-room and thus gathers an insiders perspective which confirms the length of the list of suspects...
13 Nov. 1997
Jesse's dad Dane Travis fights off an assaulter with amazing ease, then turns up in Jesse's flat unannounced, and thanks to Mark's good word is granted quality time, fishing together in Baja. Steve examines a certain Kim, found at LAX with a broken neck. Dane bails out on the fishing, Jesse has to content himself with dinner in Del Florio at 8. Jesse gets another surprise visit from his tall step-brother Bruce Travis from Toronto, whose mother may divorce Dane, Jesse invites him along to the restaurant; when Dane hears, he gets jumpy and strangles Bruce in the ...
20 Nov. 1997
A Mime Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Shortly after Mark and Steve meet their neighbor Randy Wolfe, an attractive woman who never finishes a course and drops jobs bored in a matter of days, she runs to them screaming about a dead mime on her bed, but the corpse is gone when they get there. Realizing that a number 6 of her house number was lopsided and looked like a 9, she barges in on that beach-house's owner and finds nothing. But when the dead mime washes up the shore the next morning, the start is given for her surprisingly enterprising and effective part in the permanent sleuths' investigation which ...
11 Dec. 1997
Down and Dirty Dead
Mark and Jesse are both impressed but a bit worried when joining Steve whose young friend Jake Hallman presents them to the set in the desert where Kyle Lewis professionally produces crazy stunt motor bike videos in the dunes but loses riders to Casey, a girl who is just out for profit. Then they witness Kyle's top rider and friend Spleen dying in a crash and find both bike and helmet were sabotaged. Jake is eager to grab his chance taking Spleen place, which makes him a suspect, and his hacksaw fits the traces on the doctored bike. When Amanda finds amphetamine ...

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