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6 Jan. 1995
The Bela Lugosi Blues
Jack is honored as one of L.A.'s most eligible bachelors, but the honorees are being killed one after the other with vampire-like symptoms. Mark must solve the string of murders before Jack becomes the next victim.
13 Jan. 1995
The New Healers
A television show is being filmed at the hospital and Mark keeps interrupting the filming due to their inaccuracies. When the lead actor is murdered, Mark investigates everyone as the actor was unpopular among the cast.
20 Jan. 1995
Call Me Incontestable
When a good friend apparently commits suicide, Mark investigates a series of suicides associated with the Perfect Couple dating service. To aid in the investigation, Jack joins the dating service as an eligible bachelor.
3 Feb. 1995
A Blast from the Past
Paroled murderer Eddie Gault takes a low-paying job at Community General to get close to Mark and plot his revenge against Steve for putting him in prison. Steve tries to stop Eddie and gets in trouble for harassing him without evidence.
10 Feb. 1995
Playing for Keeps
Norman takes pride in a Community General sponsorship contract with his second cousin's women's volleyball team, the Malibu Rockets. Alas the players do more fighting then teaming, and allegedly an unidentified deranged man is attacking star player Rita Jansen, not a first. The sponsorship includes free physicals, which Norman insist to be done by unwilling 'mature' Mark, not 'young horny' volunteer Jack. Rita is murdered just after a player tampered with the team's blood sample labels, which is found out; Jack will take new ones, chaperoned by Amanda, but finds ...
24 Feb. 1995
Sea No Evil
A woman is swimming in the ocean. Two lifeguards are on duty, but one is sleeping. When the woman is found dead by drowning, the sleeping lifeguard is accused. His aunt, IRS Agent Gretchen McCord, helps Mark with the investigation.
24 Feb. 1995
How to Murder Your Lawyer
Arnold Baskin, Steve's timid evening law course professor, is suddenly the target of a hit and run. It's prevented by his law firm assistant and most zealous student Agnes Benedetto. At the firm, the commercially vital Orinsky case file Baskin is working on repeatedly disappears and reemerges, making senior partners Wallace Carstairs and Jeffrey T. Canfield warn him that his job is on the line. Steve assures Arnold's protection and investigates, helped by Jack, who once more has painful run-ins, landing him in the emergency room, and ultimately coached to the solution...
31 Mar. 1995
Naked Babes
Amanda surprised the gang plus Norman by hosting a dinner party, when her high-pregnant friend Angela Pearson arrives and gives birth to healthy quadruplets - two boys and two girls, while insisting (apparently deliriously) not to let the babies be stolen. This apparently has something to do with her friend Carol at Shady Glen, a well-reputed home Amanda recommended herself. The hospital colleagues are literally left holding the babies, a task soon ceasing to be cute. Angela goes missing next morning, so the quadruplets, claimed as publicity boon for Comunity General ...
28 Apr. 1995
Death in the Daytime
In a raffle, Amanda won a 'walk-on' guest appearance on the soap opera The Young and the Restless (1973). Everybody is eager to join, only Norman fears it's bad publicity for the hospital. On the set, several accidents and the almost usual threats among the fan-mail clearly add up to a murderer on the lose. Mark becomes a regular, like Steve who does the official investigation, especially after a death, and the Sloans have plenty of suspects to eliminate, both there and outside. It also turns out Amanda looks like an actress on the same show, which is probably why she got attacked too..
5 May 1995
My Baby Is Out of This World
Psychiatrist Max Frye asks Mark's help convincing his patient, Tara Sampson, that she isn't pregnant from an 'overwhelming alien', if at all. Her husband, rock star Noble Samson, is both unfaithful and abusive, his latest conquest being his band guitarist Willy's gullible wife. During a concert attended by Mark's gang, Noble collapses while entering on stage, with a fatal kitchen-knife is his back. Groupie Christie Rowan was seen leaving Noble's dressing-room. Steve is convinced the case is simple as the Sampsons's maid Anita Henry heard Tara threaten to kill Noble ...
8 Dec. 1995
An Innocent Murder
Teenager Ashley York murders her sick father Arthur by fixing his Deprosine pills to an overdose. Mark doesn't believe it's suicide, there's no note, absolutely no fingerprints and he set the coffee machine timer for after his death; Jesse concurs his intake of other medicines makes no sense for a suicide. Amanda shows Jesse a postcard: his predecessor Jack Stewart has set up a fancy private practice after his residency in Community General. Then Ashley, who overheard the Sloans, 'finds' a note, but computer-printed, and as Mark soon proves posthumously, murder. ...
15 Dec. 1995
Witness to Murder
A forest ranger finds little Blair at night in a home-trailer on protected, rarely patrolled land, holding the gun that killed her father Daryl Worrell. She's in traumatic shock, probably abused, but was she just witness or killer? Mark takes her home to spoil her and win her confidence in safety. When Jesse and Amanda check out the Worrell home-trailer, a dashing-off car nearly runs them over, licensed to Daryl's regular visitor McPherson. X-rays confirm Blair was abused and a confidence-building one of teddy reveals he holds the key to a storage place, full of ...
22 Dec. 1995
All American Murder
While his blind beach-house neighbor Leo Pepper sees Vicki Fox just as a foxy jogger, Mark notices she seems to feel unsafe. Shortly after, Vicki makes an appointment to talk to Mark, but never shows up. The next morning she's found dead on the beach, Jesse -who has trouble storing his own surfboard without Norman reprimanding him- remarks the water was too flat for her head wound to be from a surfing accident. Eventually the autopsy confirms she didn't drown at all and that a flat rock was the murder weapon. But the autopsy also reveals that Vicki was hiding a ...
29 Dec. 1995
Murder in the Courthouse
While Mark is on jury duty -slacking according to Norman, as doctors can excuse themselves-, defending reasonable doubt in the murder case against mobster Yuri Andropovich after crucial evidence was declared inadmissible, which causes his third acquittal, D.A. Patricia Purcell smuggles a bomb into the courthouse's subterranean parking via vacant judge's chambers past bailiff Billy Randolph and hides it in a car, staging a break-in; the explosion kills Yuri as he leaves. Steve looks for the bomb-builder in Koreatown; although forbidden to, Jessie takes Amanda there. ...

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